Alcoholism, takes no prisoners… destroys all in its path…

Well… I just spent a wonderful weekend in Akron, Ohio. Founders’ Day Weekend it was… the 80th Anniversary of AA. Jerry and Mutt and myself rode up from Southeast Ohio through the back country to Akron… Rubber City. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I had a flat in my front tire… had the bike trailered to Rubber City Harley Davidson where they fixed my bike on the spot. Nice customer service folks.

I missed the Men’s Meeting at St. Martha’s, but got out of the shop in time to meet the guys at Louie’s Bar And Grill for a delicious burger and some great fellowship!

Best burger in town... no kidding!

Best burger in town... no kidding!

After dinner, I got the guys to pose for a quick shot.

Hillbilly, Ross, Jerry, Mutt and Jim

Hillbilly, Ross, Jerry, Mutt and Jim

The weather this weekend could have been better, but that’s life on life’s terms. So be it… it was great to be there surrounded by like minded spirits on this contemplative weekend. We took some time to visit the Mt. Peace Cemetery and pay our respects at Dr. Bob’s grave. As always, I am reminded about the Four Absolutes:


Resting in simple peace... May their memory be a blessing!

Resting in simple peace... May their memory be a blessing!

Sunday our friend Maria met us at the hotel to ride with us in the motorcade to Dr. Bob’s grave. Not too long ago, one of Vanessa’s dear friends (like a brother) passed away suddenly. Steve Maskell… well, he was important to Nessa and her kin. He visited us here at Hillside Farm about a decade ago. He rode down from New England on his trusty Harley… stayed with us and rode in one of our Pick And Putt runs. He gave me this great Harley shirt that I’ve been wearing ever since.

Maria holds Steve's shirt

Maria holds Steve's shirt

Steve was in the program too and I wanted to wear the shirt in the Motorcade Run in his honor but it was just too rainy, hot and humid.

Here in spirit

Here in spirit

Foto by Maria

I thought about you brother Steve. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten. Fair winds and following seas!

Start your engines

Start your engines

“We are all travelers in this world. From the sweet grass to the packing house, birth till death, we travel between the eternities.”

I swim in memories… yet I do not live there. Life goes on, and I am grateful to be a part of it!

Jerry, Mutt and Jorma... the old boys!

Jerry, Mutt and Jorma... the old boys!

There were a lot of bikes there this morning. I have no actual count but I’m reckoning about several thousand. at the Mt. Peace Cemetery there was a wonderful communing… and a sense of serenity I cannot adequately describe. At the end of the service, Joey played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

Get your hanky

Get your hanky

After the run Jerry and I packed up and Maria made a delicious breakfast for the boys before we headed home.

This is what I'm talking about!

This is what I'm talking about!

Thanks Maria… Vanessa and Izze and I will feed you the next time you’re down our way!

There was rain as we headed out so I suited up. As we got further south, the weather cleared and it was back to jeans and a T-shirt. At home, everyone was in the pool so I parked my bike, got my bathing suit and jumped in.

Lovely… just lovely.

Nice way to end a perfect weekend.


  1. Comment made on June 16, 2015 by Joey Hudoklin

    Thank you for your invitation Mutt. I don’t ride. I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. But I hope to get to FPR again sooner rather than later. Maybe I could get Jorma to go into Athens from there in between lessons.
    In the meantime, I’ll let G-D do for me what I cannot do for myself.
    Life is good.

  2. Comment made on June 15, 2015 by Andriy

    But my father is not a movie or the stage actor. He did not win awards.
    He is the same as you all and he is only human being.
    If you post a comment back then about my friend because you don’t like that she write about her friend and how much she cared about him and miss him and sorry she could not help him get the help he need you are selfish to not understand that every person is a human being. Not any person is a star nobody is special.

  3. Comment made on June 15, 2015 by Andriy

    I post a message before and I forgot to write in my correct email address.
    I write about my good wishes for you all.
    My friend explain to me about this discussion and how important it is for you also it is important for me.

    She explain about her friend and he was a great movie and stage actor but he did not care about the mess he make for his family and loved ones. When you care about the mess you make you will do something to get the help.

    She will not come here to post comment because she got the abuse comments in the return because she write about her friend he was a great actor but he did not care about the mess and some guys here make a big thing against her.
    She is a human being and her friend was a human being. Nobody perfect and not my father is perfect. Maybe when he care about the mess he make my mother will forgive him and I will forgive him. For the time now we live here in the USA without him because we wait with hope for him.

  4. Comment made on June 15, 2015 by Andriy

    I have good wishes for you all people.
    I was explained by my friend she lost a good friend he seem to have it all but
    he did not get to the place where he care about the mess he made for himself and his love ones family and friends.
    You need to get to the place where you care about the mess.

    She does not post her comments here any more because when she post her comment about that she got abuse comments in the return. Nobody is special there is no person a star just human beings.

  5. Comment made on June 15, 2015 by Ben

    Yes, I remember Steve… He, you and I stacked firewood in your barn prior to Pick ‘n’ Putt. The barn’s gone…. and so is Steve… the firewood, too. What can you say? Appreciate what you’ve got, while you’ve got it… I do.

  6. Comment made on June 15, 2015 by Rick Stone

    Really great to hear your story about Steve, a long time friend and riding buddy. Long time fan and also a member, thanks Jorma.

  7. Comment made on June 15, 2015 by mutt

    Joey grab a handful of throttle and we’ll see ya there. We got a warm chair waitin fur ya.
    Till then
    Trust God
    Keep Marchin
    What a long great trip it’s been . . .
    @Joey Hudoklin

  8. Comment made on June 15, 2015 by Dave Cox

    Nice Jorma. Great to speak with you for a couple of minutes before the big meeting. Ain’t it great to be alive!

  9. Comment made on June 15, 2015 by Joey Hudoklin

    Nice Jorma.
    Someday, I hope to attend a meeting with you.
    That, for me would be a full go’round.

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