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Twenty Fourth Anniversary!

December 7th, 2012 15 comments
Morning on our road...

Morning on our road...

On this day twenty four years ago (a day that shall live in famy 🙂 Vanessa and I rode my old Harley to the harbor so we could set sail from the Key West Bight Marina on the 75 foot topsail schooner, Wolf. My old friend Rocky Williams was our best man. He is gone now, may he rest in peace. Michael Falzarano and Claudia were there as well as many of our buds from New York. We tied the knot at sea and as the sun was setting the Captain fired a cannon off the bow.

Thus began an amazing journey that continues to this day. Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

Love you Ness! Keep smiling….

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A Belated But Not Diminished Thanks To And For Our Friends

December 5th, 2012 15 comments

In my blog a couple of days ago I thanked our legion of musician friends who made the Beacon Show possible… (go back a day and you will see them all!) but of course there are so many more and I will get to that now. It takes a lot of people to make for any successful show… with a big one like the Beacon, there are indeed quite a few.

To begin with, when we were up in Woodstock rehearsing at Levon Helm’s Barn, one of my aging Gibson Chet Atkins SST guitars developed some electronic problems at the eleventh hour. My trusty sidekick, Myron Hart grabbed the Kingston phone book and called and called Ernie Saker over there in the Stockade District of ‘downtown’ Kingston. It was after six but Ernie brought the needed part over to the Holiday Inn and the old SST lived again. Thanks Ernie… that’s customer service!

Now let’s move on to the myriad folks who made this show possible. They are all important to me:

Martin Guitars who honored me with the Jorma Kaukonen M-30 Artist Model. Who would have thought?
Louis Electric Amplifiers Not only do I play and praise Louis’ fine tube amplifiers, but Louis Rosano provided all the guitar amps we all used on these two nights!
Aguilar Bass amplifiers… Jack Casady always plays Aguilar. On this night, Lincoln Schleifer played the Aguilar Tone Hammer we use at the Fur Peace Ranch. Many thanks Dave!
GHS Strings… all of our electric instruments are strung with GHS strings and we also use GHS cables and assorted accoutrements.
Red House RecordsEric Peltoniemi, Ellen Stanley, Luke Welsh and the whole team
JGM Coaches (Our ride to the stars)
Carmelo LoMonoco… My old friend who came out of retirement to do this gig with us!
Myron Hart… Our guitar tech, sound engineer, luthier, also my neighbor and friend!
Stage Crew at the Beacon… thanks for your consistent professionalism
Metropolitan Entertainment for hiring us over the years…
JJohn Scher without him many of us would be struggling… thanks old buddy!
Ian Noble
Rich Nesin
Rene Pfefer
Cash Edwards our tireless and inventive publicist.
The Agency Group
Steve Martin one of the biggest of dogs at the group… Steve and I have been friends and worked together for well over a quarter of a century.
Seth Rappaport our amazing and trusty agent at the Agency Group
Ryan Edmundson at the Agency Group
Phil Jacobs: our worthy road manager and friend for more than twenty five years. Phil handles our logistics on the road and tirelessly listens to our infantile whining on the road. He knows that musicians complain about two things: Having a gig, and not having a gig.
Kevin Morgan… Kevin did the beautiful Tuna Beacon T-shirt… in fact, if it has to do with art, Kevin does it all for us.
The Fur Peace Ranch folks:
John Hurlbut
Brett Thompson
Kelly Stewart
…and the rest of the folks at Team Fur Peace.
Barry Berenson and Vernon Webb… two fine photographers who shot the show and captured the spirit of the night. I’ve known Barry since the 70’s when he was, well… younger… and so was I.

Finally, last but most assuredly not least, our Manager and my beloved wife and trusted partner… Vanessa Lillian Kaukonen. Vanessa’s loving spirit… attention to detail… creative spirit, deep love and commitment to just decisions and profound loyalty to her friends and family make all these things possible. Without her I would be something… but not what I am!

Thank you all!

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The Second Night At The Beacon And The First Of December

December 2nd, 2012 21 comments
John Sher And Me

John Sher And Me

Well, another year starts to slip away with our annual Beacon Theater show. I open this little entry with a picture of John Sher and myself. Both of us have been around since rocks and water and I am glad we are both still here. John, thanks for always giving me and the Hot Tuna gang, a place to play!

This is going to be a short entry, just reprising what the gang and I played last night. Tomorrow, I’m going to do a longer entry with the many thanks we owe so many people for helping to make this show happen. Well, I can certainly thank our beloved audience right now. I know that economic times are tough and the Hurricane Sandy has made it beyond tough for so many in the tri-state area. In spite of these things, so many of you chose to come out, I we thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.

Here is our set list from last night:

Hot Tuna 53, 2012
The Beacon Theater
New York City
December 1st, 2012

First Set:
1. Jack welcomes the folks…
2. Hesitation Blues with Jack, Jorma, Barry & Larry
3. Smokerise Journey with Tuna and Larry & Teresa
4. I See The Light with Tuna and G.E.
5. Ice Or Fire Tuna core with Bob Margolin E
6. If This Is Love, I Want My Money Back Larry & Bill Kirchen
7. Rock Me Baby Tuna core with GE & Bob
8. Sugaree Tuna core with Larry and Teresa
9. Things That Might Have Been with Larry
10. Bowlegged Woman Tuna core with Kirchen, G.E. and Lincoln
11. Times They Are A Changin’ Tuna core Bill Kirchen Cindy
12. Hit Single # 1 the core with GE
Second Set:
1. Angel Of Darkness Tuna core with Larry & Teresa
2. Mama Let Me Lay It On You Tuna core with Larry & Cindy
3. Jealous Man Larry’s song
4. She And The Devil Tuna core with Bob Margolin
5. A Little Faster with Larry and Teresa
6. Goodbye To The Blues Tuna core with Larry, Teresa & Cindy
7. Mon Petite Canon… My pistol Cindy’s song GE, Larry and the core
8. Arrowhead GE sings with the core
9. Bar Room Chrystal Ball with Larry and Teresa
10. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning with Larry and Teresa and the core
11. Funky #Seven… Katie Bar The Door all take the stage
12. Encore: Out of time… barely beat the curfew.

Yeah… I know… no encore second night. The Beacon had a hard curfew of midnight last night. To run over is to get charged by the minute and that’s just the way it is. I figured, rather that waste time leaving the stage and coming back, we would just give you all as much music as we could in the time allowed and that’s what we did. We only had three minutes left at the end of Funky #7 and that’s not even enough time to tune up. Nuff said.

I’m going to take this opportunity to list and thank our dear friends who played with us over the last two days:

Larry Campbell
Teresa Williams
Steve Kimock
Bill Kirchen
Cindy Cashdollar
Bob Margolin
Lincoln Schleifer
Jack Casady
Barry Mitterhoff
Skoota Warner

I love and thank you all… My life really is playing music with my friends…

After the show and a little hang… I jumped in the bus… went to sleep and woke up back in the beautiful hills of Southeast Ohio.

It just couldn’t have been better.

No evil...

No evil...

Last Night Of November, First Night Of the Beacon

December 1st, 2012 33 comments
Our name in lights

Our name in lights

First night at the Beacon Theater was indeed all I expected and more. Tomorrow when I get home to Hillside Farm, I’m going to do a more complete blog with some detailed thanks to all the wonderful friends who helped make this weekend happen. Many, many thanks are in order. For now, let me thank last night’s players: Of course our band… Jack Casady, Barry Mitterhoff and Skoota Warner… Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, Steve Kimock, Bill Kirchen, G.E. Smith, Cindy Cashdollar and Lincoln Schleifer. Thanks guys… you are all the best and you will all have hypertext links tomorrow.

Classic, or what?

Classic, or what?

Yeah… what a night, from the rehearsal to the gig:

Steve Kimock examines the toys...

Steve Kimock examines the toys...

Here is our set list from last night:

Hot Tuna 52, 2012
The Beacon Theater
New York City
November 30, 2012

First Set:
1. Jack comes out and welcomes the audience with a solo
2. Candy Man with Jorma, Barry and Larry
3. Can’t Get Satisfied with Jorma, Jack, Barry and Skoota
4. Children Of Zion with the Tuna core adding Larry and
5. Serpent Of Dreams Tuna core Steve & G.E.
6. Long Gone From Kentucky with G.E.Smith
7. Bowlegged Woman Tuna Plus G.E. and Bill Kirchen and Lincoln Schleifer
8. Sugaree core Tuna with Larry And Teresa
9. Come Back Baby Tuna core with GE, Steve, Cindy et al
10. Easy Now Revisited Tuna + Larry
11. Hit Single #1 Tuna + G.E.
Second Set:
1. I See The Light with Tuna core G.E. & Steve
2. Living In The Moment with Tuna core and Cindy
3. Mama Let Me Lay It On You with Tuna, G.E. Larry & Cindy
4. Many Rivers To Cross with Steve Kimock & GE
5. Barbeque King with Tuna, Steve Kimock & Cyndy & Larry
6. Time’s They Are A Changin’ Tuna core with Bill Kirchen & GE
7. Mourning Interrupted with Tuna core and Larry
8. 99 Year Blues with Lincoln and Cyndy
9. Bar Room Crystal Ball Core Tuna with Larry and Teresa
10. Funky #7 Lincoln, Jack, Bill, GE, Steve, Barry, Cindy, Skoota, Jorma
11. Encore: Baby What You Want me To Do? With Larry, GE, Cindy

Ah... the stage... the stage

Ah... the stage... the stage

OK, lots of preparations to do for tonight’s gig… I love this life…

New York, just like I remembered it...

New York, just like I remembered it...

More anon

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