Henry  Goldrich

May 15, 1932-February 16, 2021

I just heard about Henry’s passing moments ago. There are so many stories about Manny’s on 48th Street back in a time when 48th St. meant something to us musicians. I don’t need to remind anyone about all the famous musicians who bought endless piles of gear at Manny’s. I don’t need to remind anyone about all the kids who got their first instruments from Henry. These are the stories of legend known to most people who dabble in such minutia.

I bought my first Gibson ES-345 and two fender twin reverbs from Sherman & Clay in San Francisco. That was the first time I bought something on time and started to establish my credit, such as it was. Electric guitars took a back seat to pianos, brass, woodwinds and violins at Sherman and Clay, but in New York on 48th Street, band instruments were taking on a more modern meaning.

For some reason, Manny’s was the first of those stores Jack, Paul and I went into and that pretty much became my home port for gear. As Jefferson Airplane established itself in the music business world it is understandable that we would just be able to pick out stuff and be billed later. What I remember is that in the 80’s as I was dismantling my life, Henry always extended me credit when I needed something and I will never forget that. Without putting words or thoughts into his mouth and head, it seemed to me at the time that he believed in me when I had trouble believing in myself.

I was grateful for that then, and I am grateful for it now.

Henry you were a true Mensch!

May your memory be a blessing!

Fair winds and following seas brother…


  1. Comment made on March 12, 2021 by Paul

    I worked at Chucks ’91-’93. They were the MD Manny’s to a degree. I remember asking a guy looking at lap steels way down at the end in the guitar case if he needed any help. He said no. When he walked away they said cool you got to wait on Jorma Kaukonen. I guess it was. My appreciation for you has only grown…

  2. Comment made on March 8, 2021 by Richard K

    @Brian Sullivan
    FYI ..There is a town of Hempstead and it is in the Township of Hempstead..Valley Stream is also in the Township of Hempmstead too. So there is no Firemans Field in the town of Hempstead..Yes a little confusing..
    And yes WLIR was a real great rock station back in our day..

  3. Comment made on March 8, 2021 by Brian Sullivan

    was at that show was actually at Firemans Field in Hempstead: a free show put on by WLIR, a great local rdio station.


  4. Comment made on March 8, 2021 by Jim Bacon

    Manny’s was our Mecca

  5. Comment made on March 7, 2021 by Richard K

    @Richard K
    And then at tonights Q Vanessa mentions Jorma playing at Fireman’s Field in Valley Stream..Go there every 4th of July to watch the fireworks display that they have been putting on for years..Sure wish I would have caught Jormas show there..Small world indeed..

  6. Comment made on March 6, 2021 by gregg

    Those where the days JB g

  7. Comment made on March 6, 2021 by jack blind

    in the mid 70’s I was a limo driver, used to do the gigs at the Capital Theatre, Schere was the promoter, in Passaic., NJ..if I was not working that nite, I attended many concerts there and elsewhere. So was driving Ted Nugent, I took Derek St Holmes to Manny’s, I knew the place, He tore up the place, folks went wild. I was at your gig at the Capital back then, it is live in B & W on Youtube, 2nd row with my buds, You were great, at that time you played the Academy of Music on 14th St NYC, I was there also with my buds…next nite I am driving for The Dead at The Academy, doing a sound check that afternoon, you come back stage, flight helmet and overcoat, sit on a freight box, we spoke, you asked about the fellow who took the swan dive off the top balcony during your show the nite before, I said he seemed fine, seeing he fell a few feet from me..jusy saying, and thanx for you and yours music

  8. Comment made on March 6, 2021 by eaglesteve

    @ Kevin

    Thank you for the clip.

  9. Comment made on March 6, 2021 by Richard K

    Funny on the last set of posts I brought up unions and my union hall was just down the block on 48st before moving to Queens a few years ago..Mannys space is now Sam Ash Music..
    Qustion Jorma do you remember going to a friends music store on 1st Ave and 10th St. called First Flight Music? It was a friend of mine whos father was my union Rabbi..It is now closed ,could not compete with the big chain music stores..

  10. Comment made on March 6, 2021 by Kevin

    Kudos on the new company store website. Amazing selection of treats for the eyes and ears. I’ll take one of everything.

    Also, Jorma, I came across this clip as I was tumbling down the you tube rabbit hole. It’s supposed to be from a show at Winterland the day after Janis passed. Any recollection? Have you seen it before? Not the greatest camera work or sound but interesting “Good Shepherd”. Always one of my favorite JA tunes.


  11. Comment made on March 5, 2021 by Peter

    As a kid growing up in the city back in the 70’s, fully hooked on electric guitar, I spent many an hour window shopping, and bonafide inside shopping, at Manny’s. The other stores were cool, but Manny’s was the real deal. I remember buying an Electro-Harmonix “envelope follower.” (I have no idea why – as a hook, line and sinker Dead Head, Jerry had not introduced us to one quite yet. That was to be just around the corner though….) I also picked up a beautiful mid-70’s Gibson Black Les Paul, which of course, I long ago sold, as it was just…. “used.” Hmmmm. I also remember a receipt on the wall for Jimi Hendrix – I believe for a strat. I agree with Ed though – I was too young and shy to jump into the mosh pit of sound. RIP Henry.

  12. Comment made on March 5, 2021 by Joey Hudoklin

    I’m really glad Henry was there for you during some lean times Jorma. Believe me, I understand lean times.
    May Henry rest in peace.

  13. Comment made on March 5, 2021 by Ed

    Nice post, Jorma. I confess I was too much of a chicken to try out guitars there, with what I was hearing around me. A great place.
    For the curious, here’s NY Times obituary with some good anecdotes about him.


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