Yeah, so last night’s Quarantine Concert Series was # 26. We taped that show four or five days ago because… our drummer Justin Guip drove down from Upstate New York and the Electric Trio spent yesterday afternoon recording a rockin’ HFT show to be aired the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

You’re welcome… 🙂

While I was on the feed last night after our recording the recurring question was about live… recorded… blah blah blah. I get it. We’re keeping good stuff coming for you folks and doing what we have to do to make it happen! Here’s last night’s set list:

Hot Tuna 23, 2020

Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Casady

Quarantine Concert Series #26

Fur Peace Ranch

Darwin, Ohio

Saturday, November 7 , 2020

  1. Candy Man
  2. Ode To Billy Dean
  3. Living Just For You
  4. Living In The Moment
  5. In The Kingdom
  6. The Terrible Operation
  7. Letter To The North Star
  8. Bar Room Crystal Ball
  9. Death Don’t Have No Mercy
  10. That’ll Never Happen No More

That’ll have to do for now. The QCS means so much to us and it is our pleasure and honor to bring it/them to you.

Stay well!


  1. Comment made on November 11, 2020 by Alan R.

    The QCS is the single best thing that has emerged from this pandemic. I eagerly await the time every week when I get to sit down and be treated to an incredible Jorma show or an awesome Hot Tuna show. How could it possibly get better than that? It doesn’t matter if it’s live or on tape; the Vault shows were a treat and so if you have to tape a QCS show ahead of time so you and Jack can actually earn a living more power to you! I first saw JA in 1969 and my first Hot Tuna show was in 1970, so it’s fifty+ years for me too. Jorma, my respect for you has gone through the roof with the QCS and I feel so much more intimately involved with this music than ever. So please Keep On Truckin’ and thank you for all you, Vanessa and the crew do for your many fans!

  2. Comment made on November 11, 2020 by John McGough

    Can’t have it both ways. Stay home and expect the performers to play live every Sat and for free? Anyone who complains needs their head examined. This series is already legendary. Jorma/Vanessa, and ALL who have made it happen and helped brighten our weeks! Thanks.

  3. Comment made on November 10, 2020 by Steve

    Love me a good ole That’ll Never Happen No More…..and Barroom is in my top 3 Tuna tunes so there we be!!!

  4. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by Don Gehre

    The morons at the RRHOF should induct you two incredible musicians just for doing this series of concerts.
    Keep on trucking’ !

  5. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by Richard Carp

    Hi, Jorma (and Jack, and Vanessa, and the crew!),

    Just a note of thanks for the QCS. The shows are conistently great, and my wife and I listen ever Saturday night. It’s a moment of beauty in the week. Live, recorded, whatever….I’ve been listening to y’all since SF in 1968 (Fillmore and Winterland). Went to the Chateau several times (and I can still hear!), and heard you solo at little dives in Palo Alto and Berkeley). Chicago, North Carolina, the Beacon, Atlanta, the Birchmere, drove from DC to PA to hear Tuna play the Keswick. Any time, any way – the best! So thanks. Non illigitemus carborundum!


  6. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by JohnB

    Robert I was at that Cherry Hill Centrum show. It was an old roller skating rink right ? It was about a 45 minute drive for me.I@Robert Burke

  7. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by JohnB

    Richard K “The sun was shining when we left” Indeed it was…….and it is shining still. May God continue to shine his light upon the Tuna family……@Richard K

  8. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by Brian Doyle

    My take on Grace not singing is that her performance was based on putting her full beautiful femaleness and self in to what she delivered and if she couldn’t match what she could do in her twenties in synch with the times where art and existence merged in to one thing then she wasn’t going to fail to live up to that in public and therefore ruin the vibe…Which leaves us 70’s kids missing the original and the latter performances…Can’t beat Grace…Ruled the world from a stage with a microphone with some not too shoddy back up…And don’t forget she has a disease that makes her feet feel like they are burning…

  9. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by J. R. in St. Louis

    I thought the Quarantine performances came with an implicit triple-your-money-back guarantee of satisfaction. I often wonder if the demanding nature of we the obsessed wasn’t a contributing factor in Grace Slick’s decision to refrain from performing. If she chose to sing one song in a pay per “view” cable special while visual images of her artwork were generated, I would pony up the dough in a heartbeat and be plum tickled to do so. My very favorite part of the Airplane reunion in ’89 were her contributions to “3rd Week in the Chelsea” and “Good Shepherd” among others. If half the “classic” JA line-up wants to figure out some way to collaborate, then this beggar will not presume to be a chooser.

  10. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by David Lucas

    So-called fans(?) complaining about live versus taped shows ? Unbelievable ! They’re getting phenomenal music on a weekly basis for FREE and they
    complain ???? WTF ???

    Again, thanks so much to all of you for providing an uplifting respite from the “day to day out the window blues” caused by these troublesome and trying times we are all living through !!!

    Looking forward to the Saturday after Thanksgiving !!! Thank you in advance for that one !

  11. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by Dale P Radeleff

    I love just plugging in the earbuds and listening whether it’s live or recorded, it is the cure for my healing process. Thanks for all you, Jack and the rest of the gang do to bring such excellent music to our ears. Rock on Brother!

  12. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by carey georgas

    Ya’ll all workin’ like pack mules to keep us all entertained, no charge, and folks is gonna complain ‘cause it ain’t live? Live or memorex, it’s real, it’s an integral part of many peoples lives in this time of pandemic, and most importantly, it’s just because you care. Boy howdy, I could use more friends like that!

  13. Comment made on November 9, 2020 by Dan Nigro

    Live on tape works for Colbert. BTW I enjoy watching along with you, your engagement with the community is awesome. If anyone doesnt appreciate live on tape then they can get their money back (oh yeah, its free)

  14. Comment made on November 8, 2020 by zuma

    Thanks as always to you and your team for keeping the music coming, your sounding great! Play on!

  15. Comment made on November 8, 2020 by Brendan Carroll

    Relax? It’s ok? As if I had a meltdown?

  16. Comment made on November 8, 2020 by Brendan Carroll


    How could you read anything other than respect into my post? Let me guess: pops is an alias for the trouble-maker who turned off to visiting here.

  17. Comment made on November 8, 2020 by Pops

    Brendan, relax man. People love to recall. It’s ok. Thanks Jack Thanks Jorma Thanks Vanessa and Thanks Chester

  18. Comment made on November 8, 2020 by Brendan Carroll

    Like your mythical Roman god-dog, our bear left no doubt message was for us. I choose to believe said bar was delivering props on my lady, like waiters at nearby Arthur Avenue restaurant. You know what I mean.

  19. Comment made on November 8, 2020 by Richard K

    While its nice watching when the shows are live I will take your great shows anyway you serve them,live or recorded..I said it before and will say again thanks to you and all the crew for all you guys do for keeping the music and brotherhood alive..

    Jorma last night you were asked a question if you remembered a certain show..Well I was told a story about a NYC Palladium show in the mid 70sfrom one of my stagehand union brothers.It was a late show and about 5am that the head guy there(who may he RIP was also the Pres. of my film local IATSE 52) that he pulled the plug on you because they had to set up for another show and go home to sleep and you just kept on playing.
    .Any recollection? Those late shows are legendary…Sun was shining when we left…

  20. Comment made on November 8, 2020 by Brendan Carroll

    I showed up late to more than a few shows and you fellers never complained, so I won’t squawk about tape delay. I put on tube at 10:00 est and listened passively, anyway. I heard you describe Italian mountain show.
    While on bench at far end of bar exhibit at Bx Zoo, a grizzly walked over and left a message, which my Paula was pleased to tell me was a friendly gesture.

    S’il vous plait, qu’est-ce que le flux en direct? I should stay off any direct feed regardless, being one known to put foot-in-mouth, but am wondering.

  21. Comment made on November 8, 2020 by Robert Burke

    Thanks so much for the performances and goodwill.
    I was looking at tunabase for the set list I wish I could relive. My first HT show at the Centrum in Cherry Hill. In the notes, joining you for Invitation was Jaime Howell. Any comments?
    You were wearing the famous Hot Tuna @ SJC shirt.

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