Jorma Kaukonen

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Jorma & Hot Tuna on Tour. * - new information (02/17/15)

Important Information regarding recording and photography of Jorma Kaukonen shows:

  • Jorma Kaukonen does not allow audio / video recording of any of his shows by the audience or the front of house engineer. Front of house engineers are not permitted to record the show unless authorized by Jorma Kaukonen management. If authorized, then recording in whatever format is property of Jorma Kaukonen and no copy will be made or retained by front of house engineer, the venue, the promoter or anybody else affiliated with the Jorma Kaukonen engagement.
  • Jorma Kaukonen archives and records his own performance for his own usage with no fee to the venue or promoter.
  • Jorma Kaukonen does not allow flash photography at the shows. Professional cameras are not allowed in the venue unless the persons has valid press credentials or are ok’d prior to the performance by Jorma Kaukonen’s Management at least 48 hours prior to the show. Only the first three songs may be photographed.
  • Promoter / venue will stop audio / video taping, flash photographers as well as people walking up to the front of the stage and take photos with their phone.
03/03/15 Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma Solo
03/05/15 Tally Ho Theatre
Leesburg, VA
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma & Barry
03/06/15 Colonial Theatre
Phoenixville, PA
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma & Barry
03/07/15 South Orange Performing Arts Center
South Orange, NJ
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma & Barry
03/08/15 Newton Theatre
Newton, NJ
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma & Barry
03/12/15 Narrow Center for the Arts
Fall River, MA
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma & Barry
03/13/15 Infinity Hall
Hartford, CT
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma & Barry
03/14/15 Stage One
Fairfield, CT
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma & Barry
03/15/15 Boulton Center for the Performing Arts
Bay Shore, NY
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma & Barry
03/17-18/15 South By Southwest
Austin , TX
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma Solo
03/17/15* The Lucky Lounge
Austin, TX
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma Solo. 8pm
03/21/15 Fur Peace Station
Pomeroy, OH
Acoustic Hot Tuna Jack & Jorma. SOLD OUT
04/02/15 Mountain Ridge Country Club,
West Caldwell, NJ
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma solo. PRIVATE EVENT
04/08-09/15 City Winery
Chicago, IL
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma solo
04/11/15 Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant
Minneapolis, MN
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma solo
04/12/15 Stoughton Opera House
Stoughton, WI
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma solo
04/16/15 Wanee Festival
Live Oak, Florida
Electric Hot Tuna
04/17/15 Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA
Electric Hot Tuna
04/18/15 Carolina Theatre of Durham/
Durham, NC
Electric Hot Tuna
04/25/15 Fur Peace Station
Pomeroy, OH
Jorma Kaukonen Guitar Summit: Jorma, David Lindley & GE Smith. SOLD OUT
05/15/15 The Bull Run Concert Series
Shirley, MA
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma solo
05/16/15 Towne Crier Cafe
Beacon, NY
Jorma Kaukonen Jorma solo
Hawaii Hawaii Hot Tuna Tickets
Priority Tickets for Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui shows on sale now until Feb. 15. Priority tickets for Big Island shows to go on sale Feb. 7. Priority ticket holders will have first admission to venues. Seats are not reserved. For the best seats, buy a Priority ticket and be at the venue before the doors open on the day of the show. Also, ONLY during priority sales will special ticket 4-packs be on sale for a 10% discount. Please note that not all tickets will be available as 4-packs.
06/19/15 Mamiya Theatre
Honolulu, HI
Acoustic Hot Tuna Jack & Jorma. This show will be a special Talk Story + Live Music event. The second half of the show will be a set of music.
06/20/15 Kauai Performing Arts Center
Kauai, HI
Acoustic Hot Tuna Jorma & Jack
06/21/15 Mill House at Maui Tropical Plantation
Maui, HI
Acoustic Hot Tuna Jack & Jorma
06/26/15 Palace Theater
Hilo, HI
Acoustic Hot Tuna Jack & Jorma
06/27/15 Honoka'a People's Theatre
Honoka'a, HI
Acoustic Hot Tuna Jack & Jorma
06/28/15 Crossroads at Hawaiian Brian's
Honolulu, HI
Acoustic Hot Tuna Jack & Jorma
08/01/15 Fur Peace Station
Pomeroy, OH
Electric Hot Tuna SOLD OUT
9/10-13/15 Lockn' Festival
Arlington, VA
Acoustic Hot Tuna Date of Performance to be Determined
11/14/15 Fur Peace Station
Pomeroy, OH
Acoustic Hot Tuna Hot Tuna Trio. SOLD OUT