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Dark Star Jubilee II, Seventeen Year Cicadas And Memorial Day

Breakfast at Buckeye Lake

Breakfast at Buckeye Lake

Foto by Suzy Perler

Down to the Lakeside Diner in Buckeye Lake for breakfast… getting ready for an afternoon set at Legend Valley. It is Monday… Memorial day and the day after our little show yesterday… We had such a good time hanging with the Dark Star Folks and their pod of friends!

This was a great weekend for me and my Tuna pals…

It is also Memorial Day Weekend… As with many folks of my age, by Dad and his two brothers served in WWII. They are all gone now. Uncle Tarmo died in the service and we have his flag. Since we are still unpacking boxes here at the ‘new’ house, the flag has not yet re-emerged, but it will. Tarmo is in a military cemetery in LA and Dad and Uncle Pen rest next to Mom, Ida and Jaako in Inglewood. It is always a bittersweet day… hanging with the family, welcoming the coming summer and honoring those who passed in service of our great country. It ain’t all about barbeque and beer. Honor Memorial Day, I say!

With the transitory nature of life in mind, as the seventeen year cicadas fill my ears with their song, it occurs to me this may be the last time I hear them. I remember the first time I heard them when I was a kid back in D.C. I never thought there might be a time when the cicadas would outlast me, but so it goes.

What a modern guy!

What a modern guy!

Thornville, Ohio is so close to home… and what a great gig. We sure hope we get asked back net year.

Cotter, Jack And Jorma

Cotter, Jack And Jorma

Foto by Suzy Perler

And a big shout out and thanks to Cotter for helping us to sound so good!

Jack warms up onstage before our set

Jack warms up onstage before our set

Hot Tuna 8, 2016
The Acoustic Duo
Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady
Darkstar Jubilee
Legend Valley
Thornville, Ohio
Sunday, May 29, 2016

1. True Religion
2. Ain’t In No Hurry
3. Hesitation Blues
4. Been So Long
5. Barbeque King
6. Let Us Get Together Right Down Here
7. Death Don’t Have No Mercy
8. Sleep Song
9. Good Shepherd
10. San Francisco Bay Blues
11. How Long Blues
12. In My Dreams
13. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out
14. Serpent Of Dreams
15. Keep On Trucking Mama
16. Bar Room Crystal Ball
17. Water Song
18. I Know You Rider
19. Encore: Genesis

Beautiful is as beautiful does!

Beautiful is as beautiful does!

Maverick and I say Honor Memorial Day!

Maverick and I say Honor Memorial Day!

Foto by Vanessa Lillian….

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  1. marcus
    May 30th, 2016 at 12:44 | #1

    How can i forget vietnam dad i never got to meet,definitly remember,beer and party later but it is a reflective day forsure for me,thanks jorma for shareing with us this day.

  2. Don Gehre
    May 30th, 2016 at 13:25 | #2

    17+75 (76?)=92 or 93; I’d say you have chance for hearing the cicadas again buddy!

  3. Joey Hudoklin
    May 30th, 2016 at 14:39 | #3

    I knew Cotter many years ago when he was a Frisbee Freestyler. A pretty good one too!
    Ran into him recently at the Va.State tourney. Good to see him with you & Jack. That’s awesome.
    More & more, add time goes by, and I stay on the right path longer & longer, Memorial Day has more significance to me. We’re so fortunate to have the freedom and conveniences we do.
    I took an opportunity to thank a Veteran this morning. It’s the least I can do.

  4. chuck newman
    May 30th, 2016 at 17:29 | #4

    More and more on Memorial Day I think about all of the women who served as nurses,pilots,mechanics etc. Those nurses have an incredible strength. We need to remember these great ladies who served and died also.

  5. Ham n Eggs
    May 30th, 2016 at 17:48 | #5

    Rockaway Beach NY has a memorial to the women who served in Viet Nam 95 Street
    Love All Ways

    @chuck newman

  6. marcus
    May 30th, 2016 at 19:46 | #6

    @chuck newman Most definitly,have a huge heart for them,often overlooked.

  7. Ruby Russo
    May 31st, 2016 at 13:58 | #7

    Wow!! Nice ride jorma.

  8. May 31st, 2016 at 15:43 | #8

    Rally round the veterans -and don’t forget those who never made it back.

  9. Mark
    May 31st, 2016 at 16:29 | #9

    Have extras for Colorado n New Mexico shows
    Let me know

  10. Barbara Jacobs
    May 31st, 2016 at 17:58 | #10

    Thanks for putting that info out there into cyberspace.

    One of the many important topics given a place for comments and discussion here.@Ham n Eggs

  11. Barbara Jacobs
    May 31st, 2016 at 18:04 | #11

    Memorial Day is for remembering those who never made it back.
    Veterans Day is for giving respect to those who did make it back.

    I believe that every day is Memorial and Veterans should be rallied around —
    every day.

    (I liked your comment and so am responding to it.)@Greg Martelli

  12. Ruby Russo
    May 31st, 2016 at 19:15 | #12

    I think its great that you remember the
    Veterans every year and you always have a personal story to share.

  13. johno
    June 1st, 2016 at 09:57 | #13

    Just got back from upstate – had a great weekend. Was so nice to get back to the country – fresh air, clean water – definitely relaxing. And you’re right about Memorial Day – we enjoy our freedom because of those who made the ultimate sacrifice – may God bless them. We are here because of them. p.s. saw your new bike – all I can say is “Wow”. Now that’s a motorcycle Captain!

  14. Steven Levenson
    June 1st, 2016 at 12:46 | #14

    @Ham n Eggs
    Do you live in Rockaway? I grew up in Wavecrest Gardens, then Bayswater for 2 years (1961-1972). Great place, I miss it. (Maybe I just miss my childhood…..)

  15. Brian Doyle
    June 2nd, 2016 at 17:59 | #15

    As Jimi used to say memory for all those fighting for freedom wherever that might be…

  16. carlo pagliano
    June 2nd, 2016 at 18:47 | #16

    Rock Them High Tonight Jorma!

  17. Clay
    June 2nd, 2016 at 19:51 | #17

    Using hybrid picking…on New Song for the Morning.

    Actually my most favorite (over the course of years) of your songs, and thanks for playing it for me. Really appreciated that one indeed.


  18. carlo pagliano
    June 4th, 2016 at 14:54 | #18

    Rock Them Hot Tonight Jorma!

  19. carlo pagliano
    June 5th, 2016 at 19:17 | #19

    Rock Them Yorkers High Tonight Jorma!

  20. johno
    June 6th, 2016 at 11:19 | #20

    Today is D-Day and I’m thinking about all those soldiers that died as the allies stormed the beaches of Normandy during WW2. May God bless their souls. So please stop for a moment today to remember these men who died so we may be free.