The Mountain Ridge Country Club... Scene of the crime!

The Mountain Ridge Country Club... Scene of the crime!

Foto by Phil Jacobs

Tonight I played a private show at the Mountain Ridge Country Club in West Caldwell, New Jersey. What a nifty night!

A lovely poster...

A lovely poster...

What a nice gig… great venue, peerless hospitality and a wonderful audience.

Nothing like a cool chandelier

Nothing like a cool chandelier

Tickling the ivories

Tickling the ivories

We wish we had a Baby Steinway like this at home!

What a view!

What a view!

It’s getting late, so I’m going to have to make this short… I’ll just say, this was a stellar gig!

Jorma Kaukonen 24, 2015
Jorma Kaukonen
Mountain Ridge Country Club
West Caldwell, New Jersey
Thursday, April 2, 2015

1. True Religion
2. Serpent Of Dreams
3. Hesitation Blues
4. Ainโ€™t In No Hurry
5. Barbeque King
6. The Other Side Of The Mountain
7. In My Dreams
8. I See The Light
9. Let Us Get Together Right Down Here
10. Brother Can You Spare A Dime
11. Come Back Baby
12. Good Shepherd
13. Bar Room Crystal Ball
14. Water Song
15. Nobody Knows You When Youโ€™re Down & Out
16. How Long Blues
17. I Know You Rider
18. Encore: Genesis

Great sound too!

Great sound too!

That’s it for now… a couple hours of sleep and then off for home!


  1. Comment made on April 4, 2015 by charles newman

    That takes me back to my very first concert in Freeport Illinois in the early 60’s. All on one bill and all on stage at the same time were Johnny Cash and the original Tennessee 3 guys. Carl Perkins was there and the entire stage seemed filled to the brim with the entire Carter Family. Mighty good stuff.

  2. Comment made on April 4, 2015 by rich l.


    I’m pretty sure Raffi would sing,

    “Did you ever take a turn,
    singing sweet fern
    down by the bay.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I read the lyrics to this song, the song became that much more entrenched. i love the harmonies on the “sweet fern” refrains. thanks for the insight on the stay at home dad – when I listen to it again, I’ll think about your perspective – not weird at all.

    I realized after my post that you’re playing at City Winery, not Space on Wednesday/Thursday. I’ve always asked myself, if there was one song you’d want Jorma to play, what would it be. Unfortunately, I find myself reflecting on about 20 of them! Impossible to pick one!

    By thw way, I you tubed a version of Roads and Roads for my daughter and her Austalian boy friend on Saturday. Absolutely smoking version, (acoustic), and we all enjoyed it. My daughter got a kick when I sang, “change my blindness into sight, well all right, well allright, still reach for you in the night allright…”

    unfortunately, as Leo Kottke noted about his voice on the Armadillo album, “My voice sounds like geese farts on a muggy afternoon.”

  3. Comment made on April 3, 2015 by jim hitchcock

    The tradeoffs of living in paradise, Joey ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Comment made on April 3, 2015 by Joey Hudoklin

    Hi Jorma. I was just listening to Stephens Talkhouse 2001 on You Tube. I love meditating while tuning in to one of the gems online that are available. I can’t thank you enough for making these concerts accessible. On this one, you & Jack do Come Back Baby with the faster, electric style tagged on to the second half of the song. Awesome!
    By moving my ass to Santa Cruz, I’m sacrificing my Tunability to see you perform as often as on the east coast. I’m looking at a trip back in July for HT Electric 3 piece. I see a couple of them. I’m gonna see what I can do about that.
    Meanwhile, please bring Jack to N Ca. soon. I see your coming in Nov. Maybe I’ll finally get to go to Sweetwater sometime.
    Needless to say, listening online give me the fix that I crave. But, when you’re here I will come. Sumptin’like that.
    Peace brother Jorma.
    Safe travels.

  5. Comment made on April 3, 2015 by johno

    The Mountain Ridge CC clubhouse looks like a medieval castle. Probably one of the swankiest joints you ever played at. From Passaic Ave there’s a tiny little sign – When you go up the hill and come to the clubhouse you feel like you died and went to heaven. I played golf there once – about 15 yrs ago.

  6. Comment made on April 3, 2015 by Tom in St. Louis

    Roads & Roads, what a great song. Jorma should dust that one off and play it!

  7. Comment made on April 3, 2015 by HOGAN

    Hey Jorma,

    Nice set list, enjoy the holiday with the family, almost time to go riding….


  8. Comment made on April 3, 2015 by rich l

    Dang it Jorma. “Sweet Fern” – I don’t get it. It sounds way to Raffi-ish to me.

    I used to take my daughter to the babysitters in the morning, and we’d plug in the Raffi CD laden with sing along kid songs. One fine summer day, after I dropped Taylor off, I proceeded to drive the 20 minutes or so it took me to get to the coal mines. As I pulled into the parking lot, I realized that I had not only kept the Raffi CD playing, but I was singing along with him!

    I bring this up, because as much as I pondered how “Sweet Fern” was included on Ain’t In No Hurry, I found myself singing “Sweet Fern, Sweet Fern,” throughout the course of the day. I caught myself, much like the Raffi episode listed above, and said why are you singing that song? I even sing the high part on on the first “Sweet Fern” refrain before lowering my voice the second time they sing it. I’ve pretty much nailed it down. It makes me feel like a hick!

    But the song is growing on me. My favorite song on the album is “In my dreams.” It’s one of those perfect synergistic blends of your voice and guitar – very Quah-ish in style.

    I read a great review on your album, (I know it’s a CD, but I still like to call them albums!). Unfortunately, I couldn’t relocate it this morning. The writer noted that unless you play guitar, you probably don’t realize all the intricate guitar work on the album. It made me focus on the guitar work, and definitely gave me a new found appreciation for this latest body of work – more appropriately – labor of love.

    Anxiously looking forward to “Spacing out,” this upcoming Wednesday in The Windy City.

    Down by the bay
    where the watermelons grow
    back to my home
    I dare not go
    for if I do
    my mother would say
    “Did you ever see a whale
    with polka dot tale
    down by the bay.”

    I don’t suppose you play Hamar Promenade, Roads and Roads (what a great song) or Starting Over Again now, do you?

    “Sweet Fern, sweet fern
    Oh tell me is my darling still true
    Sweet Fern, sweet fern
    I’ll be just as happy as you.”

    There are some great lyrics in that song.

    • Comment made on April 4, 2015 by Jorma

      Dear Rich:

      As an artist, when you make your work public… you just never know how people are going to perceive it. At this point in my life, if someone likes my offerings… that’s good enough for me. I love your post. A little background from my perspective. I started playing Sweet Fern in 1960 when I was hanging out on the scene in New York City. Our little gang at the time was me, Marty Brennan and Linda Fuchs. It is a Carter Family song. Check it out on YouTube… the Carter version that is. Not that there are any really obscure Carter Family songs anymore… but this is one of the lesser known ones. Anyway, the song is originally from the female perspective. When I changed the gender so that I could sing it… it occurred to me how many of my friends have children who are serving in the Armed Forces… This would make no sense to anyone but me, but what I heard was a stay at home dad singing about Mom serving in some far distant place. Is that weird enough? In any case, I love the song, and I’m glad you like it too. I wonder what Raffi would think?


  9. Comment made on April 3, 2015 by Gary

    Hey Jorma, my good buddy John is the guy who arranged the show. John and I have been buds since college in St. Louis starting ’75. He invited me down from Boston for the show, couldn’t make it as my kids were coming home for Passover. Me and my LI friends started seeing you at the Academy of Music in ’73. Never missed a show at the Academy, Capital, Calderone until we left for college. Still see you every chance I get. John said you and Zack and your manager could not have been nicer people. No surprise there. Hope you have a great Seder with your family. Catch you at Lockn’

    • Comment made on April 4, 2015 by Jorma

      Yeah Gary… I loved the show too… I started driving at 0700 yesterday morning and made it to Athens, Ohio in time for the Seder at Athens Hillel. Couldn’t have been better!


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