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Home For Memorial Day

beacon 1
Yep… It’s me… the Phantom Of The Beacon.

Here it is Sunday the 29th of May and tomorrow is Memorial Day. On Friday the 27th My son Zach and I drove up to NYC with my pal Myron and with Barry Mitterhoff, we staged a surgical strike into the heart of Manhattan to be a part of Wavy Gravy’s 75th Birthday Celebration. Wavy is the Man, and I would do anything that I could for him and his friends. The Seva foundation is one of those forces for good in the world. This is something to think about when you think about wanting to help.

The Lineup at the Beacon was star studded to say the least. As I have said at least a hundred times, there is no way that one could have afforded to book a show like this for one night. We were all (artists & audience) there for Wavy.

For me… I got to spend time with friends, some of whom I have known for almost half a century. Dr. John… David Crosby… well, the list goes on and on. When Barry and I finished our little set, as I was walking off stage, Dr. John looked at me, smiled… and said, ‘Old school!’

beacon 2

That’s us… old school. Speaking of old school… I got to play with Steve Earl too and I would have hung around until the end of the evening, but we had to drive back to Ohio… which is where I am now, with my wife, son and daughter. Home with the family for the Memorial Day weekend.

Well, it’s not raining today so I’m going out into the light with the gang…

In fact… we’re all going swimming.

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