Yeah, so Jack ventured forth from LA and we’ve been able to share some quality rehearsing time. Rehearsing is always good. There were some technical problems with the stream last night and we are aware of them and are working on it. I will say this though. Many people had flawless reception and some did not. We did not send out two streams, one good and one bad so with no facts to back this up I’m surmising that this problem was not on our end. That said, we’re on the case and we will figure it out. Stick with us.

Hot Tuna 17,  2020

The Acoustic Duo

Jorma Kaukonen,  Jack Casady

#12 Of the Quarantine Concert Series

Fur Peace Station

Darwin, Ohio

July 4, 2020

  1. Too Many Years
  2. Ice Age
  3. Hesitation Blues
  4. Been So Long
  5. I’ll Be All Right Some Day
  6. Broken Highway
  7. 3rd Week In The Chelsea, Jack plays the old Balalaika.
  8. Flying Clouds
  9. Trial By Fire
  10. Good Shepherd
  11. I Know You Rider

As seen last night, not only did Jack drive out from LA, but he brought the balalaika which is a simply magnificent instrument. It’s very old and doesn’t travel well, so to see it outside his home was a big deal.

Our friend Scott Phelan from On The Roof, drove down from New York and Jack and I participated in a two plus hour interview with him. Check out his site. He’s got some great folks on.

Well, the Fourth Of July was hot and uneventful here at the Ranch. Again, Happy Birthday America…

And now… moving right along…


  1. Comment made on July 10, 2020 by Howard

    That was great. Cannot wait to see and hear the show this Saturday night!

  2. Comment made on July 9, 2020 by Mitch Spector

    Thank you Jorma & Jack !! Loved the show .Hope you are both having a great time together .Looking forward to Sat Night !! Peace & Love

  3. Comment made on July 9, 2020 by carey georgas

    Why, thank you for the expression of gratitude, Ed.

  4. Comment made on July 9, 2020 by JOHN O

    Was away on vacation and didn’t see the concert til today. Loved the stories and the music of course. Wanna get one of those Quarantine Posters. One of the best versions of “Good Shepherd” that I’ve ever heard. Jack thanks so much for driving to Ohio. You both look so good. Thanks a lot for the show. Can’t wait til Saturday!

  5. Comment made on July 9, 2020 by Ed

    I just want to say THANK YOU to all the commenters here. What Jorma and Vanessa and the whole crew have been doing for us is such an amazing gift, and you all have built on it and created a real sense of community that so many of us need these days.
    Really appreciate it.

  6. Comment made on July 9, 2020 by HOGAN

    So nice to see you and Jack on stage again, really enjoyed the show and looking forward to Saturday night. It’s really nice when you can get together with old friends and talk about “Back in the Day”. Miss that….
    Thought Trial was Awesome….dancing around the living room.

    Be Safe

  7. Comment made on July 8, 2020 by Tom NY

    Nice show Jorma. Jack I am sure enjoyed every moment of that drive across the country. I wonder if he had any folks recognize him along the way… You all could write a book about those stories.

    That harmony line, if that is what it is called, that Jack plays on Trial By Fire during the double stop decend is so crucial to the tune. Good work when you wrote that, but then again, what other options would there be for the bass player to do that would be as fitting and sublime…Its all in the nuances….

    Very happy to see you are still driving the bus w 23 old like precision…

    God bless you and your family and people.

  8. Comment made on July 8, 2020 by AndyK

    C’mon Justin.
    Hope you’ll consider the 8 1/2 hour drive to enable Electric Tuna to re-emerge.
    Have my fingers crossed, legs too!

  9. Comment made on July 8, 2020 by Erik Schall

    Fantastic 4th of July show !!
    PLEASE give us some Electric Tuna !!!!

    • Comment made on July 8, 2020 by Jorma

      Hi Erik

      Thanks for joining us and digging the 4th Of July Show. We’re constantly relearning never to say never but the probability for now is that there will not be a new Electric Tuna Show as part of the Quarantine Concert Series. It is true that Jack is lurking around the East Coast for a while but Justin lives in Upstate New York. The chances of him leaving the confines of his home place as well as his family to come to Ohio are slim. Still and all, in these strange times stranger things have happened.

      Stay tuned…

  10. Comment made on July 7, 2020 by Jim T

    Fantastic show Jorma! Thank you everyone! Great seeing Jack!! These Quarantine Concerts have contributed to my sanity(?)in these crazy times!I just cranked my Bluetooth speaker and I was good!

  11. Comment made on July 7, 2020 by Gary Dion

    Erma Franklin’s voice brought back to me Genya Ravan, who is still making music. Listening now to Ain’t Gonna Happen which she recorded with Ten Wheel Drive.

  12. Comment made on July 7, 2020 by bruce kelso

    hi, can we purchase fur peace ranch masks?

  13. Comment made on July 7, 2020 by Rich l

    “…on a fiddle and playing it hot!”

  14. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by Chappy

    Great show on Saturday night! Kinda missed Myron and Hurl jams but Jack made up for ‘em 🙂 Speaking of Jack, it was great to hear him mic’d on Saturday…especially story of Erma Franklin > Janis/Big Brother story…was not aware prior to his story. Usually at the live in-person FPR shows we can’t hear his comments a few rows back. Really looking forward to next Saturday’s show. On a sad note, sorry to hear of Charlie Daniels passing on. I had the pleasure of seeing Charlie & CDB many times over the years and they were always great shows. He is a true legend and part of the great American (and world) music landscape. Someone mentioned his politics, well I don’t do politics on social media or in my music tastes, however, I do know he was a patriot who loved the USA. His autobiography came out a year or two ago and it is a great read…entertaining and I informative. He had so many great albums and one of my favorites was “High Lonesome.”

  15. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by JohnB

    In 1968 i bought the ‘White Album’ from Bob O . We were in 8th grade. When i listened to Back In The USSR i heard that line ‘let me her your Balalakas ringing out.’ I had no idea what he was singing about . Glad that is finally cleared up .
    Thanks Jack .

  16. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by mikie

    RIP Charlie Daniels at 83. One of Bob Dylan’s favorite guitar players. I didn’t agree with his politics much, but he put on a hell of a show. m

  17. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by eaglesteve

    Great show men. I wicked dug it. Thanks to the crew.

  18. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by JohnC.

    Great show Saturday night! After having seen you play some of those tunes solo in the last few weeks, it was instructive to see how you do things a little differently when Jack is in the mix. Thanks to the crew as usual for the production, and to you and Jack for the music!

  19. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by doug mlyn

    Great show Saturday night. NO problems with the stream and the audio sounded really good to me. Thanks for Jack for driving all that way.

  20. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by Ed

    HUGE thanks to Jack for making that long drive.

  21. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by John R.

    Ever since I first purchased The Phosphorescent Rat, I’ve always wondered what a bass balalaika was. Thank you for clearing that up. Now I can die in peace.

    Thanks too for a great show. Hot Tuna for July 4th. The birth of a new tradition.

  22. Comment made on July 6, 2020 by Richard K

    Thanks for such a great show..Here on Long Island there was no sound problem at least for me..Great to see two great friends back together..
    You two remind me of Andy and Barney from Mayberry..Andy was a picker too.. I mean this only with respect and love…

  23. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by Jeff Magnum

    I absolutely loved the performance, and the stories in between the songs! I will be watching again on July 11!!

  24. Thank you so much for the great concert! We thoroughly enjoyed the show here in Woodstock NY, and your weekly performances have given us something beautiful to look forward to during this otherwise bleak period in our lives. Hot Tuna was already a lifetime gift—these Fur Peace shows are a special bonus.

  25. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by AndyK

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. Was delighted to see JACK again and you guys failed to disappoint as expected. Closed out on a big high with I Know You Rider. Thanks to everyone for making it possible and I hope folks opened their wallets a bit to help out.

  26. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by Art

    I watched a bit after the fact, on YouTube. All audio and video were terrific.

    Thank you! Great stuff, as always.

  27. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by mikie

    A-1 primo even if the sound on my end was a bit low on the live feed. What can be a better birthday present to Americans than two master musicians in the prime of their lives playing some of their very best tunes? dontgetnobetter. m

  28. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by Gary Dion

    Wonderful concert! Fabulous seeing and hearing the acoustic duo make music again. Jack, that balalaika is a beautiful instrument, but so are all the guitars I’ve seen you with. Much gratitude to you guys, Vanessa, and everyone at FPR. The infinite wonder of music!

  29. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by Brendan Carroll

    Thoroughly enjoyed Independence Day show.

  30. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by carey georgas

    No audio problems in Pearland, Tx. I heard every note played and syllable voiced. That ya’ll do this free for all to see is a perfect expression of the type of love, empathy, and generosity these times require. Caring for each other is the only way we’re going to come out the other side of this stronger than we went in. Leading by example is the best way to take things forward, and what you guys are doing is exemplary.

  31. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by Joey Hudoklin

    Thank you Jorma, Jack, Vanessa et al.
    It was so highly anticipated last night, and your cohesive partnership did not let us down! A wonderful set list, and magnificent playing. You guys are the greatest, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for mentioning the volume issue. I learned of volume enhancing apps that are available afterward, so on my end, that’ll never happen no more. 😉✌&💙

  32. Comment made on July 5, 2020 by Paul J. Karp

    Great show, great set list. Glad to see 2 old friends and compatriots at it again. Enjoy and thanks to all of you, (especially Vanessa, Myron, Hurl, Izze and Andie) for sharing all the music during this particularly shitty time for this country and the world.

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