Early evening Fall sky at the FPR

Early evening Fall sky at the FPR

So Larry Campbell came in yesterday to produce and play on my new recording project for Red House Records. We’re doing this at the Fur Peace Station so we have converted the Station into a recording facility for the next ten days or so. Justin Guip came down from Woodstock, N.Y. to engineer the session and to play drums as needed. (Justin is also currently playing drums with Electric Hot Tuna.) With the able assistance of Myron Hart my guitar tech and pal… we got three songs done the first afternoon… well, basics, anyway.

Kirchen's poster still rules the stage

Kirchen's poster still rules the stage

Myron, Larry, Justin and me...

Myron, Larry, Justin and me...

Well, that’s about it for the first day… good sounds with more to come. I’ll sleep well tonight.

Goodnight Ranch

Goodnight Ranch


  1. Comment made on October 3, 2014 by Andy K

    I knew that Bergan PAC show was magic!

  2. Comment made on October 2, 2014 by Barbara

    That’s the one!

  3. Comment made on October 2, 2014 by jim hitchcock

    The Free Mesa Boogie Amp issue! June of ’76.

  4. Comment made on October 2, 2014 by Barbara

    Just a late comment regarding reflections on a Sunday afternoon. Can one ever truly understand why certain experience’s happen along life’s journey? Our feelings are unique unto ourselves but commonly shared. Is grieving selfish or rather love exemplified. I’d like to think that out of all of life’s experiences, goodness comes. We are where we are not solely by our own accord but from a power much greater. On June 21, I was standing outside the Bergan Pac Theater with hopes of delivering to Jorma a tee that I gave him over 40 years ago at the Capital Theater in Passaic and which he then wore on the 76 cover of Guitar Player magazine. Instead, I fell in love with a man I met there that night and shared that story with him and our mutual Hot Tuna music interest. Vanessa, commented in her blog years back that when she met Jorma, she felt she had come home. I’m home, the Lord knew our hearts and joined them together.

  5. Comment made on October 2, 2014 by caren mitchel

    wish we were going to see you with larry in jamaica again this year. but looking forward to the beacon show in december. just wanted to drop in to wish you shanah tovah.

  6. Comment made on October 1, 2014 by John B

    About a year or so ago you commented on your blog that you were going to try writing the lyrics first and then the music. Will we be hearing any new songs that you did this way ? Now we can look forward to not only seeing Tuna at the Beacon in December but the added treat of a new Jorma album !

  7. Comment made on September 30, 2014 by HOGAN

    Hey Jorma,

    Love the pics….
    Very exciting news, can’t wait to hear the new album….
    I’m sure we are in for a nice treat….
    Take Care

  8. Comment made on September 30, 2014 by cyndy consentino

    Dear Jorma,

    Super excited..

  9. Comment made on September 30, 2014 by Todd E

    Wonderful. Hope you roll out some of the new tunes at the upcoming University of Miami show in three weeks. Also be seeing you at the Jack B-Day celebration at the Beacon in December.

  10. Comment made on September 30, 2014 by doug mlyn

    Looking forward to hearing it. I have loved just about every Jorma project that has come out. Especially the last few. Blue Country Heart, Stars in My Crown and River of Time.. all masterpieces in my mind. And it’s about that time of year to start getting excited (well more excited), for Jack’s BD bash!

  11. Comment made on September 30, 2014 by johno

    I can smell it – they’re cooking something out there @ the Ranch. Smells like fresh caught Hot Tuna. I can’t wait.

  12. Looking forward to the newest Jorma Album…Rock on Captain!!

  13. Comment made on September 29, 2014 by TJ

    With Larry Campbell on board playing and producing it’s hard to go wrong, the same goes for Justin engineering a Grammy Winning Combination Jorma..wouldn’t that be nice..TJ

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