Twenty years have passed since, well… that morning. I will now have weighed in twenty times on the subject of that late summer day. As I write this at 0851 the TV is on and they are reading the names of those we lost on that day. The demography of many of the first responders in NYC back then were of an age to have seen Jack Casady and myself with Hot Tuna. We knew many of them personally and I think of them today and the stories that were cut short. I am not going to name names but I have not forgotten them and I never will. You know who you are and I think of you all often.

We are a different world today. Twenty years is both a long and a short time depending on your perspective at any given time. The specter of things that might have been always hovers over us. There is no changing the reality.

On this day I am transported back one more time to that day our world changed.

I think of the lost with reverence.


  1. Comment made on September 16, 2021 by Jim Bacon

    We’ll always remember them and help our children remember

  2. Comment made on September 11, 2021 by Jim Tulgan

    Well said Jorma! Short and sweet, but you summed up that awful day and it’s legacy so well. #neverforget

  3. Comment made on September 11, 2021 by Richard

    134 of my union brothers and sisters of Local 52 IATSE a film and TV union set up and ran movie lights and power for the first responders. I think of them today too as some still have health issues..

  4. Comment made on September 11, 2021 by Kevin Falvey

    Well said, Jorma
    I am watching the reading of the names, too. I came here looking for Solace? Perspective? I don’t exactly know what. But, I found it.


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