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A Weekend Of Music And Fellowship

November 2nd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Our weekend at the Fur Peace Ranch with Herb Pedersen and Chris Hillman was as beautiful as the Fall Foliage!The boy’s show Saturday night was powerful and sweet. I love these guys. We were joined this weekend by our good friend Dick Boak from Martin Guitars. was here with Craig Thatcher our guitar pickin’ buddy from Pennsylvania.

boak picks the blues

Yep, here’s Dick pickin’ his beautiful Martin.

Well, having Craig on board for the class was a blessing for everyone, myself included. Craig is one of the great players… and, he can write stuff down for the rest of the class. Nothing like a good memory aid. I never learned how to do that. Anyway, Sunday night Craig and I did a little set for the campers. I went on first and here’s what I did:
1. Come Back Baby
2. That’ll Never Happen No More
3. Things That Might Have Been
4. I Know You Rider
5. Death Don’t Have No Mercy
6. River Of Time

I called Craig up and left the stage. He played a brilliant show and then called me back and we got together and played:
1. Trouble In Mind
2. Good Shepherd
3. Outside Woman Blues
4. San Francisco Baby Blues

We were definitely letting our freak flag fly that night… Yow! Craig and Dick headed back to Pennsylvania and I went home to the girls. Yesterday was our closing day and my class finished out the weekend with I See The Light. We took a class picture of course.

new class

We missed Craig’s presence for the picture, but we thought about you buddy. Well, I’m finishing this up on Tuesday morning… getting ready to go and vote. The polls open here at 0630 and I’m an early bird… and oh yeah, a big thanks to Ernie Hawkins, Rev. Robert Jones and our friend Heidi H. for giving me they keys to Children Of Zion.

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