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The Great Northland

Yesterday Myron and I went up to the airport at Columbus so we’d be in time for our early flight to Chicago and on to Winnipeg. Indeed, it was a long day to be sure, but we got here safe and sound and I really dug the majesty of the great plain surrounding this fine city. Coming from Pomeroy, Ohio this is the big city but by big city standards it is a relatively small town. Hardly any traffic on the streets but some great restaurants. We just ate some Japanese food at the BluFish and it was excellent. Tomorrow the boys and I will begin our musical duties at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and I’m really looking forward to getting back in the saddle so to speak. I’m sure there will be lots more to talk about tomorrow, for now… to bed.

It’s great to be back in Canada!

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  1. Joe Ingber
    July 10th, 2010 at 03:12 | #1

    Howdee Jorma. I’ll admit I didn’t check regularly, but it seemed to me your FB
    page disappeared “sans avis prealable.”

    At any rate, please read my comments on my rendition of Water Song:


    Yes, we faithful are always promoting the JORMA brand!

    Best to the family.

    Zei gezundt.

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