Izze goes to the polls with me...

Izze goes to the polls with me...

So, last Tuesday was a primary and issue election here in the Buckeye State, and as always, I took Izze with me when I went to vote. She needs to know how important voting is.

Then days passed, as days do, and another weekend at the Fur Peace Ranch was upon us. Woody Mann, and Chris Smither and I were the teachers and we looked forward to… and got, an amazing weekend.

The onstage poster from Saturday night...

The onstage poster from Saturday night...

Woody Mann opened the show and a profoundly moving and artful set. Woody is always great, but for some reason his performance this night really touched my heart. Thanks Woody!

After a short break, Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express took the stage for what was to be a simply amazing concert.

Good to see you too, Brian!

Good to see you too, Brian!

Brian was joined by Karma Auger on Drums, Alex Ligertwood on vocals, Les King on Bass and Yarone Levy on guitar.

Les and Yarone at sound check

Les and Yarone at sound check

Portent of things to come

Portent of things to come

What a great bunch of guys and what a great bunch of players. Brian asked me to sit in on Season Of The Witch…
Hell yeah!

Getting ready for the Witch with my new Etune Les Paul

Getting ready for the Witch with my new eTune Les Paul

Foto by Rusty Smith

So I’ve been playing my new 120th Anniversary 60’s Peace Les Paul with the Etune gadget... and I love everything about this fine instrument… and the onboard tuning system rocks. Look it up!

Season Of The Witch rocked too… Thanks guys! After the set I got to play my arrangement of Brother Can You Spare A Dime for Brian and Yarone.

This song is going to be a winner

This song is going to be a winner

Foto by Wally Himelstein

Great show, and then they were gone… back to LA. The weekend at the Ranch concluded and Chris and I did a little show on Sunday night joined by Woody. How good does it have to get?

Chris me an Woody

Chris me and Woody

Foto by Rusty Smith

Woody, Chris and Me

Woody, Chris and Me

Foto by Vanessa Kaukonen

And that was it. Just as I was about to leave the Ranch to come home for a bit, Jack Casady sent me this foto he just took passing through San Francisco. 2400 Fulton St. indeed!

Where do those half centuries go?

Where do those half centuries go?

That’s all folks… (think Looney Tunes)


  1. Comment made on May 14, 2014 by Will Conley

    I was there, and had a blast!!! they played everything I hoped to hear (and then some!) and of course it was a pleasure to see Jorma get invited to play, but the highlight was that fine lookin guitar of yours…the color was beautiful, the perfect contrast to the sunburst visually speaking…and I can assure all those who need to know, YES!!!! it sounds as good as you hoped it would…I mean, WOW Jorma! you really nailed that solo…oh yeah, and one more thing, the highlight of my night was watching Woody Mann and Chris Smither hangin out on the side, with Smither just groovin and tappin and flashing that wonderful smile he has…it’s a shame I won’t see him play at the ranch this year, but if I know Chris, I’ll see him again real soon…thanx for yet another wonderful experience Jorma…the venue, the staff, the performers, and even the food is just exactly perfect…keep up the good work, and thanx for letting some of us no talent hacks come to gaze in wonder at the magic that is the Fur Peace Ranch…see you soon 🙂

  2. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by Anna Stegemoeller

    Upon reading this post, I am reminded…I have ‘Closer to It’ by Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express on my iTunes – with the song, ‘Happiness is just around the bend’, one of my all time favorites. Such a pleasant way to be reminded to ‘get up, get it on, try it again’. It is presently playing at a very high volume…and, yes, I agree, very nice looking guitar, indeed. Onward and upward.

  3. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by jim hitchcock

    Gorgeous Paul…bit darker than the tobacco sunburst.

  4. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by Hamneggs

    Season of the Witch all right!
    Love All Ways

  5. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by eaglesteve

    Jack looks good and happy.

  6. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by LWE

    In 1995, my wife and I took a San Francisco to Napa Valley to Carmel trip, and ended up visiting 2400 Fulton on our way either to or from Golden Gate Park. The house was being renovated at the time so there were a number of tradesmen there. My much-wiser wife (save for accepting my proposal, always spot-on in her judgment) said I should offer them some cash and get an inside look, but I didn’t have the cojones that day, which I have regretted ever since.

  7. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by Scott Meyers

    I was just there a month ago. Went to 710 Ashbury and 2400 Fulton, great reminders of yesteryear.

  8. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by johno

    When I was out in San Francisco about 10 years ago one of my stops was 2400
    Fulton Street. Boy, if those walls could talk!

  9. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by Nick L. Eakins

    The old palace on Fulton is one place I’ve yet to see close up. I’ve been to the Bay for vacation a few times since 2005 but I’ve never yet got around to seeing your former digs. Yes, I know somebody lives there but I still want to get a look at it. There was a nice video of Marty talking to two dogs inside the gate a year or two back. He referred to them as Janis and Jerry as I recall. No, I’m not going to trespass or disturb the current occupants but I still want to walk by there discreetly and respectfully.

  10. Comment made on May 13, 2014 by Tom in St. Louis

    Beautiful guitar, and I’m sure it will be mighty useful.
    “Hemp-covered case”, huh?
    They might be pushing the ’60s nostalgia a little bit too far, there…

  11. Comment made on May 12, 2014 by Bill

    Great stuff, so glad to see BA is playing again and the pic.of Jack at 2400 Fulton is the best…love it. And would love to hear those walls talk!




  12. Comment made on May 12, 2014 by Robert Schwartz

    One of these years I hope to make the journey to Fur Peace… am blown away with the thought of this latest, Brian Auger and Oblivion Express w/Jorma. Want to hear that!

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