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Suzy Boggus At The Fur Peace Station

Suzy 1
After all the rain we have had here in Southeast Ohio I really appreciate seeing the sun for a change. As I was heading over to the Fur Peace Ranch to watch Suzy Bogguss and Pat Bergeson the light on our beautiful county roads was an omen of things to come!

When I got to the Ranch with Izze and my mother-in-law, Virginia, Suzy and Pat were already doing their soundcheck. I’ve been a fan for such a long time that in a way it felt like home as they were playing ‘Aces’ when we walked in. Vanessa had cooked a fantastic dinner for everyone and while we were eating, the sold out crowd was beginning to line up on the driveway.

suzy 2

In the spirit of ‘If you build it, they will come,’ we built it… and they came. Moments like this are priceless. I just couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of the cars against Kevin Morgan’s statue.

suzy 3

Indeed… it’s not the things you take with you, it’s the things you leave behind.

Showtime! Suzy and Pat took the stage and did two fantastic sets. A perfect evening of music and spirit.

suzy 4

For and encore they invited me to play Red River Valley with them… and Pat lent me his guitar. New friends… Old friends and great music and food… hard to argue with perfection!

A perfect evening! Suzy Bogguss and Pat Bergeson were aces indeed!

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  1. Ed W
    May 22nd, 2011 at 13:16 | #1

    You are so deserving to see the fruits of your efforts. It is rare we get to see that kind of good coming together; we are usually left with ideas or fragments of labor. Way to go!

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