In laws, nephews and kids

In laws, nephews and kids

So Izze by virtue of her hard work and skipping a grade earned her trip to Disney World… and off we went.
Our daughter Izze has worked so hard in school. At 10 years of age she is already halfway through 6th grade and is at the top of her class. That’s a far cry from where I was when I was in school. Anyway, this kid has worked her tail off and the complaining factor was really low! She definitely deserved a reward and when asked what she would like to do, ‘Go to Disney World!’ was the answer. Now I have to say, that wouldn’t have been my first choice, but then it wasn’t my choice to make. OK Sweetie… we’re going to Disney World.

Izze made all the arrangements herself (with Mom in the shadows over her shoulder, of course) We would stay in the resort at Animal Kingdom and our itinerary would include, Animal Kingdom, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney Springs. We got Vanessa’s sister Ginger and her son Montana on board for the trip and we got ready for a Family Vacation!

We flew to Orlando on Thursday last, checked into the Lodge at Animal Kingdom and headed over to the park.

The tree of life had a whole Avatar vibe going for it. Here's the kiddo...

The tree of life had a whole Avatar vibe going for it. Here's the kiddo...

Some great animals in what seemed to be a very animal friendly habitat.

White Rhinos have the right of way!

White Rhinos have the right of way!

Return from Serengeti

Return from Serengeti

We caught the rides we wanted and got into Tiffin in time for an absolutely delicious dinner. Back at the hotel it probably seemed later than it was and the whole gang hit the sack.

The kids at the castle

The kids at the castle

I'm at Disney World... where next...

I'm at Disney World... where next...

On Friday back on the bus and off to the Magic Kingdom. I have to say, I really enjoyed the whole thing more than I thought I would. Actually, I enjoyed it a lot… and there’s nothing like to sight of pure joy on kid’s face! Well, I got to ride Space Mountain too!

After Space Mountain... kind of blue

After Space Mountain... kind of blue

After a full day at Magic, we got back to our room in time to turn on the TV and see Vanessa and Izze’s face right there in the front row of the Grammy Music Legends Special on PBS. Wow… nice timing. Now I had my DVR set to record the thing at home, but it was nice to catch some of it down in Disney World.

Now I never got in the game for awards… it just never occurred to me. It has always been the love of the music that has sustained me through good times and bad! That said, to get a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Grammies… is, well… quite the honor indeed. We are in good company, and for Vanessa and Izze and myself to be able to sit in the front row at a Grammy event… well, priceless!

Grace, me and Izze... front row at the Nokia

Grace, me and Izze... front row at the Nokia

Saturday was our last full day at Disney World and we made the most of it. At Epcot I pulled 2 and a half G’s on a mission to Mars directed by Gary Sinise. Mission accomplished. Nice work team.

Spaceship earth

Spaceship earth

The tech involved in the rides at Disney is unbelievable… it’s a class act, and a complete blast!

Spaceport... next stop Mars

Spaceport... next stop Mars

Ready for the Mars rocket

Ready for the Mars rocket

Selfie at Disney Springs

Selfie at Disney Springs

After recovering from the Mars Mission, we went to Disney Springs for a little shopping and another delicious dinner. Then back to the lodge at Animal Kingdom and a night dip in the pool then to bed for an early trip to the airport yesterday morning and a long but trouble free trip home.

I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew that Izze really wanted to go… but I loved it too! Now we’re back in our own little animal kingdom. Gotta go to the kennel to pick Maverick up.

Good trip, but always great to be home. This weekend at the FPR is Rev. Gary Davis weekend with Tom Feldmann and myself, Woody Mann and Roy Book Binder.

Life certainly has been full and good of late!


  1. Comment made on October 26, 2016 by carey georgas

    As I gracefully (or is that gratefully?) exit stage right.@johno

  2. Comment made on October 26, 2016 by johno

    @carey georgas
    They did quite a story about you – picture and all. You did a good job for your 15 minutes of fame. Andy Warhol said we’d each be famous for 15 minutes.

  3. Comment made on October 26, 2016 by carey georgas

    Whaaat?@George Henn

  4. Comment made on October 26, 2016 by George Henn

    Apparently the word “bumfuzzle” in Carey’s NY Times article is now trending.

  5. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by Kevin

    Hang in there Carey, you’re on the side of truth and civility. Too many Americans vote against their own self interest without even realizing it because of the lies and misinformation foisted upon us.

  6. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by Ham n Eggs

    Sorry to hear that. I’ll just bite my tongue and offer you my thoughts and prayers.
    Love All Ways

  7. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by carey georgas

    I don’t do facebook. I don’t tweet. An employee showed me a feed, or whatever the f**k they’re called, and I am already being pilloried by my homeys. One said they didn’t care how good a deal they could get at my business, they won’t do business with traitors and murderers. And I thought we had a chance at coming back together, at least a little. Oh well, if I’m Don Quixote, I’m Don Quixote.

  8. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by Kevin

    Thank you so much Willy for posting that. I could listen to Jorma tell stories and talk music for hours. Still dying for that book Jorma. Poker at Dave Van Ronks’ house, there’s a book in itself. Third Week in the Chelsea has always been my favorite JA song. I think the blend of voices between Grace and Jorma was pure magic. And Jorma, we will never stop caring.

  9. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by Carey Georgas

    A bloodless coup…@Ham n Eggs

  10. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by Ham n Eggs

    Wait the article says your now president!
    The election is rigged ! Carey is president! The Times said so.
    Love All Ways
    @carey georgas

  11. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by Brian Doyle

    Thanks Willy.

  12. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by John B

    Jorma how are the leaves looking in southeast Ohio right now?

  13. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by willy

    Great WFUV interview Jorma…loved the song selection too.
    For those of you who weren’t within range of FUV’s towers Sunday:

  14. Comment made on October 25, 2016 by willy

    Here’s the NYT article @careygeorgas mentioned and is featured in.

  15. Comment made on October 24, 2016 by carey georgas

    Gonna be in tomorrow’s Times.

  16. Comment made on October 23, 2016 by Ham n Eggs

    Jorma interview on WFUV in a few minutes
    Love All Ways

  17. Comment made on October 23, 2016 by johno

    The military industrial complex is a whole other animal. It’s expensive being the policeman of the world. That has to change as well.

    @Brian Doyle

  18. Comment made on October 23, 2016 by jim hitchcock

    johno is playing us, more so my pal Barbara,nicely done


  19. Comment made on October 23, 2016 by Brian Doyle

    Love that small government military budget…

  20. Comment made on October 22, 2016 by jim hitchcock

    Frack. Bilderbergers? And here I sent all my spare change to the Trilateral Commission. Oh, wait, meant the ASPCA (truth) 😉@Kevin

    @johno )

  21. Comment made on October 22, 2016 by Kevin

    That phrase “liberal media” always cracks me up. Who owns every major media outlet? Corporations. How many corporations are liberal? I rest my case.

  22. Comment made on October 22, 2016 by jim hitchcock

    You left out Breitbart, Rush, and Sean. Parallel universes, I guess.

  23. Comment made on October 22, 2016 by johno

    All the media, except for FOX, is part of the left-leaning morass which is called the Democratic party. C’mon Bernie Sanders? It is big government – more spending – more taxes. This is a chance for a clean start. Did you ever hear of the Bilderbergers? They are in control. And they have picked their candidate. FOX is the only media that tries to broadcast both sides fairly and evenly.

  24. Comment made on October 22, 2016 by jim hitchcock

    Fox. Fair and balanced. Explain your conclusion


  25. Comment made on October 22, 2016 by johno

    The only fair network is FOX.
    I saw Bob Weir on CBS this morning – he has a new album of old cowboy songs.
    @Dead Head

  26. Comment made on October 22, 2016 by Dead Head

    Bob (ACE) Weir on CBS This Morning Saturday Sessions (aprox. 9:45).

  27. Comment made on October 21, 2016 by jim hitchcock

    (Throws dart at dartboard, results inconclusive)@johno

  28. Comment made on October 21, 2016 by johno

    The print and broadcast media are all so biased – it’s friggin ridiculous. It’s like having a fight with one hand tied behind your back. It’s not fair and balanced. Gonna get really exciting. The only fair network is

  29. Comment made on October 21, 2016 by Andy K

    @Carey Georgas
    Nice to see that there is still some investigative journalism going on. The print news is too often dwarfed by the world of conspiracy theories on the internet.

  30. Comment made on October 20, 2016 by johno

    I’ll be checking it out – Saturday right. Really cool that a NYC newspaper comes to your neck of the woods – deep in the heart of Texas.
    @Carey Georgas

  31. Comment made on October 20, 2016 by Carey Georgas

    I gotta share with our little community here, especially since a few of you are from New York. I got interviewed by a reporter from the NYT today. He is doing a piece on Hillary’s chances in Texas and chose my little county as a microcosm of Texas’ change from deep blue to deep red in less than a generation. He found a shit load of Republicans to talk to, think I was the only opposition he found. He said the piece would probably run Saturday. Took pictures and all. Anyways, this country boy was pretty damn taken aback. I don’t know if it’ll run regionally or nationally, but at any rate, I’m gonna be in the Times!

  32. Comment made on October 20, 2016 by Tom in St. Louis

    @Ham n Eggs
    Thanks, Hammie!
    Wishing Marty all the best and a full recovery.

  33. Comment made on October 19, 2016 by Ham n Eggs

    Thou Art surrounded by the Invisible Light of Love.
    Be thou whole,Be thou Healed, Be Thou Happy in Mind and body and Estate
    Love All Ways

    Statement from Marty Bain’s Face Book page
    Dear family, friends and fans,
    Since the PBS airing of the Grammy Life Time Achievement awards on October 14th many of you have been asking why Marty was not present at such a monumental event as the Grammy Salute to Music Legends. Especially since Marty and the original JEFFERSON AIRPLANE FAMILY were one of the recipients of this prestigious award.
    In April, prior to the event (and the PBS filming) a Press release was put out by the family sharing Marty’s heartfelt sentiments for not being able to attend due to illness.
    At the time it was a family decision to honor Marty’s privacy and to focus on his healing. I knew Marty would have wanted to keep the focus on his music, not his health, in particular his new album release THE GREATEST LOVE.
    Many of you sent beautiful sentiments of love and healing energy. We believe it was part of the miracle that saved his life. Marty’s JEFFERSON AIRPLANE family of Grace, Jack and Jorma were loving and supportive but sworn to his privacy while we all prayed for his recovery. We know he was missed by them for this special event. His love remains with them and the powerful legacy they created together.
    On March 11th 2016 Marty was rushed to a NYC hospital where he underwent emergency Open Heart Surgery. Many of you were concerned that he cancelled his March 12th Cutting Room performance at the last minute. We are sorry that we could not share more then we did at the time. It was a critical and fluid situation.
    On this fateful day I was informed by the Doctor that my husband would not make it through the night unless the surgery was performed immediately. I can not define the range of emotion and numbness that took over my being. Yet I knew that Marty loved life too much to turn in just yet. He was always singing, humming and whistling around the house, note pad in pocket filled with new ideas. My heart knew that Marty would not leave me or his cherished daughters Jenny and Delaney, or his Step daughters Rebekah and Moriah, or his niece Bonnie and all his other cherished friends, family and fans for that matter!
    Marty made it through the surgery well. Even his Surgeons were astonished at his strength and fortitude. Marty’s three hour non-stop performances kept him in good shape. His music saved his life!
    Unfortunately there were complications that arose after the surgery that kept Marty in a critical state and hospitalized for an extended period of time. Thus the missing of the Grammy Salute to Music Legends.
    Thankfully Marty never lost consciousness prior to the surgery. He is the same amazing human being we all have grown to love. Except for an exhausting 6 month hospital stay, and a lot of uncomfortable moments, my cherished husband has the very same zest for life that he had before his heart attack. He is already back with his guys Chuck Morrongiello and Lloyd Goldstein using his rehearsal times as therapy.
    It will take a little while longer for Marty to get fully back to himself but he will. Like he says “ I have all the time in the world now”.
    While Marty is not a computer person he is very much the spokes person. When you see an FB post or update on his website it is Marty’s sentiments with the help of his staff managing the Social media. He gets all your messages and wants you to know he appreciates them.
    Marty has his Art gallery in Saint Augustine, Florida. He expects to be adding many new paintings during his R&R and is already writing new songs!
    I personally want to share this message of love and respect for all of you. You allowed Marty the time to get through a most difficult challenge while you also allowed me the luxury of time and privacy to be focused on him solely and to be by his side at all moments.
    Marty knows you love him. He says no cards or gifts…just the love and messages via FB. And of course that you enjoy his music…old and new.
    Thank you for being there for us!
    Sue and Marty Balin

  34. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by johno

    Time just flies – they are only young for a little while – then they’re gone.
    Luckily I worked 7 months a year – so I had a lot of time for my family.

  35. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by Brett


    Only got there that one time with my oldest (now 35) the other 4 would ask about going to Disney every now and then ….”someday” was always the answer…… ..They are now 30, 27, 26, and 15…. all grown up now, (Or mighty damn close)

    Just like that ol’ CCR song…Someday never comes”….

  36. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by sweetbac

    Think it’s high time you broke out “In The Kingdom”, Jorma…one of your best songs indeed

  37. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by Wolf H

    Sorry, a GOOD dad, not a dood dad….

  38. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by Wolf H

    A good girl deserves a dood dad, and a good dad even visits Disney World, when his daughter wishes to go there. (Even when the dad once revolted against establishment!)That`s great, Jorma! Onwards…

  39. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by Mitch Spector

    Thats awesome Jorma !! Glad you and your family had a blast at Disney !! Good for Izze !!
    I loved the Grammy Celebration !! You guys sounded amazing .(Had tears of joy watching it)
    Congratulations on all levels !! Peace and God bless you and your family ..

  40. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by Paul

    What a Wonderful World!! Warms my heart. Brings back memories of visiting the original DisneyWorld in Anaheim with Adam in 1965. Blessings.

  41. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by johno

    Before kids – I never wanted to go to Orlando. But once the kids were 6 and 8 years old we started going to Disney World. You know I went expecting kids stuff, but what I found was spectacular – I couldn’t believe it. It blew me away. Once the kids were 15 they stopped going. Gotta go when they are young. I found I was having as much fun as the kids. If you’ve never been there – go. It is lots of fun – lots of special memories.
    ps Stay at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal – You’ll love it!

  42. Comment made on October 18, 2016 by carey georgas

    Again, in the moment and enjoying life. No wonder its fullness and goodness are so evident. Long may you run…

  43. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by Tom in St. Louis

    Fun, fun, fun!

    Jorma, thanks for your earlier explanation of the song selection at the Grammy ceremony…Marty had to cancel at the last moment on doctor’s orders, so you couldn’t cover any of his tunes as planned. Now that we’ve seen the show it all makes sense.
    We thought you guys sounded INCREDIBLE!
    Way to rock the room.

  44. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by Brett


    Wish i had taken the kids there….more….we took my now 35 year old son there when he was ….I think 5….the other 4 kids…never made it there with them I have asked them more than once if they somehow feel deprived ‘sall good Dad they diplomatically tell me

    The missus and I, (I am almost ashamed to admit), went to Disneyland on our honeymoon when we lived in Glendale (stayed in an off site motel however….low budget honeymoon) ….I could not get enough of Space Mountain!!

    I can not even imagine what it is like today at a Disney theme park

    Looks like everyone had a blast Jorma! way cool!


  45. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by Brian Doyle

    @Joey Hudoklin

    Look at Grace in that picture. It just doesn’t get cooler than that.

    It’s still warm at night down here in Florida for a swim.

  46. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by Ruby Russo

    Congratulations on the Lifetime achievement award. Well deserved. What a fun filled holiday. Sweet smiles all the way. You look really happy Jorma. Enjoy!


  47. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by DennisK

    I bet you dug Test Track. When I work hard and complain very little, my first choice is The Rev weekends at the FPR. See ya soon!

  48. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by johno

    Yup – time to take the kids to Disney World. If this was your first time there – are you in for a treat. I bet you had a blast. Disney is great and Universal is better. If you end up going 4-5 times you’ll wrap your head around what Disney and Universal did. There is that much to see. I enjoyed it immensely – almost as much as the kids did. Almost every ride and attraction is amazing. Stay on property if you can. It really is a nice production. I like EPCOT and Islands of Adventure at Universal. Pictures are great. You have a beautiful family Jorma. And I loved your performance and speech at the Grammys.

  49. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by Brett

    Sooo……Am I to assume this was your first ever visit to Disneyworld Jorma ?? or even DisneyLAND

  50. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by Mark K

    I went to Disney World with the kids about 15 years ago and stayed in the Animal Kingdom which as far as I am concerned was the best part.
    Nice going on the Grammy thing, good look for you, was that a Brioini Jacket?

  51. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by Joey Hudoklin

    Could I be mistaken?
    It does appear that life for you has continued getting better & better.
    No coincidences there…or here Jorma.
    The Promises.
    I loved watching you performance @ Grammys!
    You guys shredded!
    The photo with you, Izze, and Grace is beautiful.
    Congratulations to Izze for her hard work.
    Blessings, and Peace

  52. Comment made on October 17, 2016 by Dan

    Congrats to Izze, she earned it. I am sure Maverick was delighted to come back home, hope a nice long fall walk was his reward. Glad you guys enjoyed the Mouse House, to be honest after taking the kids many times (we do live in FLorida) I have a recurring nightmare of being stuck on Its a Small World for Eternity. Still all is good.

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