I’m teaching thanks to Zoom all weekend so we elected to bring two great shows from our vaults.

These are two really great shows!

Needless to say, I’ll be joining Vanessa chatting with you folks.

Heading for the library and my Zoom gear. ‘See’ y’all tonight!


  1. Comment made on January 24, 2021 by Sian Steed

    @Joe from VA
    Stay. I come to Jorma’s site because I find it a place of solace. It’s a place I can find a real love of music and an intelligence I don’t find everywhere else. Different viewpoints are just part of humanity. Don’t go…

  2. Comment made on January 23, 2021 by Joe K

    Rob I had tickets to the Fri & Sat shows. I had a motorcycle accident on that Thursday before. Totaled my Bike. When they got me to the ER they told me I broke my collar bone ,ruptured spleen & collapsed lung.I took a deep breath told the Dr. i was fine cause I had tickets to see HT tomorrow. Needless to say I spent the next 20 +days in a hospital bed. Never had a collapsed lung or ruptured spleen. Did have a large tear in my back.

  3. Comment made on January 23, 2021 by Rob

    One of those great Academy of Music shows was 11/22/75. About 4 1/2 hours of bliss. Almost every song in the HT catalog must have been played that night, including everything on “Yellow Fever” (one of my favorites). At least twice (maybe three times), Jorma said that they’re gonna play ONE more and then they did a LONG song with a drawn out ending, only to come out and do it again. There may have been a comment about the theater getting antsy about them playing so late. Howard Stein just should have been happy to have so many asses in seats (or shaking to the music) that night!

  4. Comment made on January 23, 2021 by John R.

    @Stephen Saxenian
    I second this motion. We need an official release of that WNEW broadcast show. Best version of Invitation ever. I wore my tape out. Can’t play it anymore.

  5. Comment made on January 23, 2021 by Richard K

    @Stephen Saxenian
    The late night Palladium shows were so good. When it ended it would be daylight..How did HT do it..Some real good stamina..A stagehand friend who worked the shows said one time the boss stagehand literally pulled the plug at about 5AM on the power and Jorma just kept playing..Got to love that..

  6. Comment made on January 22, 2021 by Brian Doyle

    Yea to what Rob said…A reaction traceable to countering young kids in the 60’s that will always be the standard…Thank them for their service…

  7. Comment made on January 22, 2021 by Jennifer


    Thank you, Jorma, I appreciate it. It’s truly beautiful and a comfort in this time of loss.

    Stay well.


  8. Comment made on January 22, 2021 by Stephen Saxenian


    First hi and thanks for all the great work over the years. This question goes way back. I am a CPA not a musician so apologies ahead of time if the question is lacking technical music knowledge. Back in the days 1976 and 1977 there were legendary Tuna shows at the Palladium NYC and Capital Theater in Passaic NJ. In my option these lives shows were better than the legendary Allmann Brothers live at Fillmore East album which is regarded by many as one of the top lives albums made . Why was there never a live Hot Tuna album produced for any of these shows? These shows are still being played and listened to by many Tuna fans now 45 years later .I recall WNEW FM (a (nyc radio station) broadcast the one in November 1977 at the Palladium. Most every Tuna fan has that tape still. Thanks Again!!

  9. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by Jennifer

    Dear Jorma,

    I have heard the beautiful poem, In Many Houses, a few times at funerals and now on your site for your mother’s Yahrzeit, may she rest in peace. I am trying to find it. You had said it is from the Kol Haneshama, but I cannot find any reference to it. Would you kindly help me? Is this from a Psalm? Where can I find it?

    Thank you.

    • Comment made on January 22, 2021 by Jorma

      Hi Jennifer… indeed it is from a book of Jewish liturgy called Kol Haneshama. Now, we have been in our new house for five years but there are still a lot of books in boxes. Big surprise! It’s in there, I know that because that’s where i got it. When it gets a little warmer in the garage, I’ll take a look. I love that poem. It certainly says it all. Thanks for asking and stay well.


  10. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by carey georgas

    @Greg martelli
    I’mma have to check that place out one day…

  11. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by Rob

    The goal is to create obedient employees and reliable consumers for whom critical thinking and analysis is mostly out of reach. It’s hard to believe that pandemic containment policy is viewed as “political”. I guess that one day rescuing a kitten stuck in a tree will be “political”.

  12. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by Greg martelli

    Speaking of caves
    ST.Paul and broken bones will be tearing up the caverns in March

  13. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by carey georgas

    @Brian Doyle
    Thank you for interest, Brian. My daughter in law woke up Thursday a week ago and couldn’t smell. No other noticeable symptoms. She tested Friday, got the call Sunday. She is suffering from a general malaise as well, but no respiratory problems. My son and granddaughter tested Tuesday and he tested negative, she positive. He had started exhibiting symptoms Monday. Brain fog, fatigue, headache, muscle ache. The nurse said he probably had a false negative and to assume he has it. So far my granddaughter is doing okay. Not being able to go to their aid is something I’m having to swallow, and the pill is as bitter as has been described. We’re praying the Good Lord will hold them all in his embrace for us.

    I don’t consider the people around here evil as much as just ignorant. It’s like the schools quit teaching civics about 30 years ago as Big Business took over workforce training from the unions. “Just teach them soft skills and basics, we’ll do the rest. I sat on the local Workforce Development board for 30 plus years, and watched it unfold. The state education board in TX has been taken over by evangelical Christians and the corporate interests. The history and civics books keep getting thinner and thinner. Oh well.

    I reserve evil to the environment on people like Monsanto and DuPont.

  14. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by Brian Doyle

    Anyone who turns against the environment is evil…As a person trying to protect a family member from the epidemic I’d like to hear how Carey’s family fares…Gravity always wins…Even with weed and good times…

  15. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by JohnB

    @carey georgas
    I hear ya George……..I remember when Jorma commented that he would consider shit canning the whole comments section and I did not want to see that happen. So we move on from here and look forward to the day when we can all gather together for the experience of hearing Jack and Jorma share their musical gifts with us . Last years cancelled shows are now this years summer shows to look forward too be they indoors , outdoors or inside of a freaking cave ! I will see you all out on the road as I pray Providence will allow…….

    PS……Joe from VA you stay right with us and as Greg says we will Ride The Music !

  16. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by JohnB

    Amen Joe from VA@Joe from VA

  17. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by carey georgas

    How’s about a joke? A civil engineer died and unfortunately wound up in hell. After arriving, he started looking around and thought the place could use some new infrastructure. He asked Satan, “You mind if I do a little remodeling down here”? Satan said no problem. First, he installed a brand new HVAC system. Next, he got a water works going. Cold water fountains next to every fire pit. He was starting a new sewerage plant when God looked down and thought, Jeez, I could use that guy up here. The gold paving could use an overlay, for a start. He called up Satan and said, “Hey, I think you got a guy was sent to the wrong place”, and told him to send the engineer up. “Hell no. That man works for me, and you’re not getting him”. God shot back, “Who are you to deny me? I’m omnipotent, you can’t do that. Satan said watch me. The Heavenly Father said, “Fine. I’ll just sue the hell out of you, and we’ll see who wins. Satan grinned and chuckled as he said, “ Where you gonna find a lawyer?”.

  18. Comment made on January 21, 2021 by Greg martelli

    As a fan of the airplane since 1966& Hot tuna since 1970,I’ve always enjoyed the ride that the music has provided.I didn’t always agree with Paul and Graces expressions ,I opted out of the marijuana politik( not the weed),but my interest in the musical form was in diminished .I didn’t agree with Law Man ,nor did I think we were going to be ushered off on a hijacked space ship.I made a decision NOT to by the last few Airplane albums as they were tired rants .Kind of like Stills ,great when a young rebel
    ,not so as a tired coke head.
    I prefer to take Marty’s suggestion -ride the music.
    This all gets back to this platform ,I appreciate the honesty and integrity that the host encourages ,as for back woods vitriol and Braer Rabbit platitudes -I’ll take the next train ,I’ll pass on that ride.

  19. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Art

    Just stay out of the way of the blood-stained banders. And lock those ignorant f***ers up.

  20. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Brendan Carroll

    This is like the the McCorkendale farm scene in The Long Riders, when the gang are on each other and McCorkendale tells them they just got cabin fever – “I know, I seen it.” I did that here months ago, only I went after McCorkendale! Sorry, again about that, Jorma K. It’s never about what we think it is when we’re uptight. I think distortion on this thread might be akin to what bothers me lately. I want lessons of yesteryear to help make sense of my worldview today. But there’s so much noise it’s hard to discern.

  21. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Ed

    I understand why emotions are raw on both sides.
    For what it’s worth, I do think we can disagree and still love one another. It may be hard at times, but we can do it.

  22. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by carey georgas

    I’m not debating, John, I’m angry. I’ve been sick and tired of this shit for a long time. Now that the virus is in my house despite responsible effort to keep it out, I’m fuckin’ pissed. I don’t do social media anywhere but here. This is the safest place I know of on the web, and I’ve been coming around here long enough to know that Jorma doesn’t mind expression of any thoughts in a reasonable way. Since that blow up a while back when he pondered removing the comments section, I haven’t said anything about politics or social strife, except when George Floyd was killed. I was pissed then, too. I thank Jorma for offering a space for people who want to speak from their hearts without fear of ugly retribution. My wish is the same as yours. Peace.

  23. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by JohnB

    So here we are drawn into a political debate on a blog that is supposed to be about music…I had hoped that everyone would be respectful of that but I guess not. I cannot condemn those unable to keep their fingers from typing what perhaps they should hold back to themselves , since I am guilty of doing the same thing right here on this blog. So to condemn someone would be in essence condemning myself. My wish is that we can move forward from here.

  24. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by carey georgas

    Amen, brother.

  25. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Willy

    I love the passion for music and life I read here regularly and although we may not all agree all the time, today, on the occasion of our great country’s 59th inauguration, I think the 2017 National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, had the most insightful, inspirational words.

    For there is always light,
    if only we’re brave enough to see it
    If only we’re brave enough to be it.


  26. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Joe from VA

    Made my usual daily visit to the blog today. Just a big sigh. Why does the Left have to politically “weaponize” everything? So many can’ts these days:

    – can’t watch professional or collegiate sports unless you’re down for disrespecting Old Glory (been handed and seen too many “folded flags” handed to grieving loved ones to count in my life);
    – can’t send your kid to school (K-12 and college) unless you are willing to accept every shibboleth of the Left (world is burning, 57 genders, racial resegregation, America is systematically racist, white people are second class citizens, nuclear family is outmoded and needs to be disbanded, Marxism is great, killing babies 1 minute before birth is liberating for women, etc., etc.,)
    – can’t go to the grocery store and buy what you need without being told what race owns the company, and you better not buy Goya beans!!
    – can’t go to a museum if there’s any depictions of anyone from America’s past;
    – can’t watch late-night TV talk shows (man I miss Johnny Carson);
    – can’t generally express yourself anywhere outside your immediate circle for fear of loss of your job, membership s, or social affiliation;
    – many more “can’ts”, but y’all get the idea.

    Been a Hot Tuna fan since the early 70s having seen different incarnations of them and Jorma well over 100 times. Turned both my kids onto them as well. Been coming to this blog ever since Jorma started it many years ago. It was one of the last refuges that the Left hadn’t weaponized—that is quite clearly no longer the case. I have visited most everyday for many years, tho’ I rarely leave a comment (probably can count my posts on one hand). Regrettably, I believe Jorma’s blog is now another “can’t” I have to add to the growing list.

    It’s Jorma’s blog, so he’s the vicar of the content therein. I guess my last thought is that folks of all political stripes follow Hot Tuna, but now even Hot Tuna is weaponized.

  27. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by carey georgas

    The great irony of the COVID debacle.

  28. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Frank

    You rationalize that it’s your right to post your political views, but take no responsibility if you offend someone. My friend, you are far from the solution. If I want a one sided I am right your wrong opinion, I can go to FOX, CNN, or any social media site. I asked in nicely, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. Unity is built respect and not opinion. It is easier for me not to visit this blog than debate what you feel are your rights. Be safe, be well & good bye.

  29. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by carey georgas

    Hey Frank. I issued a disclaimer, so no apology. I take orders from one person on this website, and it ain’t you.
    I thought this nerve may be hit, and I was ready. The way I see it, if we can’t learn to talk about this kind of stuff amongst ourselves with respect for each other and without acrimony, we ain’t gonna make it. Social media makes it too easy to opinine hatefully on things without the great temperer of the other person’s face in front of us. That may be the biggest takeaway from this whole fiasco. The test of it, if you will. We rise and fall on the goodwill, or lack thereof, towards our fellow citizens. Peace to you, brother, is all I can say from here.

  30. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Frank

    Mr. Carey Georgias, please stop using this blog for you personal political opinion. As an independent, I have found you opinions offense. Not because I agree or disagree, but because there are places for you post political related opinions. I personally chose not to use social media, to avoid opinions like ones you continue to post. Let’s start to bring people together by moving forward, and not throw more wood on the fire with our political opinions

  31. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Joey Hudoklin

    Welcome to the new administration.
    Joe Biden Kamala Harris.
    May fair winds be at their back.

  32. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Dan Nigro

    @Carey Georges No apologies needed. Just to let you know how anger and fear can rule your thought process, I broke my hip last week and didn’t go to the emergency room because I was worried it would be a COVID pit, hoped it was just a bruise or sprain. Eventually did, had to have an emergency hip replacement. Doing well

  33. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by carey georgas

    @Dan Nigro
    I’m so incensed that I failed to accept your best wishes with gratitude. Thank you. I’ll cool down in a minute.

  34. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by carey georgas

    @Dan Nigro
    There’s always been light at the end of the tunnel. We have just found out that it’s not a big 1800 on the track headed towards us. Breathe a deep breath of relief.

  35. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Richard K

    @carey georgas
    I agree with you 100%..Trump is such a POS..I never liked him. He crossed the picket line of my Film and TV labor union in NYC on the Apprentice..Google it,open letter to Trump from one of our trusted union reps..
    My daughter and her 3 kids are all positive with the virus this week..So far mild or no symptoms..Fingers crossed it wont get any worse..

  36. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by Dan Nigro

    @careygeorgas well said, disappointing to see the selfishness of people during a public health crisis. I believe the healing will begin today, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope the impact to your family is as mild as possible. Stay safe and be well my friend

  37. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by gregg

    C i wonder how many trump voters didnt vote cause they died or to sick from virus while he sat on his crown begging for votes g

  38. Comment made on January 20, 2021 by carey georgas

    I know most folks coming by here don’t like it when politics or social strife are discussed, but I gotsta scream, and I got no place else to go. So, if you don’t wanna hear it, move on. If Jorma thinks it too abrasive and yanks it, my esteem for him will not diminish one whit.

    Yesterday, as we passed 400,000 deaths and 24,000,000 cases of Covid-19, my son and ten year old granddaughter tested positive, after my daughter in law tested positive on Sunday. There is also a seven year old and three year old in the house. They have played the game by the book since the pandemic started. Kids schooled remotely, masking, social distancing, avoiding gatherings, the whole shebang. I’m proud of them.

    Thing is, we live in a county that went 88% for donald trump, ergo the large majority thinks their right to do whatever the fuck they want has nothing to do with any responsibility for the public welfare. Our nation has always responded when called upon and led by effective leaders. The thought that one man, through a call for collective action against a public health threat, could have led our nation, not in abject failure, but in saving hundreds of thousands of Iives, and the one in charge refused sickens me. I don’t give a shit what anyone says about anything he did as President that was good. Hell, his crown jewel tax cut saved me in the tens of thousands when I sold my business in 2019, but I’d gladly give that up if his stain could be removed.

    So, as the power transfers today, and we move towards what I believe will be more effective leadership, I say, “Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on, donald trump. If I never see your face again, it’ll be too soon .” Over, and out.

  39. Comment made on January 19, 2021 by carey georgas

    Saw an excellent documentary last night: “Dirt Road to Psychedelia: Austin, Texas in the 1960s”. Some dang good music history among other things…
    If you like that period of history, it fills in some blanks in an interesting way.

  40. Comment made on January 18, 2021 by Rick

    Hubby!!!! Then Peter!!! Then a bonus…John & Jorma at Natalies!!!!!! Stayed up till midnight. Yikes

  41. Comment made on January 17, 2021 by mikie

    As the saying goes, “I’ve been to three county fairs, a KISS concert and a butt kickin contest, and I’ve never seen anything like…” using a nail bar on a pedal steel guitar. I’ve seen Peter several times at the Ranch, never a disappointment. Thanks for sharing a great show. I’ve liked Don Rigsby since he used to perform on the Bluegrass Gospel Hour on Sunday mornings. Lots of talent on that stage. m

  42. Comment made on January 17, 2021 by Brian Doyle

    RIP Phil Spector…81 years old…

  43. Comment made on January 16, 2021 by JohnB

    Never mind……………….

  44. Comment made on January 16, 2021 by JohnB

    Jorma are we live tonight ?

  45. Comment made on January 16, 2021 by Dan Nigro

    Keep on Truckin’ or mmmm maybe Zoomin’. Thanks for the show for tonight

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