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A Day At Laytonville… Kate Wolf

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My first deal at the Kate Wolf Festival yesterday was an hour jam with my old friend, David Bromberg. We just have so much fun when we do this. Well… it’s just a blast. I didn’t keep track of the tunes we did on the Arlow stage, but later that evening, I held forth on the main stage at 1855. Wavy Gravy brought me on with a rush and then at the end of my set, David joined me again. What a night.

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Here’s Wavy with Kelly Joe Phelps and here is my set list:

Jorma Alone Again And Acoustic
At The Kate Wolf Festival
Laytonville, California
Saturday, June 25, 2011

1. Search My Heart
2. River Of Time
3. Parchman Farm
4. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
5. Second Chances
6. Full Go Round
7. True Religion
8. I See The Light
9. I Know You Rider
10. I am the Light Of This World
11. Uncle Sam Blues with David Bromberg
12. Candy Man with David Bromberg
13. San Francisco Bay Blues with David Bromberg
14. Encore: Leaving Blues with David singing

After the set, we hung around backstage for a while and then back to the hotel.

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This morning at 0900, Zach and Myron and myself started driving and six hundred miles later, here we are in Elko, Nevada. More on the road trip tomorrow… The face of America is still beautiful, and we are loving it… and now to bed!

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  1. jim hitchcock
    June 27th, 2011 at 19:48 | #1

    We all know that critters love music too, right?

    Heading over Ebbett’s Pass last Thursday (8730 ft; road so narrow there are no dividing lines; hairpin turns; no guard rails; get distracted and die; fun!;) I turned on the new Hot Tuna CD `Steady as She Goes’, and 18 years old Seamus the Wonder Parrot immediately starts bopping up and down, and whistling.

    Bird knows how to rock.

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