Some fun!

Some fun!

After our gig at the Kent Stage, we drove down to Southeast Ohio, dropped the guys at the OU Inn, and I got to go home with Izze and Vanessa. Yep, a night at home in my own bed. Then on Saturday morning, the three of us were up nice and early, had a yummy home cooked breakfast and went back to town where we picked up Jack Casady and Phil Jacobs and went to Ohio University School Of Music where Izze has been studying piano. It was a recital for the students and I was thrilled to be able to be there for her recital.

Izze at the Steinway

Izze at the Steinway

She nailed her piece with a lovely admixture of poise and passion! It was an honor to be there. It was also an honor to be home for Vanessa’s and my Twenty Fifth Wedding Anniversary. Silver sure beats cardboard! The woman is a saint among saints. I love you to pieces Nessa!

Onward to the Ranch where we were hosting a Dinner With Jorma followed by a concert with Della Mae. Now we’ve got thing at home about ‘daring girls.’ Not risk takers… daring. Big difference. We encourage our daughter to live with a measure of audacity. Why follow the crowd if you don’t have to? Anyway, the members of Della Mae, Celia Woodsmith, Courtney Hartman, Shelby Means. Jenni Lyn Carter, and Kimber Ludiker. rolled into town for their show and these are daring women for sure.

After a delightful dinner with friends old and new, well all joined the public and Della Mae for a grand concert. The ladies invited me to sit in on the last song of their first set. We picked Red River Blues from my Blue Country Heart album.

Some fun!

Some fun!

Foto by Vanessa Kaukonen

After Della Mae’s first set Jack and I stopped backstage to say ‘Hi’ to the ladies and then got ready to drive to Chicago and the City Winery.

Thanks for a great show Ladies!

Thanks for a great show Ladies!

Foto by Vanessa Kaukonen

This is some band and they richly deserve their Grammy nomination. You can count on my vote ladies!

Out of the Fur Peace Station and into the night on our way to Chicago. Some hours later we were in the good old Windy City, caught a couple of hours of sleep and drove over to the City Winery. Barry and I have played the Winery with Steve Kimock, but this was Hot Tuna’s first trip to this fine venue.

The boys in Chicago..

The boys in Chicago..

Foto by Phil Jacobs

Here are the set lists from the two shows:

Hot Tuna 56, 2013
The Acoustic Duo
Jorma Kaukonen And Jack Casady
Early Show
The City Winery
Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, December 8, 2013

1. True Religion
2. Children Of Zion
3. Second Chances
4. Sea Child
5. Hesitation Blues
6. Been So Long
7. Barbeque King
8. 99 Year Blues
9. River Of Time
10. Re-Enlistment Blues
11. That’ll Never Happen No More
12. Living In the Moment
13. Candy Man
14. I Am The Light Of This World
15. I Know You Rider
16. Encore: In My Dreams

Hot Tuna 57, 2013
The Acoustic Duo
Jorma Kaukonen And Jack Casady
Late Show
The City Winery
Chicago, Illinois
December 8, 2013

1. I See The Light
2. Death Don’t Have No Mercy
3. Let Us Get Together Right Down Here
4. Things That Might Have Been
5. Mama Let me Lay It On You
6. Come Back Baby
7. Third Week In The Chelsea
8. Embryonic Journey
9. Wining boy Blues
10. I’ll Be All Right Someday
11. Prohibition Blues
12. How Long Blues
13. Good Shepher
14. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
15. Encore: Genesis

Two great sold out show for us and we got to say hello to some old friends.

After the show and into the night...

After the show and into the night...

We dropped Jack and Phil at the airport and Myron and I headed home where we will be for almost two weeks. After a great little run, this is the frosting on the cake!



  1. Comment made on December 29, 2013 by Lesley

    As a long time fan tt’s great to read your news of your gigs. Any chance of a tour in the UK?

  2. Comment made on December 18, 2013 by Tom Skinner

    “In my dreams” Jorma introduced this as a new song during his set at the Ranch on Saturday night December 7th (Della Mae Concert). Really sweet. No doubt an anniversary gift to Vanessa. Hoping it makes the 2013 FPR Youtube Video Playlist. As Jorma mentioned to me earlier in the evening during a brief chat, “Its all about the songs isn’t it?”

  3. Comment made on December 13, 2013 by Joey Hudoklin

    Congratulations Vanessa & Jorma!
    You both have always been very gratious at the ranch & elsewhere.
    Many more!

  4. Comment made on December 12, 2013 by johno

    Congratulations on 25 years of bliss. You are a lucky man.


  5. Comment made on December 12, 2013 by Cyndy Consentino

    Dear Jorma,
    Congrats to you and Vanessa on your 25th!
    You are two wonderful people who have built a great life together!
    Congrats also to Izze on her stellar performance!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  6. Comment made on December 12, 2013 by Steven Levenson

    Ditto on the 25, That’s, like, 100 in husband years.

  7. Comment made on December 11, 2013 by Bill Fisher

    Jorma and Vanessa

    I may be replying to the wrong post, but I just wanted to wish you both a very happy 25th. Having had the pleasure of spending some time with both of you at FPR, I just have to say you’re both wonderful people.

    God Bless
    Bill F

  8. Comment made on December 11, 2013 by Steve Singer

    the “In My Dreams” I know is a nice David Crosby song, but there could be others with the same name. Jorma?

  9. Comment made on December 10, 2013 by Pete

    In My Dreams? What’s that?!

  10. Comment made on December 10, 2013 by Phil Zisook

    The Chicago show was outstanding. The snow started earlier than expected on Sunday, but at the City Winery it was warm and joyful. A great I See the Light started the second set and an outstanding Genesis closed it. A magical night throughout with an outstanding setlist and terrific sound. Hint: This would make a great release! A very special show. Thank you Jorma and Jack!

  11. Comment made on December 10, 2013 by John B

    send me you facebook info Doug. I couldn’t find you. a href=”#comment-17008″>@doug mlyn

  12. Comment made on December 10, 2013 by doug mlyn

    man you have a hard job 🙂

  13. Comment made on December 10, 2013 by johno

    It seems you slipped out of Dodge just in time. I read this morning that in Chicago it dropped below zero the coldest its been in 18 years. Can you imagine the wind chill in the windy city. Hope your in front of a fireplace. Ditto Steve.

    @Steve Levenson

  14. Comment made on December 10, 2013 by Steve Levenson

    “I got to go home with Izze and Vanessa” Larry Miller (actor comedian raconteur) said that if you have a job to go to, a place to come home to, and people there who care about you, it’s game over, and you’ve won” Congratulations!

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