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Rockin’ At The Red Dog To Guitar Mash

November 17th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, last night we hosted a Psylodelic Event at the Fur Peace Station. We were showing Mary Works great film Rocking At The Red Dog. It was indeed the dawn of psychodelic music and it’s a must see for anyone interested in that vibrant period of American History.

We had Dan Hicks here and we sat in the audience and watched the film together. Truly great stuff! Then we had a Q and A with our own Joh Hurlbut as a moderator which wound up lasting almost an hour and then Dan and I threw down a little set together.

Jorma Kaukonen And Dan Hicks
Rockin’ At The Red Dog Night
A Psylodelic Event
Fur Peace Station, Darwin, Ohio
Darwin, Ohio
November 16, 2013

1. True Religion, Jorma
2. Dan Tune – A Dan blues… I forget
3. Uncle Sam Blues Jorma and Dan
4. How Can I Miss You When You won’t Go Away, Dan Hicks
5. Hesitation Blues Jorma
6. Scare Myself Dan and Jorma
7. How Long Blues Jorma
8. San Francisco Bay Blues Dan and Jorma
9. Encore: Canned Music Dan and Jorma

It was a real treat to spend time with the amazing Dan Hicks. He’s just a really great enduring talent and a great guy. Thanks Dan!

Big storms today in Meigs... direcho winds and tornados

Big storms today in Meigs... direcho winds and tornados

So we headed over to the Fur Peace Ranch today to get ready for my participation in the Second Annual Guitar Mash held at the City Winery in New York City. Now I would have liked to have been there in person, but I was here with Dan last night so we did it by Skype and… it worked. I led the gang in Come Back Baby and Folsom Prison Blues. Good times!

I hear that train a coming...

I hear that train a coming...

Hello, New York!!!!!

Hello, New York!!!!!

Good stuff and a fun weekend. Now we have some serious storm coming in tonight so I’ve got to get my generator ready just in case. I put the plow blade on my tractor day before yesterday so that should endure that it will not snow. We’ll see. If I get the generator out, maybe the winds will pass too.

Great weekend… more will be revealed!

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