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Summer Stage in Central Park, NYC

Tuesday, June 08, 2010 2245 Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Tonight was indeed a night to remember. My friend, Larry Campbell, asked me a while ago if Barry Mitterhoff and I would join him at the Summerstage fundraiser in Central Park. ‘What kind of music would we be playing?’ I asked. ‘Something by Simon and Garfunkel was his reply. ‘I’m in,’ I said. What were we to do? Larry suggested Baby Driver… something I could get my alternating thumb around. That’s what we did… on an evening surrounded by more luminaries than I could count… old friends and new… musical friends all!

Larry Campbell, jorma Kaukonen and Barry Mitterhoff

We got to the gig at 1430 and left around 2130. The music was still going on, but it was time to get back to New Jersey and get some rest.

The joy of playing music started a long time ago for me and by the grace of G_d it continues today. It is all very uplifting for me. I hope my children are able to find a way of life that will nourish them as music has nourished me. With this thought in mind I shall watch a little of the sound track of my life with Carol King and James Taylor. Good night…

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