Last night the Fur Peace Ranch hosted the up and coming band from Nashville, Maybe April. Since I wasn’t playing or teaching this weekend I took over my pal Jerry’s spot behind the wheel of the mule to ferry folks in from the parking lot.

Service with a smile from the Ole Picker.

Service with a smile from the Ole Picker.

Foto by Vanessa Kaukonen

Hurl, our Ranch Manager, discover Maybe April before they were even signed and recorded. They were awesome on YouTube and even more awesome in person.

Alana, Katy and Kristin onstage at the Station

Alaina, Katy and Kristin onstage at the Station

Foto by Jorma Kaukonen

What a great show the girls put on for the sold out house here at the Ranch. I predict great things for these gals.

Nessa, Kristin, Katy, Alana and me after the show

Nessa, Kristin, Katy, Alaina and me after the show

Foto by Wally Himmelman

The gals spent the night here at the Ranch and this morning Nessa sent them on their way to Asheville with coffee, fresh fruit and sundry goodies.

It’s good to know the future of music is more than safe!


  1. Comment made on June 4, 2018 by carey georgas

    Charon himself, ferrying souls if not to the afterworld, then perhaps the promised land. Sounds like the House was transported for a few hours. That’s a ride I’d take.

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