So today, Myron Hart and I drove up to Canton to Tuscarawas Street to Pat ‘Manny’ Cahill’s amp shop and the Doctor was in. My early 50’s Ampeg B-15 needed some TLC as did my 1963 Ampeg Reverborocket. Also in the lineup for treatment were my 1962 Fender Super (2×10, brown Tolex) and the Premier Amp that David Bromberg gave me on our last trip to Wilmington.

We blasted back down I-77, Myron picked up his Jeep at the Fur Peace Ranch and headed into town to meet the girls for dinner. After dinner, driving home looked like this:

Country roads indeed...

Country roads indeed...

A fitting end to a fine day…

My pot of gold is just up ahead!

My pot of gold is just up ahead!

I’m always looking for the end of the rainbow. Could this be the day?

Well… there’s always tomorrow!


  1. Comment made on July 12, 2014 by rich l.

    @jim hitchcock
    Ha! It definitely crossed my mind. I wanted to cut the lads a little slack. They aren’t spring chickens anymore you know! I wonder how more taxing it is to play at their age now then say 20 years ago. I never played any instrument, but I’m guessing those fingers could cramp up now and again.

    They do get to sit, that should lighten the load a bit, eh? I’ll be standing for this one, gladly!

    What a great treat to still see these guys perform live.

  2. Comment made on July 12, 2014 by johno

    @rich l.
    you gotta be kidding – right – no one tells hot tuna what to play. if you expect them to play a song – maybe, but a whole show – no way jose.

  3. Comment made on July 12, 2014 by jim hitchcock

    You had me until no Water Song, rich L 🙂

  4. Comment made on July 12, 2014 by rich l.

    Oops, I made an error. There will be no need to play “love is strange twice. So after ” sleep song” please insert “Nashville blues.”

    “And of she still won’t come I say ‘Baby, my sweet baby, ohhh baby, your the one.’

  5. Comment made on July 11, 2014 by rich l.

    Dear Hot Tuna,

    I’m not sure how much time and energy it takes to make up the list of songs you play in a given show, but I’m guessing it can get tedious and contentious. In order to lighten your load, I have compiled a song list for you to play on July 15th at Space in Evanston. You’ll find that it is a bit ambitious, but I notice that you have three days off your show in Westminster, MD.

    Some of the songs may have cobwebs on them, but I’m sure after a few attempts you can pick them up fairly quickly. They don’t have to be perfect, and I think you’ll find the Chicago audience rather forgiving if you miss a beat or have to mumble a lyric. As a wise guitar picker once said, “Playing is practicing, and practicing is playing.” (or vice versa) I mean, what the heck do you guys have to do for the next three days?

    You’ll notice a few songs might be improved with a harp player, (I miss that dulcet sound of Will Scarlett), but I’m pretty sure you could call Ol Town School of Folk Music and they could rustle up a passing substitute. Actually, I know a guy named Steve Wall who could sit in wiithout missing a beat. If you want me to make this arrangement, let me know. I will not charge a finders fee. Regardless, harp or no harp, Third week in the Chelsea is a must. In fact, you’ll note that I have put asterisks by songs that are considered essential Hot Tuna.

    At first glance, the song list might seem a bit ambitious. After you stop saying this guy is nuts, you will slowly come to realize it could be done. As they say, “no hill for a climber!” I know Cassidy is a climber, my friend in Missoula MT told me he climbed up one of the peaks out there before your show about two years back. (He also said the tickets were way to cheap for musicians of your quality – don’t pay any attention to that non sense!)

    You’ll find that if you play all these wonderful songs, you’ll probably need a 10 minute intermission. I can live with that. I can even live without the incredible harmony on Highway song, (this is a must play song – no compromising on this one). Again, Steve Wall is a pretty good singer, and could give you a hand on this one. Papa John will be a bit irreplaceable, however, this song would blow us away if only you and Jack and Barry played it. (Is Barry playing on Tuesday? I hope so.)

    At any rate, here is the challenge:

    Watch the North Wind Rise *
    never happen no more*
    Letter to the North star*
    Highway Song**********
    Keep on Truckin’ mama*
    Things that might have Been*
    Vicksburg stomp*
    Preaching at that old campground*
    Good Sheperd*********
    Simpler than I thought********
    Know You Rider****
    Third week in the Chelsea*******

    Brief intermission for you old guys to stand up and stretch.

    Starting over again********
    Izze’s Lullaby*
    Roads and roads*******
    Sleep song***** (the lines “Winter winds keep blowing threw the trees, but life keeps breathing gaily so it seem, Hey now silver birches lined against the road, branches lying in the winter snow” is one of the greatest lyrics ever written. I sing it to myself wile walking the dogs a lot.)
    Love is strange**** you know that’s right
    new song for the Morning*
    I Am the Light of This World******************
    Keep those lamps trimmed and burning****
    I’ll be allright*
    Love is strange

    Hamar Promenade*******
    Embryonic Journey*******
    Doc Watson’s -Can’t help but wonder(where i’m bound, where I’m bound, can’t help but wonder where I’m bound)

    The Doc W. song might be a challenge, but again, you have three days to throw it together. It’s another one of those songs that never gets any airwave time even though it’s better than 99% of what’s played on the radio. “Take it again Jorma” I’d ask you to do Tennessee Stud, but the lyrics would be pretty hard to memorize in three days. Maybe a teleprompter? I can’t help it, I love that banjo and fiddle crap as Martin Mull once put it!

    The last show I was at, you started quibbling when Jack started to dry off his strings. Good thing Barry was there to intervene. I recall he said, “Ladies and gentleman, these two guys have been together for over 50 years.” Talk about a nostalgic moment.

    Keep on truckin’ you road warriors!

    Looking forward to Tuesday,

    Rich L.

  6. Comment made on July 9, 2014 by Scott Meyers

    I made the ridiculous mistake of selling my Brown 1965 Non Reverse Firebird (Sound Familiar) that I bought in 1976 for $250 in 2000 for $1000. Didn’t need the money, was just using the 57 Strat exclusively. Still makes me sick, so in response to what you just responded, DO NOT SELL OLD EQUIPMENT…EVER!

  7. Comment made on July 9, 2014 by Craig K.

    I’m pretty sure you still tour with the Louis Electric gear. I noticed in you blog that you used the Fender Super (I think) at a local gig/gathering. I was wondering, after reading the previous blog post, how often do you have the opportunity to use those amps? Do you use them in your home studio, recording studio, local gigs, FPR, etc? Might we see something come up again soon in “Second Chances”?

    • Comment made on July 9, 2014 by Jorma

      These amps live on stage at the Fur Peace Ranch… for me and guests to use. If I’m going out to Jam, I choose one to go with me. The chances that I would sell any of these are slim to none… but you never know.

      Louis Electric rules for real life!

  8. Comment made on July 9, 2014 by Steve Levenson

    *in the looking

  9. Comment made on July 9, 2014 by Steve Levenson

    Perhaps the pot of gold is on the looking, not the finding.

  10. Comment made on July 9, 2014 by Andy K

    After the very ‘electric’ Electric shows in NY last month, I’m really looking forward to the winter return of Electric Hot Tuna. Any idea when the annual Beacon show will be?

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