The El Parian Mexican Resaurant in Zanesville

The El Parian Mexican Resaurant in Zanesville

Myron and I took back roads to Cleveland… and stopped in Zanesville at the El Parian Mexican Resautrant... Awesome!!!

Rt. 13 to 93 through Zanesville… I-70 two I-77 to Cleveland… nice ride.

Up in Cleveland… we headed over to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for the Board Of Directors Retreat Soiree….

Me and John Sferra

Me and John Sferra

We got to sit with our good friend John Sferra and his lovely lady, John is the drummer for Glass Harp… and more. He helped us out last year with the GE Smith Band. Good times.

The view from the heights.

The view from the heights.

I love the HOF… a great museum… great exhibits and they treated us like gold.

What a view

What a view

A great hang… and we got to see some great stuff! The Louder Than Words floors… worth the trip alone!

Time to go back to the hotel

Time to go back to the hotel

Thursday morning we got to go back in the stacks and see some stuff not on exhibit right now.

Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Butter'

Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Butter'

Then I got to hold Eric Clapton’s Tears In Heaven Guitar

Very moving indeed... Tears In Heaven

Very moving indeed... Tears In Heaven

Then it was time to show up for the Retreat Breakfast.

What's on the menu"

My pal Jason Hanley chatted with me, I played some music and then it was time for Myron and Me to head Home.

So much fun… and the Cavs beat Golden State last night. What a great day!

On the old road with Mav...

On the old road with Mav...

A nice walk with Maverick on our old road this morning… and the first day of another great Camp Weekend at the Fur Peace Ranch.

Time for bed… onward indeed!


  1. Comment made on June 24, 2016 by Brian Doyle

    That was a heck of a show full of vibe and feeling…I’m still seeing the stars…

  2. Comment made on June 23, 2016 by Ham n Eggs

    May whoever you are seeing at that moment always be the best band on the planet.
    Love All Ways
    PS it was great seeing Pete Sears sitting in with David Nelson and Jefferson Starship at the Haight Street Faire 6/12/16. Nice celebration of Paul’s life. Thank the stars for live streaming.

  3. Comment made on June 23, 2016 by Joey Hudoklin


  4. Comment made on June 23, 2016 by Brian Doyle

    Jorma knows how to get the full strumming metal resonance out of a 335 like it is meant to be played but also knows how to deftly pick it.

  5. Comment made on June 23, 2016 by johno

    I’ll put Jorma, as a guitarist and Jack, as a bass guitarist up against anybody in the business. And together they are pure dynamite. Sure good songs and bands come and go. But as a fan since 1973 – no band even comes close to Hot Tuna’s playlist and longevity. Name one band that is as dynamic and has the longevity as HT. Their range is incredible – they csn go from ‘Death Don’t Have No Mercy’ to ‘Funky #7’ in the same set. They are the best rock band on the planet today. This is my humble opinion as well.

  6. Comment made on June 23, 2016 by Joey Hudoklin

    I’m a bit extreme, I’ll admit.
    BBOP…just my opinion.

  7. Comment made on June 23, 2016 by rich l

    Get the torches and pitch forks!

    I hear ya Willy. One of my favorite moments in life is when I go to see a band I know nothing about, (and it can be a bar band in Chicago), and get my socks blown off. Hell, I got excited about a performer in the Seattle airport last year!

    New is always good, always looking for that sunshine, “a little further down the road.” @willy

  8. Comment made on June 23, 2016 by willy

    At the risk of being run out of town as a heretic, and bearing in mind that I am a 40+ year devoted follower of JK/HT and love their overall body of work, I have to say it’s a trifle hyperbolic to anoint HT as BBOP, much as I’d like to. I’ll be the first to recommend the JK/HT experience and music to anyone, but…there are so many great artists toiling in the trenches out there, I’m loathe to say who’s the best…too many apples and oranges, all delicious. Kinda reminds me of the never-ending debate about the best GD show. We all have our faves.

    All that said, if you keep on truckin’ Jorma and Jack, we’ll keep comin’ to the shows and showing our thanks and appreciation!

  9. Comment made on June 22, 2016 by Joey Hudoklin

    Straight up…BBOP.
    Best Band on the planet.

  10. Comment made on June 22, 2016 by johno

    You guys are exactly right – HT is the best band on the planet but shhhhh – or I won’t get 10th row at the Beacon anymore!!!

  11. Comment made on June 22, 2016 by rich l

    @John B
    When you look at some of the bands that have been inducted, it makes you want to bang your head into a brick wall.

    Hot Tuna’s body of work is simply amazing. I remember posting a play list here about two years ago. I had about 28 songs listed for Jorma to consider. (I did break in to two sets) The show I went to, I believe he played one of those songs! And it was fantastic.

    Joey, as you state, although Hot tuna deserves to be more mainstream, were blessed that they’re not. What a hidden gem.

    Keep on truckin’ HT

  12. Comment made on June 22, 2016 by Michael Langley

    Hear, Hear…Well Said Joey, I couldn’t have said it better!!@Joey Hudoklin

  13. Comment made on June 21, 2016 by Joey Hudoklin

    @John B
    Indeed John.
    Ya know, for us Tuna Heads, having Hot Tuna under the radar has been somewhat of a blessing.
    We all know, however, that as musicians, cutting edge Acoustic, over the top Electric, there is no other band that is as versatile in the folk-psychedelic genre than our guys.
    Naturally, we want it both ways. To have HT as an underground kinda entity, but recognized worldwide as the great band that they are, as well.
    Yes, we do.

  14. Comment made on June 21, 2016 by John B

    I hope that Hot Tuna will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

  15. Comment made on June 21, 2016 by Clayton Adams

    Hey Jorma,
    Okay, get this: The Discovery Lodge off 34 is the old Mountain View Lodge, but get thi: I think I found Harpo Marx’s old wig hat on…and get this: on MY old rocking horse – right here in the lobby.




  16. Comment made on June 21, 2016 by Brian Doyle

    For the sake of accuracy Bill Graham paired the Airplane and Hendrix at the Fillmore Auditorium in June 67 and not Fillmore West as I incorrectly posted above. Fillmore West did not open until a year later in 1968. The Airplane pulled out after the first night because they realized Hendrix opening for them was not going to work. Something about a hurricane vs china shop I would imagine lol…

  17. Comment made on June 21, 2016 by Hogan

    Wow Eric’s guitar…what a treat…I’m sure you enjoyed that…
    Hope you had a nice Father’s Day…


  18. Comment made on June 20, 2016 by Sweetbac

    PLEASE tell us the Hall of Fame has Jacks headband he wore at Monterrey Pop…
    hell, we’d settle for Casadys sparkle platform shoes he rocked on the fall ’76 east coast Hot Tuna tour!

  19. Comment made on June 20, 2016 by Brian Doyle

    49 years ago Bill Graham set up a 6 night stretch for Jimi Hendrix at the Fillmore West right after Monterey. Jefferson Airplane was on the bill.

  20. Comment made on June 19, 2016 by Greg Martelli

    The John Cippolina amp stack with the horns on top-very cool

  21. Comment made on June 18, 2016 by carlo pagliano

    Rock Them All Highball Tonight Jorma!

  22. Comment made on June 18, 2016 by jim hitchcock

    Butter is awesome!

    Clapton has a new doc out covering his new album. Hw was dealing with a full body case of eczema (I just got diagnosed for this this week) that had spread to his hands, but he dealt with it. The music must go forward 🙂

  23. Comment made on June 18, 2016 by DonGehre

    Despite the last two games, I gotta root for the Warriors. Hometown team and all. Should be a high energy affair!

  24. Comment made on June 17, 2016 by warren sehter

    i think clapton would be honored to hold your guitar too

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