Full moon over the Ranch!

Full moon over the Ranch!

Foto by Jorma Kaukonen

Things are always hot at the Fur Peace Ranch but this fine November availed us all of a beautiful weekend. There is snow and an Arctic Blast coming in tonight, but the weekend was golden! Our good friend Tom Feldmann was on hand to help with our closing Level IV class. The room was filled with great players and on Sunday our guitar tech and sound man, Myron Hart came in and gave the class a multi dimensional taste of what it is like for a professional performer to adapt to different environments every night and still come up with a great sound. Thanks Myron!

Saturay night, good old fun loving Hot Tuna closed the Fur Peace Station Concert Series with two rocking electric sets. Our worth compatriot Justin Guip drove down from Upstate New York to play drums and a grand old time was had by all!

Hot Tuna 46, 2019
The Electric Trio
Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady
& Justin Guip

Fur Peace Station
Final Concert 2019
Darwin, Ohio

First Set:
1. Been So Long
2. Day To Day Out The Window Blues
3. I See The Light
4. Ode To Billy Dean
5. Talkin’ Bout You
6. Sea Child
7. Roads and Roads &
8. Bowlegged Woman
9. Come Back Baby

Second Set:
1. Living Just For You
2. Letter To The North Star
3. Serpent Of Dreams
4. Can’t Get Satisfied
5. Hit Single #1
6. Rock Me Baby
7. Sleep Song
8. Trial By Fire
9. Good Shepherd
10. Funky # 7
11. Encore: Water Song

Big thanks to Justin and his son Angus for making the trip. See you both soon at the Town Hall in NYC on the 29th and 30th of this month.

Jack, Tom, the gang at the Ranch and I on Sunday

Jack, Tom, the gang at the Ranch and I on Sunday

Foto by Vanessa Kaukonen

I brought out my 1968 Gibson J-50 for the guys to see and play. This guitar was with me every step of the way from 1960 really into the early 80’s. Other guitars may have reared their peg heads, but the old Gibby was never far away!

Tom Feldmann did another stellar Coffee Break Concert in the Beatrice Love Kitchen for the breakfast show!

Another year begins to slip away. Their has been laughter and tears in the course of this year… but we are still alive to wrap ourselves in both.

I expect snow tonight…

Time moves on… as do we…

And last… but not least… I honor all our veterans, past and present. In my family, my dad and his two brothers… all WWII vets. Jorma Sr., USN, Pentti Kaukonen, US Army, Tarmo Leonard Kaukonen, US Army.

Thanks to you all!


  1. Comment made on December 15, 2019 by Paul W

    I remember that old Gibby. I think I actually got to “play” it.
    Congratulations on FP Ranch Anniversary!

  2. Comment made on November 23, 2019 by Phil Hurd

    Thanks Jorma for my first intro to FPR in April. I’m sad I wont’ be able to swing a return in 2020 but here’s hoping for the year after! You are really a treasure, between performing such great music for all of us, to being such a patient teacher and a lover of the spirit of the music. Happy Thanksgiving and holidays to you, Vanessa, Hurl and the rest of the gang.

  3. Comment made on November 17, 2019 by johno

    Just love the photo of the full moon over the Ranch.
    Such good vibes!

  4. Comment made on November 15, 2019 by Ham Neggs

    Interesting use of White Rabbit and Untermeyer Park in Yonkers on last Nights Law and Order opening sequence.
    It magically becomes Central Park as show progresses.
    Love All Ways

  5. Comment made on November 15, 2019 by Ham Neggs

    Great use of White Rabbit and Untermeyer Park in Yonkers on opening of Law and Order. Check it out.
    May everyone enjoy and be thankful today.
    Love All Ways

  6. Comment made on November 14, 2019 by paul karp

    Broke my heart not to be there. Heard nothing but good things about the weekend from the boys. Missed you all and hope to see you soon. Shalom

  7. Comment made on November 14, 2019 by Robin Bower

    So in May 2010 my brother Frank J Bower has 3 more months on earth left to him and he went into the hospital with no awareness of time, place, circumstance, or anything much except the names of some people and some stuff. I called the Neuro ICU nurses’ station and asked could I bring him an acoustic guitar.
    “You can bring it. He won’t know what it is.”
    So I stopped at his house on the drive from Pittsburgh to Philly and grabbed his Martin and put it into his hands and his fingers picked out the opening of “True Religion.” We sang and he cried. He came back to his body then and stayed with himself until he went, whole. He played lots of music between May and August.
    Zoom, now it’s 2019 and I said to the air “Frank, you promised me a sign in that hospital room, remember? Send me True Religion.”
    And nothing. So yesterday, what the heck, tired of waiting, I knew this Signs book was a bunch of hooey anyway. So I streamed “This is Jorma Kaukonen” on Spotify, which, btw, is I guess where every memory of my life from 1970-84 has been living all this time.
    Well I try to stay away from screens in the morning so I can start the day plugging inside, but I had to take a break from writing or drawing to use the bathroom and decided, well, I’ll just google up on old Jorma while I’m at loose ends. Follow links: website, 2019 tour, itinerary. Dates ahead still! Anything close to Pittsburgh? Yes, Palace Theater. Huh, who knew? When? 12/10. Frank Bower’s birthday.
    I hit the link for tickets, because, it might not be True Religion, but I don’t wanna be a sign denier. So I hit the link. And at that moment, downstairs, random shuffle goes to work and delivers me these notes that brought my brother back.
    So we’ll be there, me and my bro, Frank J Bower, 12/10/55-8/26/10, and thanks for bringing him back again.

  8. Comment made on November 12, 2019 by Mitch Spector

    Good morning Jorma ! Had a great time visiting FPR with my brothers this season .Really love the people the vibe and as always the music ! Thank you for doing what you do and have done for about my whole life .This weekend was fantastic to say the least .Loved the sets !
    Justin jack & you gave us a show for the ages .Have a beautiful day .Stay safe and enjoy what you can with the weather .Love being part of your wonderful Hot Tuna family as i believe you know lol .Peace & love ..Thanks Jorma for a lifetime of nothing but great vibes ..

  9. Comment made on November 11, 2019 by Chappy

    Well, all I have to say about Saturday night’s closing show at FPR is “Wow – incredible show!” And, as Thanksgiving time approaches, I want to send out special thanks to Jorma, John Hurlbut, Vanessa, Kelly & Treva, Smiles, Wally, Myron, Kevin, and all the folks at FPR who make the experience great and magic happen at every show. Blessings.

  10. Comment made on November 11, 2019 by Jefferson Campervan

    Hey Jorma – I was on YouTube Saturday night and serendipitously stumbled on the live feed of Saturday’s concert. Great stuff! Some very tasteful versions of familiar songs with new to me variations, especially in the lead breaks. Although I don’t play anymore, the concert feed really brought back memories – I’ll always treasure the weekends I spent at FPR (even once with Taylor & Thor the WonderPoodle!). A truly magical space in the cosmos – thanks Vanessa, John and everyone else who contributed over the years. Frank in Toronto .

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