A mule comes to the Ranch

A mule comes to the Ranch

Big thanks to Bill Kottyan and Athens Sportscycles for lending us his mule to ferry people from our new parking lot to the nerve center of Arts And Minds here at the Fur peace Ranch!. It was a beautifully hot but dry Ohio day, and everyone who rode appreciated it!

Marshall Ballew and Jerry Sullivan on the mule...

Marshall Ballew and Jerry Sullivan on the mule...

Marshall and Eddy surrounded us with great music on the lawn all day… thanks fellas!

After the guys I did a little set on the lawn at two PM and here it is:

Jorma on the Lawn
Arts And Minds Festival
Fur Peace Ranch
Darwin, Ohio
Saturday, July 25 2015

1. Ain’t In No Hurry
2. Barbeque King
3. In My Dreams
4. Deaths Don’t Have No Mercy
5. San Francisco Bay Blues
6. Water Song
7. I Know You Rider

After my set Megan Bihn did a lovely set on the lawn.

Megan and Jorma in Brett's office...

Megan and Jorma in Brett's office...

Foto by Rusty Smith

Check out Megan’s work, you’re gonna love it.

Then as evening fell it was time for the long awaited return of It’s A Beautiful Day… with David and Linda LaFlamme.

They did a beautiful show… no surprise there… and I got to sit in for some numbers in both sets.

What a night!

Old friends get together!

Old friends get together!

Foto by Wally Himmelstein

A night an a day to remember. Now it’s off to the Fur Peace Ranch again for the second day of Arts And Minds. Free show with me at 2PM again and then an acoustic Hot Tuna with Jack and myself tonight in the Fur Peace Station. There will be lots of great food and crafts at the Ranch today. If you come down be sure to stop by my daughter Izze’s both and check out her work. Survival bracelets, paracord nicknacks… and worry dolls. great stuff, well made!

I’ll be there all day too!

OK… gotta run…


  1. Comment made on July 28, 2015 by Eddie Phillips

    Thanks to Jorma, Vanessa, John and the entire staff for such an amazing and most memorable weekend. Totally blown away by the beautiful facilities, the wonderful people, the peaceful vibe and great music. Thank you for giving me to the opportunity to be there, perform with my musical compadre Marshall Ballew, to stay over at the Ranch for the weekend and witness the 2 fantastic concerts. A weekend and experience that I will always treasure.

  2. Comment made on July 26, 2015 by Joey Hudoklin

    Jorma, I’ll bet your set on the lawn musta been special. My first trip to the ranch, when you did an hour set without amplification in the library was one of my “I’ve arrived” moments. My life has changed so much in the last 6yrs. I’m so grateful you’re a big part of my lifes inspiration.
    Have a great time with Jack tonight Jorma, you and him so deserve it! Wish I could be there. Seeya in the west this autumn.

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