The vault is opening Saturday, October 3rd at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Be there or… you know!

We’ve got another good one for you, and even as we speak (more or less) Jack is wending his way across the country yet one more time to grace the Fur Peace Ranch with his august presence.

More will be revealed.


  1. Comment made on October 19, 2020 by Jesus Oldman

    Ah. Good Morning Brother.

    Well, coffee, plus powers of deduction.
    No Jorma yelling at me in the email. Good.
    Mysterious disappearing comment, now visible.
    Comment moderated. Hence. Jorma has to have read it.
    Okay, comment visible, not yelled at,
    someone might just be okay with my Jormatown idea.

    Of course, now I gotta check my link
    to your blog two years ago,
    just to make sure YOU didn’t just time travel
    to answer me.

    But… s’far s’good.

    Song title alert. Take it, I’ll have my hands full
    for a month or more easy.

    Carry on Fellow Shepherd.

    JO, over and out

  2. Comment made on October 19, 2020 by Jesus Oldman

    Oh Hell. Hope recent posts aren’t hooked up to a cowbell or something,
    or I’m wakin’ up everybody.

    “CLUNKADUNKADUNK” oh who the hell is THIS at this hour.

    My posts, aren’t coming up still ‘awaiting moderation’…
    maybe that first post here was too darn long.
    What, Me? Verbose? Yeah it can happen.

    Okay, long and short,
    you have my email address here,
    so, yeah I’m the guy who you told I can
    cover Running With The Fast Crowd,
    and yesterday, I figured out the lyrics,
    even though I couldn’t find ’em online anywhere…

    (so I transcribed it like I have many times
    with my own re-releases…
    how you think I have 83 albums,
    didn’t make ALL of that in just two years, come on)

    so after I finish the Hank Williams album
    (number 84, in progress)

    it’ll be “JORMATOWN”,
    me, covering, I anticipate, 12 songs, you know, by you.
    You and the Tuna Boys.

    Mix n match… I’ll be about two weeks on Hank’s album,
    so please, if you must, write to me at my email address here,
    and tell me to be sure, if you do not like the idea
    of me doing an album of your stuff.
    All my music is free to download, ’cause God said so.
    I don’t make any money off of any of this. It’s a Shepherd thing.
    Goin’ back to bed now…


  3. Comment made on October 19, 2020 by Jesus Oldman

    Hmmm… I like a good mystery much as the next guy.
    (I lied, usually far less)

    but, these two, don’t seem to be awaiting moderation,

    so what, that’s only if it has a link in it?

    and it was, well, no, two were links to your bloggy thing two years ago,
    one was to the record I just did,

    so I’ll try that again,
    this is an experiment you understand,
    just to see if this’ll come up ‘awaiting moderation’ too…

    (you see, the other concern is,
    was I too longwinded,
    oh that never happens, don’t get that idea…
    but now I wonder, do I have to say it again, shorter?
    I doubt I can do it shorter, might take a few decades,
    fatter, maybe… oh, right, confused myself, easy to do)

    hit the same link, Self:

    there, let’s hit the button see what happens.

  4. Comment made on October 19, 2020 by Jesus Oldman

    Oh. My. Right. “Awaiting Moderation”…
    means you can still see it, I just can’t,
    ’cause this is a new post, so, once I submit this one,
    the other one, won’t be visible. Yeah, that’s gotta be it.
    Doubt you’d have time to read all that in the one minute it’s been,
    and say “Oh this guy again…”

  5. Comment made on October 19, 2020 by Jesus Oldman

    Ah, I see things have changed in two years.
    I can post in the part from two years ago,
    boom, it’s right out there.
    This one’s moderated.

    Okay. Well all good things in moderation, I always say.

    Uh, I guess that’s it for now…

    if I do not hear an admonition from you,
    at my email address here,
    which you have, obviously…

    my plan is, to finish up the Hank album,
    and then get to the Jormatown album…

    (yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’ll call it that…
    “JORMATOWN”… toned down, yet, just about right.

    Of course, once I’d thought of that,
    I say to myself,

    “What about Hot Fuckin’ JORMATOWN”

    But… probably not.

  6. Comment made on October 19, 2020 by Jesus Oldman

    Well, yesterday you made my day. Only, it’s a time thing. To me it was yesterday.
    To you it was two years ago.

    I’d posted here, and then I forgot I had. Then yesterday I happened to be Googling myself, every once in a while, see what’s out there, whatnot… I’d only started my whole ‘reinvention’ of myself when I initially posted, and asked if I could cover Running With The Fast Crowd… then like I said, forgot I had. Like, totally forgot. Never looked again. Or I’d have found out, you actually replied, like three hours later.

    And I only noticed it yesterday.
    My reaction was, shall I say decidedly enthusiastic.

    Here, you can see for yourself:

    That’s your thing here, two years ago…
    then now, five a.m. the next morning,
    I’m 61 now, there’s no hour on the clock I’m not
    well acquainted with…

    well I realized at this point,
    oh, he’s not likely to see that bunch of new posts
    anytime soon, unless you bring it to his attention.

    Idiot/Savant. I catch on. Eventually.

    Well what I did yesterday,
    besides a few fairly oratory posts here,
    was find—you were right, it was on youtube, by now it was,
    not so sure about then… but I found the album
    Barbeque King… sure enough, couldn’t find the lyrics of
    Running With The Fast Crowd for the long slow life of me,
    but that’s okay, you’d already told me it was in C
    (not that I’d any problem determining the key of the thing)

    and I just played it and transcribed it,
    like I’ve done with so many of my older songs,
    that I’ve rereleased… lotta songs…

    when I posted here, two years ago,
    I was just getting started, was only on bandcamp,
    a site, which never got much traffic for me.

    Shortly after that, I got on SoundClick.
    SoundClick has become my absolute main site.

    For those curious, you click my name here: Jesus Oldman,
    you know, to the left, where the comic strip bubble emits from…
    …and it’ll take you to my music site.
    By now, I’ve put out 83 albums. Yeah, in two years,
    I’ve been busy. Lil’ bit. 83 albums, over a thousand songs…

    So, to somewhat recap, what I spoke about at some length
    yesterday in, well, here, two years ago…
    (I’m sure I could find it, here to the right, archived…)
    …it was easier for me to copy the url:

    there it is again…

    well, I was, thrilled to find out you yourself had actually answered.
    What? And it’s okay if I do the song? WOW. Yeah, that was a Good Day.

    So then of course, I get this idea…
    …and… well as ideas and thinkers of ’em go,
    my ideas do not in fact tend towards small ones.

    I go big, or it’s someone pretending to be me.
    And no one knows how I do it, so really, I ain’t worried.
    You know, how to be Me. I make it look easy. It ain’t.

    So I went from mentally digesting
    “Holy shit, Jorma just told me I can do his song!”

    to… “Hey, I know! I’ll Do A Whole ALBUM! YEAH!!”

    and I just started another one.

    I’m doin’ a whole album of me singing Hank Williams tunes. Sr, yeah.
    Did only one song so far,
    that’s 11 more, of this that and the other,
    most I’m learning as I go, probably all of ’em…
    Though the one I did know, like, it was already in my DNA by now,
    I done that one “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”…

    that’s the direct link to it:
    “I’M SO LONESOME I COULD CRY” by Yours Truly, Jesus Oldman

    Anyway, Sir, you do have my email address here,

    though I’m gonna make a note of the url to the bloggy thing here,
    in THIS Time Period… so I can check and see if you answered,
    I plan to do it sooner than another two years too, now that I know,
    “Hey, look… This can happen.”

    So, like, if you totally do not want me to honor you
    with an entire album of your stuff,
    all my music’s free to download, I don’t make any money,
    and I ain’t tryin’ to. I do it for God, basically.
    …yeah that’s pretty much it, I’m on a Mission From God.

    Oh you know what that’s like? Sucks to be us.

    Anyway, you can of course, having my email here,
    write to me and tell me if you do not,
    want me, covering an album’s worth of your stuff…

    so far I had, off the top of my head,
    figured out six out of maybe 12
    (a nice round number… often I make ’em 12 songs long, the albums,
    usually I do…)

    Running With The Fast Crowd. Genesis. Serpent Of Dreams.
    I had written three others, I’m up in the middle of the night,
    some of me is, brain’s ignoring the commotion. But it’s there…
    I’ll figure out another six, that’ll be 12,
    on the by and by.

    If I were embarked on just another album presently,
    already, I’d be putting that aside most likely…
    ’cause, to me, this is monumental…
    and I know from all kinds of mental, I kid you not. So I know the monu one.

    This is.

    See, I’m odd. That’s funny to me. Everybody else goes ‘huh?’
    Nevermind Folks, you hadda be there,
    and I’m still not sure I am.

    And don’t let me get into the parallel universe stuff, Dear God no.
    Though I could go on.

    Yeah you’re a trip in any universe, I can see that.

    Me too, as it turns out.

    Oh you definitely finger pick a zillion times better, no worries there.

    Still, I’ll say it again, in this time period,

    being an idiot/savant…
    well, everybody knows what an idiot is,
    I seldom disappoint…

    but the savant part?
    Means I’m a bit of a musical genius.
    Lil’ bit.

    And honestly, ain’t too many folks in this business I look up to.

    But you? Yeah, I’ll say it and won’t care I said it.
    I definitely look up where you’re concerned, Sir.
    So, of course, to see, (okay it’s two years later, I’m slow, but eventually…)

    that you’d answered, AND said yeah I could do your song…

    well yeah, I did get absolutely enthusiastic about it.

    So, I trust, if you are not cool with me going ahead and making
    a whole album of your songs…

    you’ll write to me and let me know,
    and, do write to me if it’s something like that…
    I’ve blabbed enough here, although,
    it was like time traveling to two years ago,

    so no one today is gonna see it,

    and it’s yesterday,
    but half my comments weren’t even there yesterday…

    so no one’ll see it anyway, including you.
    See, I just figured that out. Five in the morning, and it clicked into place.

    Oh. Yeah. Write him here too.

    Okay, so now I can go back to bed.
    I knew I was up for a reason. There’s always a reason.

    God’s real funny like that.

    Well, Thank You, Bless You,
    and I’ll post again,
    probably in a more recent time period
    than two years ago now that I realize THAT’s a factor,

    when this thing’s done,
    unless you write me and tell me not to,

    which, honestly, I’m hoping like all hell you won’t tell me not to do it.
    Because, well, I have to do right by Hank Williams,

    but his stuff is fairly simple and straightforward let’s face it,
    I don’t see it takin’ me more’n a couple of weeks.

    That’s to his credit.
    People think ‘writing a simple yet memorable song is easy’,
    let ’em try it.

    Okay, God Bless Us All…

    Sincerely, Jesus Oldman

    oh man, with all this quarantine stuff…
    thank God for the internet.

    Hope we all survive this,
    (well, no, already a million of us gone worldwide,
    thanks a lot whoever made this shit…)
    and have a world to come back to.

    God Save Us All,
    in a big fat New York Hurry, please, Lord.

    Okay, no, I just saw the word here, ‘quarantine vault concert’…

    that’s good, I see you’re out here too…

    bit of Shepherd to both of us I’ll say.


  7. Comment made on October 8, 2020 by carey georgas

    Blows Against the Empire was the last of the Airplane/Starship line for me. I liked it a lot, but it wasn’t the same after that. I remember thinking back then, “Where’s Jorma?”.

  8. Comment made on October 7, 2020 by Dan Nigro

    Record Store Black Friday releases are out ( so your local record store won’t look at you funny asking about The River Flows” Great track listing, Nice cover too, looks like Woody Guthrie’s house. BTW Also on the list is the 50th anniversary edition of Blows Against the Empire

  9. Comment made on October 7, 2020 by JohnB

    Sounds good……..will work on securing tickets tomorrow.

  10. Comment made on October 7, 2020 by John B

    Jorma I see that an acoustic Hot Tuna show has been added on October 22 in Frederick Maryland. That is just a couple of or few hour drive from me and it is on my day off so I would take a ride down . I’ve done a lot of things in my day but so far the experience of a concert ” At the Drive Inn ” is one that has so far eluded me. How does that work ? Are you guys going to be on -site or up on a screen ? I have a message in to the venue with these questions but also wanted to reach out to you. Thanks .

  11. Comment made on October 7, 2020 by Ed

    Thanks so much, Jorma.

  12. Comment made on October 7, 2020 by sweetbac Jr.

    Jorma, did you ever play with Van Halen?
    Imagine a jam of “Sunrise Dance with the Devil>Running With the Devil”
    I’m just not quite sure you’d be OK with the spandex tights those lads wore

  13. Comment made on October 7, 2020 by Richard K

    Thats different a Q concert on a Wednesday?..I am retired so every day is a Saturday..LOL

  14. Comment made on October 6, 2020 by Mitch Spector

    Thanks Jorma !! Enjoying every show .Appreciate you & your Family/Team doing this to help get us through these times indeed .Enjoy the beautiful fall weather ..Looking forward to the next show ..Peace

  15. Comment made on October 6, 2020 by Brian Doyle

    80’s ax man Eddie Van Halen dead of cancer at 65…

  16. Comment made on October 6, 2020 by MarkD

    @Tom in St. Louis
    I’ll vote for that…All my life I’ve been a travellin’ man…Where is that Police Dog hiding?

    Bring back the Dog!…Bring back the Dog! Please…and have a nice day!

  17. Comment made on October 6, 2020 by Tom in St. Louis

    @Mister Bojangles
    Jorma could play quite a few songs from QUAH, but the entire album would not be possible as Tom Hobson is no longer with us.

  18. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by Mister Bojangles

    In honor of the QUAHrantine concert series
    And since QUAH is a masterpeace
    I propose QUAH, the fall classic, be played in its entirety
    Roll the cameras, drop the needle, and play QUAH live

  19. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by Dan Nigro

    Hey guys,I use it’s a great site, you can sort by artist or venue almost back to the beginning of time. The setlist also has links to you tube videos of the songs. Pretty darn cool

  20. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by greg

    @David Lucas
    Hey David, check out for setlists.
    Its one of the best resources for Jorma/Hot Tuna shows (setlists).

  21. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by carey georgas

    I knowed it was there for Saturday’s show cuz I done looked.

  22. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by David Lucas

    Hey Jorma,

    As “they” say, “where there’s a will…”

    I found the setlist for Saturday’s show from the vault by searching “2018 Cracks in the Finish” above ! Just sharing in case any other fans out there might be interested !!

    Can’t wait to see what you and your esteemed partner, Mr. Casady might have in store for us !

    BTW, please tell John that I love his song selections for your duos !

  23. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by Ed

    Hi Jorma,
    A question about “That’ll Never Happen No More”:
    Who did you learn that from? I ask because I’ve been wrestling with that chord on “about” in the first verse, where the pinky, on the fifth fret, plays the high A that’s in the melody.
    On a Blind Blake recording I’ve listened to, it sounds like he doesn’t play that note. I think it sounds great with it, and I’m curious about the lineage from his version to yours. Thanks. (And believe me, I understand if you have about 1,000 other more useful things to do than explain this.)

    • Comment made on October 7, 2020 by Jorma

      Hey Ed

      I learned That’ll Never Happen No More from Ian Buchanan in Yellow Springs in 1960. It’s a circle of fifths song and yes… the Long A is de rigeur. It’s D with that A on top to the Long A… same high A back to D.

  24. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by David Lucas

    @carey georgas

    Not for the shows from the vault…I tried to click on the setlist link in the post, but it just takes me back to the post itself…

  25. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by carey georgas

    Channeling my inner Gatsby, I suppose.

  26. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by carey georgas

    @David Lucas
    Hey David, just look over the previous posts in this forum. Jorma always posts them next time after the show.

  27. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by john o

    Listened to Double Dose yesterday. “Sililoquy For 2” is a new favorite. Found myself humming it all day. Hope Jack made it safely to FPR already. Looks like a stretch of good weather all week. The foliage is nearly peaking here in the Catskills. Hope you get some good color in the hills of Ohio this year.

  28. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by JohnB

    Wowser! Do I detect an Inspector Gadget fan ?@carey georgas

  29. Comment made on October 5, 2020 by David Lucas


    Since I’m a HUGE Electric HT fan, I have thoroughly enjoyed the quarantine shows from the vault. Thanks for streaming them !

    Is it possible to see the setlists from these shows somewhere ? Having seen Tuna countless times, I recognize and have heard them play most, if not all, of the songs live, but I do not recall the names of the songs. It would be nice to refresh my aging memory by checking out the setlists.

    Thanks again,

    • Comment made on October 5, 2020 by Jorma

      Hey David…

      The setlists are posted on this site after the show… you can roll back time and check them out. Sets are never final until the show is over hence the delay.

  30. Comment made on October 4, 2020 by carey georgas

    Austin City Limits has put together a mighty fine tribute to John Prine of their favorite 12 songs he did on there. PBS.

  31. Comment made on October 3, 2020 by Joe K

    This show was 5 days before the NYC Beacon show. My son & I went to the show like most NY area shows

  32. Comment made on October 3, 2020 by carey georgas

    Wowser! That’s the show me and Linda trekked up for. What are the odds? Never know what Fur Peace has in store!

  33. Comment made on October 3, 2020 by Richard Quinn

    Thats ok Carey, just feed him when you can.

  34. Comment made on October 3, 2020 by carey georgas

    @Richard Quinn
    Hey, wait a minute. Chester?

  35. Comment made on October 2, 2020 by Richard Quinn

    I sure hope Chester is coming.

  36. Comment made on October 2, 2020 by JohnB

    Strange times indeed………

  37. Comment made on October 2, 2020 by Brian Doyle

    Maybe Jack will get stranded at the ranch…

  38. Comment made on October 2, 2020 by MarkD

    MMMM…tasty Tuna treats! Waiting with antici…pation!

    Keep those lamps trimmed and burnin’ and thanks to all for sharing!

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