This is indeed, the forest primeval...

This is indeed, the forest primeval...

The day started with a superb walk, shared by Maverick The Dog and myself over and around the trails here at the Fur Peace Ranch. Nothing like a few reflective moments shared with the canine family.

I was up early because I had an 0900 appointment at the Harley Shop to get a side bag for Nessa’s Dyna.

Sanitary installation...

Sanitary installation...

A brisk ride in… warm ride back. The rest of the day I worked around the Ranch and then around 1600 I hopped on my scooter and rode up to Lancaster where I was to meet John Hurlbut and his Dad Ray at the Cherry St. Pub on Cherry St. in Lancaster.

This is a great place for home cookin’ meals and good company.

Ray and John Hurlbut

Ray and John Hurlbut

Ray, G_d bless him, at 94 is a vital friend… and one of the oldest living WWII vets in the state of Ohio.

Ray and me...

Ray and me...

Foto by John Hurlbut

So far the day was perfect. The topper was the ride home. Getting out there on the highway on my bike takes my breath away, every time.

Perfect weather, good food… and he finest of friends!



  1. Comment made on June 28, 2016 by rich l

    @Barbara Jacobs
    ha! Dumb question Barbara – but is “Poody” a poodle?

    As Tom T. Hall wrote, “Ain’t but three things in the world that’s worth a solitary dime, old dogs, children and watermelon line.”

    I can’t encourage everyone enough to look up the lyrics to Tom Hall’s song – you just know it was a true story. You can’t make things like that up.

  2. Comment made on June 27, 2016 by Barbara Jacobs

    ^^ Another good dog story^^.
    Seems that you guys can post a good dog story, without protest from others here.

    I am taking this opportunity to say:
    MY DOG’S NAME IS Poody.
    Anybaby here who is “tired” of hearing about my dog: look up there^^^.

  3. Comment made on June 22, 2016 by rich l

    “Gonna move out on the highway, make this moment last…”

    Jorma, might you consider dusting off Trial By Fire for the Aug 13 show at the Old Town? I’ve been singing that one aloud the past couple of weeks while walking my goofy Newfie around the block.

    What is this strange symbiotic relationship between man and dog? When did these two omnivores decide to hook up? One little girl gave a description of dogs I’ll never forget – they’re love sponges.

    One quick dog story; we play pick up volleyball on Thursday nights. Our college age kids are now playing with the old farts – people I’ve played with or against for almost 30 years now. We had 21 players show up last Thursday and I brought George, our 140# dufus with us – we lost his buddy Digit three months ago unexpectedly.

    George has been very depressed, so I try to take him with me whenever I go someplace. Anyway, I had his leash hooked around a picnic table, and he watched the battles in the sand with a very content look on his mug.

    While the ball was in play I heard a scream, “George!” As Scooby Doo would say “rut row.” George spotted a Lab and tore off to say hello to his little friend. My friend on the court said, “Either that leash was going to snap off or he was going to drag the picnic table and the girl sitting on it to the other dog.” Trust me when I tell you he is strong enough to drag a picnic table.

    The leash, which was made of a very strong material, snapped like bone dry twig. My son managed to get over to him quickly while George investigated the irresistible scent of the other dogs fanny. Fortunately, the couple out for a evening stroll were good sports. Not too many things quite as unnerving than seeing a Newfie bounding towards you.

    I love the line in that Marshall Tucker song “Blue Ridge Mountain Skies”

    “there’s an old man, sitting in a rockin’ chair
    He’s go the best beagle dog in the county, I’ve been told.

    But his shotgun, done got to rusty
    And ol’ beagle dog he done grown a little too old.”

    At age 63, I can relate to that old beagle dog when playing with the “youts” doing my best to make this moment last.

    Aug 13th can’t come soon enough.

  4. Comment made on June 21, 2016 by Hogan

    Nice pictures…Love the background ones too…


  5. Comment made on June 17, 2016 by Greg

    Is that a Jorma and Jack picture on the wall?

  6. Comment made on June 17, 2016 by Wolf H

    Wolf H :Onward Jorma, onward !!

  7. Comment made on June 16, 2016 by Tim from Philly

    Great pics! Love the shot of the Hurls!

  8. Comment made on June 16, 2016 by Greg martelli

    Great ridin
    Great friends
    JOHNS A LUCKY MAN , no wonder his ethos and approach to life are always so bright.
    He always make our 3-1/2 trip to Fur peace a breeze,and than the music!
    Took my softail custom (99 pre evo engine), for a spin last Saturday after working and garden-
    Rollin down the highway–make that journey last

  9. Comment made on June 16, 2016 by DennisK

    Hurl is a cool cat. I bet the apple didn’t fall far…I would think his dad has a rare perspective on the nature of our world today. See ya soon!

  10. Comment made on June 16, 2016 by Wolf H

    Onward, Jorma, onward !!

  11. Comment made on June 15, 2016 by johno

    Mr. Hurlbut looks like my Dad a bit. He was a WW2 vet also. He’s been gone nine years now. I miss him so much – he was a really great guy. They don’t make them like that anymore. He used to call WW2 – The Big One.
    ps: sounds like you love your new bike.

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