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The Dash To Wanee

At 1100 yesterday morning, Myron and Wynn and I climbed aboard the bus and started out of the parking lot at the Fur Peace Ranch. The greening of the trees seems to be coming slowly this Spring but as we pulled out of the parking lot, this splash of gold caught my eye. When we get back tomorrow, I’ll bet there will be leaves on all the trees and I’ll have to mow. If it isn’t one thing, it’s two.
Wanee Bound
Now this is a wacky weekend for me. Yes, I’m in Jacksonville on my way to Live Oak and Wanee and when we finish our two hour set this evening, I will beat it back on up the road in time for orientation at the Ranch tomorrow. Happy Traum, Larry Campbell, Theresa Williams and I will be teaching and holding for there over the weekend… yes and a concert Sunday night the 17th of April.

Last night on our trip down we blew a tire on the bogey axle of the bus which made the last hundred and sixty miles slow going indeed… but we made it. Some one was asking me the other day about the ‘fullness’ of my life and all I could think of to say was, ‘This is what I’ve always done. It’s just the way it is.’ Indeed, one misses so much as the children grow, but we’re there for them as much as we can be. My Dad was in the service and he was gone even more than I am. Hey, at least I’m working at something I love.

That’s about it for now. Time to work on tonight’s set list… string a guitar and, as always, invite my soul.

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  1. April 14th, 2011 at 11:36 | #1

    Not on the subject of Wannee, but I was very excited to find out there is
    going to be another Beacon show(s) next year with special guests. Also, the more I listen to Steady as She Goes, the more I’m loving it. Made for a great work out at the gym yesterday. Hey.. and I learned a new word. Rills. Can’t beat that! Have a great show at Wanee Jorma and Jack! And happy belated birthday to Jack.

  2. Dave Millard
    April 14th, 2011 at 12:00 | #2

    Jorma, you are one of the fortunate few who work at something they love. More power to you, with some envy from me!

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