Wear it proudly

Wear it proudly

Foto by Jorma Kaukonen

An early morning trip to our polling place in Rock Springs Road… It doesn’t get any closer to grass roots than this. This is grass roots. Over the last quarter of a century I’ve gotten to know a number of our neighbors and they’re all great folks. Regardless of our political dispositions our common goal is to keep our county safe for our families and our kids. (That’s ‘county’ not ‘country’) Local is where it counts! Had some great conversations waiting in line. This is really good stuff.

Jack Casady just got in from L.A. and we’ll get to hang a little tomorrow before the final weekend 2017 here at the Fur Peace Ranch begins Friday morning. The leaves are mostly gone now and the temperature has already slipped into the high 30’s. I love this time of year even if it’s too chilly for a motorcycle ride.

Gotta walk the Big Dog…

PS Just back from being outside with Maverick and the two of us barking back at the coyotes. Now… the comments thing is out of control again. I am a keystroke away from shitcanning the entire comments section. I don’t want to have to get into this again!


  1. Comment made on November 13, 2017 by John B

    Jorma please don’t shitcan us.

  2. Comment made on November 12, 2017 by mikie

    She was absolutely awesome! Thanks for the info. Was that “Kingfish” as in Bobby Weir’s band? m

  3. Comment made on November 10, 2017 by willy

    @Mikie – yikes, I was at that show…this is a real memory test, but I’m guessing it was Anna Rizzo with the guys in Kingfish.

  4. Comment made on November 10, 2017 by mikie

    Wondering if I can ask for some help from fellow Tuna followers? I have a cassette tape of a 1986 Tuna show (see http://www.tunabase.com/setlists/1986/19860827.html) – that I got thru -what I believed at the time was – legit means.
    The tape is of the second set – who is the vocalist? Some real rockin went on there that night, for sure. thanks for any help, m

  5. Comment made on November 10, 2017 by Greg Martelli

    I wonder where the Stars and Stripes top hat is these days?Jerry wore it and than Jack.Maybe it will come to rest in the psychedelic silo?

  6. Comment made on November 10, 2017 by Greg Martelli

    Wendy and I are down to a manageable 5- dawgs now(That was the name of my post collegiate softball team the Easton Dawgs[Ct.] What struck me about Caps comments was the tandem “barking” at coyotes.I find myself compelled to do the same walking our 6- month German Shepherd ,”Stryker”, there was one morning not long ago where there were 3- distinct packs simultaneously shrilling and calling.The response was the same ,pup and master ( me), barking at their shrieks.
    Sounds like Tunas coming to thrill the Big Apple.This might be a chance for the disparate to share a dram ,and enjoy the splendid relief.We will miss these concerts .
    The Road goes on forever ,and the party never ends.Approaching the holidays ,let’s be thankful as we are truly blessed to have these committed souls sharing their musical legacy with us.We are always priveleged to see the guys.Rock on.
    Hot tuna

  7. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by Richard

    I too am very excited to see HT at the City Winery. Seen Jorma there solo a couple of times. Real fine place..Then to the Paramount on LI for an electric show..Woo Hoooo.. Will miss the Beacon shows for sure..Anywhere we can see the guys is all good with me..

  8. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by richard vornbaum

    I hope comments contiues,I enjoy folks sharing show experiances. it started for me with first acoustic album back in the day. I enjoy more the references to the joys we share trudging the road to happy destiny. looking foward to Asbury Park. day before my 62nd Bday. (water song) Please? Peace.

  9. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by johno

    Exactly. Thank you for sharing your encounter with Jack – isn’t he great. I remember the show at the old Dome at Post on LI. It looked like a UFO. Those were the days.

  10. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by Susan

    And good for you if you get backstage…I’ve enjoyed a few encounters with Jorma and Jack by waiting outside after the show. They are gracious and often willing to sign albums , setlists, but most of all just to have a chat. Jack once jokingly told me he “remembered every note” when I referenced my first show (where I had s ticket….Central Park outside the rink was earlier) in 1976 at what was The Dome at Post college. All good memories that we enjoy sharing….no intention of “bragging” about it, just remembering some of the many good times and looking forward to more to come!

  11. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by johno

    Yup – it’s almost Tuna time in NYC! Even though there will be no Beacon Theater this year, we have the City Winery. A new venue for me. Followed by the Paramount on LI. Acoustic and Electric with Steve Kimock.(who I heard is unbelievable). Every year they come back with a different twist.

  12. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by Susan

    I’m feeling lucky too! Capitol theatre followed by the Paramount- This year’s alternatives to the Beacon…..but, first, Dead and Company at the Garden…woo hoo.. good times starting in 3 days!

  13. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by Andy K

    @carey georgas
    Yes indeed.

  14. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by carey georgas

    Lucky….@Andy K

  15. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by Andy K

    Getting amped up as I await the Acoustic fix I’ll get at the City Winery followed by the Electric jolt at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester.

  16. Comment made on November 9, 2017 by Joey Hudoklin

    Jorma, there’s one bad apple here. It has poisoned the taste of this place for years. Not comfortable anymore for many as a result. I am truly sorry for my part.
    You could get rid of the whole thing, but there might be a more presice, surgical solution. I don’t know.
    It looks like it won’t stay as is for long at this rate for sure, and that will be a relief.
    Either way, I’ll always love you, Jack, and all you and your family do for us out here in Tuna land.
    I’ll always come to your shows, and hope to again make it for lessons at Fur Peace Ranch.

  17. Comment made on November 8, 2017 by eaglesteve

    We all brothers.
    Just sayin’

  18. Comment made on November 8, 2017 by Chappy

    Hello Jorma, if you and Jack get the chance you may enjoy seeing David Childers play Court Grill in Pomeroy on Friday night. He is a great singer-songwriter out of North Carolina. He’s been around awhile and has 10 or so CDs out. He’s an old friend of the Avett Brothers and they’ve covered some of his songs over the years. He released a CD a few years back with one of his side projects “The Over Mountain Men” that is super. Not sure if he teaches but he’d be a great act for FPR some day.

  19. Comment made on November 8, 2017 by carey georgas

    Been watching the north wind rise all day here in Southeast Texas. Mid 80’s yesterday, mid 60’s today. Sweet gums finally starting to turn, our primary source of what we call fall colors. This is a wonderful time of year. Going out to pick some fresh collards for dinner. And, polling places on election day are always fun. That’s why I enjoy working them. Local’s where the rubber hits the road.

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