Just a short note and update… When I get home tomorrow I will write some more and post some pictures. Anyhoo… life is a serenity check at all times… Caught two great meetings earlier in the with high hopes for the Big Meeting in the Infocision Stadium at Akron University. Weather intervened and lightning cleared the stands. I waited for forty minutes or so and headed back to the hotel. I heard they finally let people back in the stands, but by that time I was back in the hotel. Oh me of little faith.

Tomorrow morning at 0600 we’ll be staging the motorcycles for the run to Dr. Bob’s Grave…

More on theat tomorrow. In the mean time, bonne nuit.



  1. Comment made on June 14, 2015 by Mark K

    Another Sunday with the Adolescents at the Residential Program, must be my penance for my past sins and although I’m far from perfect, it helps keep it real and keeps it green for me. Its frightening some of the lives these young men have lived in such a short time and any issues I may have had with my family and background seem so petty today. It makes me grateful for the good things and the love in my life. It may not be a lot to some, but it’s everything to me. It’s not always easy to admit that the fault lies within ourselves [myself]for the poor choices, decisions, failures and damage in our lives, but I guess if we can take learn to take our victories graciously and our defeats stoically that’s progress.
    Speaking of good things, Donna and I are looking forward to seeing you soon at the Infinity. A road trip for Hot Tuna with the love of my life, now that’s quality time.

  2. Comment made on June 14, 2015 by richu

    so nice…don’t ya just love late spring early summer storms? says it all really.before you know it,will be beacon time for you and crew again.nice

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