Next to the K-Whopper

Next to the K-Whopper

A wonderful day at Lockn’ in Arrington, Virginia for us and all the musicians. There were some bittersweet moments as well. Yesterday was 9/11 and normally I would have spent this entry honoring those who fell that day… we all had friends who either died in the falling Towers or those who died and are dying as a result of the toxic surroundings. First responders and everyday citizens alike. I will never forget you… never.

The was a large American flag on a crane stage left… I put my hand on my heart and let it go at that.

Back to the Festival…

Me and Chris Robinson

Me and Chris Robinson

I ran into Chris Robinson in the catering tent. We hadn’t seen each other for a while and it was nice to reconnect. We’ve got to get Chris to come on down to the Fur Peace Ranch. I really think he’d dig it.

Chris, Pete Sears, Jorma ane Jack Casady

Chris, Pete Sears, Jorma ane Jack Casady

It was like old home week on so many levels.

This is what I'm talking about

This is what I'm talking about

Then it was time for our set. Jack and I had the greatest of companions on this venture. The wonderful Larry Campbell, of course, our old pal G.E.Smith, Justin Guip on drums joined towards the end of the set by Bill Kreutzman.

Now, since it’s always about the songs, let’s talk about the singers. There’s me, of course, but I get to hear myself all the time. Teresa Williams who always knocks it out of park… every single time! A grand new addition to our fine family of friends, Rachael Price. Vanessa turned me onto Rachael and Lake Street Dive. When I checked her out I realized how right Vanessa was and that we needed her to be a part of this project. Thanks for coming on board Rachael! Jeff Pehrson is one of our old buds. We had toured with him before and we knew (again thanks to Vanessa’s input) that he was the right man for the job.

What a stellar cast of character…

What a panorama

What a panorama

And then it was time for the rubber to meet the road!

Fire eating people!

Fire eating people!

Foto by Phil Jacobs

Hot Tuna 24, 2015
Celebrating The Music Of Jefferson Airplane
Rachael Price, Teresa Williams, Jeff Pehrson
Larry Campbell, G.E. Smith
Justin Guip &
Jorma Kaukonen And Jack Casady
With Bill Kreutzman
Arrington, Virginia
September 11, 2015

1. 3/5ths Of A Mile In 10 Seconds featuring Jeff Pehrson
2. Greasy Heart featuring Rachael Price
3. Good Shepherd featuring Jorma
4. White Rabbit featuring Teresa Williams
5. Lawman featuring Rachael Price
6. Plastic Fantastic Lover featuring Jeff Pehrson
7. Somebody To Love featuring Teresa Williams
8. Eskimo Blue Day featuring Rachael Price
9. Come Back Baby featuring Jorma & the gang with Bill Kreutzman
10. Volunteers with the gang & Bill Kreutzman
11. Feel So Good featuring Rachael Price & Teresa Williams with Bill Kreutzman joining Justin Guip on drums

Man… what a 75 minute set. Good times for sure!

Larry, Teresa, Jorma & Rachael

Larry, Teresa, Jorma & Rachael

Foto by Mark McKenna

Jeff, Rachael & Jorma

Jeff, Rachael & Jorma

I don’t know about anyone else, but this was a night to remember for us. Thanks to Dave Frey and the Lockn’ folks for bringing us on board.

The neck of G.E.'s Tele 12 String

The neck of G.E.'s Tele 12 String


This afternoon, Jack and I are doing an acoustic set and then it’s back home for a bit.

Gratitude and respect to all those who helped make this happen for us!


  1. Comment made on September 16, 2015 by Bob Kelly

    good stuff indeed.. so well performed.. both sets.. great choice of “guests” for the JA set..Jorma,Jack in real fine form.. of special note was the powerful renditions of Good Shepard… That ‘prayer’ has taken on a special place for me over the last 14 years…Fathers day, than 9/11.. and now too many friends checking out.. The acoustic version with Jacks acoustic bass,,yikes.. is morning meditation music,, puts me in that special place… SO thanks it was intentional or not to play Shepard on that day…the message is here..
    stay well looking forward to the beacon shows and long island…

  2. Comment made on September 15, 2015 by Sweetbac

    Great set!
    How ’bout doing this at the Hardly Strictly electric show in Golden Gate Park?
    Seems like a natural fit.

  3. Comment made on September 14, 2015 by Hogan

    Dear Jorma,

    All I can say is WOW…..YOU GUYS ROCKED IT….

    Thanks to Vanessa I was able to have audio so I heard the show and was dancing around my living room wishing I was at the show. Now I know how the Tuna fans on the West Coast feel when you guys kill it at the Beacon.. It’s just my opinion but I thought Teresa and Rachael were great on Feels So Good, and Loved Come Back Baby with everyone. Larry, GE and Jeff were tearin it up..Bill was great with Justin and you and Twinkle toes of corse were awesome.
    To quote and old friend….”It was Firmer than Firm”……


  4. Comment made on September 14, 2015 by Greg Martelli

    Attended Woodstock U at 16 , took a break from my life guarding job on LI sound(Ct),
    Saw the Who from 35′ and than Won’t you try.
    Than hitchhiked back to Ct- couldn’t miss Monday on beach and entire event was degrading into the mud.
    Next year ,looking at colleges -JA played my future college on the weekend I visited- it galvanized my choice.(Mt st Mary’s -Md)- great choice.
    The boys &girls rocked it at Lockin.
    Arrived just before show to watch an incredible NMA performance.
    Spent the morning ,in a segued 9/11 experience bicycling the park at APPAMATOX court house and environs – a compelling and moving tribute.
    Proud to see Old Glory ,brighten the stage-a fitting backdrop.

    I was curious to see how HOt Tuna would respond to the extremely loud sound system(albeit as accurate as could be).
    The crowd hunkered down for the great set -played with Élan

    Long May you run.
    Greg martelli

  5. Comment made on September 13, 2015 by bob b.

    That last line in “Third Week” is a mantra of sorts for me….. at times.

  6. Comment made on September 13, 2015 by jim hitchcock

    I recently rewatched Woodstock. Saw it for the first time at a little theater in Hermosa Beach. My fiend and me were only 14 or so, the theater had to call my parents to get permission to enter. Different word back then.@Joey Hudoklin

    Anyway, Jack got some screen time…but no Jorma! But we knew 🙂

  7. Comment made on September 13, 2015 by Steve Levenson

    I’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, sweet, and peaceful New Year.

  8. Comment made on September 13, 2015 by johno

    Let there be no mistake about it – Jorma and Jack were the two jet engines that made the Airplane fly!

  9. Comment made on September 13, 2015 by Bella

    A bittersweet ode to JA, I door opened to HT.

    “Sometimes I feel like I am leaving life behind
    My hands are moving faster than the movement of my mind
    Thoughts and generations of my dreams are yet unborn
    I hope that I will find them ‘fore my moving gets too worn
    If only I could live to see the dawning of the dawn

    So we go on moving trying to make this image real
    Straining every nerve not knowing what we really feel
    Straining every nerve ending and everybody sees
    That what they read in the Rolling Stone has really come to be
    And trying to avoid a taste of that reality

    On an early New York mornin’ a mirror in the hall
    Showed to me a face I didn’t know at all
    Lines were drawn around a pair of eyes that opened wide
    When I looked into the mouth there was nothing left inside
    So I walked into the little room and whistled like a sigh

    As dawn light closed around me my head was still in gear
    Thinking thoughts of playing more and singing loud and clear
    Trying to reach a friend somewhere and make that person smile
    Maybe pull myself away from that old lonesome mile
    That often comes to haunt me in the morning

    All my friends keep telling me that it would be a shame
    To break up such a grand success and tear apart a name
    But all I know is what I feel whenever I’m not playin’
    Emptiness ain’t where it’s at and neither’s feeling pain

    Well now what is going to happen now is anybody’s guess
    If I can’t spend my time with love I guess I need a rest
    Time is getting late now and the sun is getting low
    My body’s getting tired of carryin’ another’s load
    And sunshine’s waiting for me a little further down the road”

  10. Comment made on September 13, 2015 by Bella

    With all due respect, Balin, Kantner, Anderson, Spence, Dryden, Creach, Covington and Slick least not forget Graham, also played a role in driving the Airplane to be one of the most influential bands of all times. Time stops for no one, but memories are lasting.

  11. Comment made on September 13, 2015 by Gary

    great Lockn’ Jorma! The Airplane set was a highlight, you all sounded perfect. And then today’s Tuna set was something to behold. I won’t soon forget Pete Sears and Dave Schools watching your entire set and then at one point Schools videoing Jack’s solo. A fraternity of musicians. Hot Tuna mesmerized us all today.

  12. Comment made on September 13, 2015 by Joey Hudoklin

    To me, Jack & Jorma were always the heart & soul of Jefferson Airplane. It is appropriate for Hot Tuna to host the 50th anniversary of the band.
    Many out there don’t know that Jack & Jorma drove the band. Congratulations guys for making it this far, to be able to represent a great, innovative band.
    Feel so Good!

  13. Comment made on September 12, 2015 by Pete

    Great set, Jorma. Jeff Pehrson Airplane!

  14. Comment made on September 12, 2015 by johno

    I was hoping – but I can’t believe it – an all Airplane show. Wow!!!!!!!!!

  15. Comment made on September 12, 2015 by Tim from Philly

    Was there (still am – Jorma and Jack just finished a wonderful acoustic set). Last night was special. Thank you Jorma. Thank you Hot F’ing Jack. Thank you.

  16. Comment made on September 12, 2015 by Hamneggs

    Great set…
    “Don’t you see the children, they’re just like you
    they want everything to be fine but they let it slide
    and the laughing lets you know that smiling breaks the rules”
    Peace Love All ways

  17. Comment made on September 12, 2015 by Steve

    Just gotta say….Fuckin A!!!!!!

  18. Comment made on September 12, 2015 by Larry

    Hopefully, Feel So Good will now be back in the electric Tuna rotation. Been so long (ahem–sorry) since I’ve seen you guys perform that old chestnut. A shame Marty and Paul couldn’t be there, but hopefully you’re all still on good terms.

  19. Comment made on September 12, 2015 by Ken

    Teresa did a great job on all the Airplane songs at the Beacon last year, especially Somebody to Love. Wish I could have made it to Lockin. Looking forward to this year’s Beacon shows. Always a great time!

  20. Comment made on September 12, 2015 by Tom in St. Louis


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