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The Blues Come To Darwin

Darwin, Ohio is not exactly the center of the universe but sometimes a galaxy of stars align

It’s been a busy summer, and believe me I appreciate being able to work regularly in time like these. That said, it makes coming home all the sweeter. So home I came and right away the Fur Peace Ranch got ready to reopen after the summer break and the first gig was Couples Weekend. This is always a great weekend for everyone simply because of the surrounding love and fellowship but for me there was an added bonus. Bob Margolin and Bob Stroger were the other two teachers. Now, as I was telling Bob Margolin, when I was a kid, the music that really set me on fire was the classic Chicago blues… Muddy, Wolf, Sonny Boy… the whole gang of them.

I never learned how to play that way myself, but both those memories as well as the music are without a doubt the soundtrack of my life. I was so looking forward to the weekend as well as hearing the show and when Bob M. asked me to sit in for the entire second set, it was a teenage dream come true.
Bob lined the band up with George ‘Mojo’ Buford as a singer and harp player and Kenny Smith as the drummer. Of course Bob Stroger and Kenny also sang as well as Bob Margolin himself. Well… it just doesn’t get too much better than that. I got to feel like what it was to play with the real Chicago cats because I was playing with the real cats. What a night!

Sunday evening I was going to do a little solo show at the station for the Ranchers when I ran into Bob Margolin and his wife on the way back to their hotel. ‘Hey man… how would you like to sit in with me tonight?’ He graciously accepted and we played for over an hour together. We just traded songs… at a Canadian Festival, they would call that a ‘workshop.’ Whatever, it was a blast!
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You know, us working musicians get on the road and do our show because that’s what we love to do. Sometimes, however, we simply get together with friends and with no professional agenda whatsoever, we just enjoy life and play music.

What a way to go.

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