So, tonight, Friday the 8th of January, Hurl and I are heading to Columbus to one of our favorite ‘local’ spots… Natalie’s. The venue is closed to the public, of course. We’re spiking here in Ohio. We were supposed to actually perform a gig there tonight but indeed, we’ll be streaming live.

It’s a Facebook Live gig and I don’t do Facebook so I can’t embed the link here… or rather I couldn’t figure out how to do it. In any case, seven PM tonight. Facebook Live featuring Kaukonen and Hurlbut from Natalie’s in Columbus. Please join us this evening!

PS It’s seven not eight… and on YouTube as well… I stand corrected.

Tomorrow, of course, is #34 of the Quarantine Concert Series.

More music from me and my pals here at the Ranch.

Stay tuned!


  1. Comment made on January 9, 2021 by Greg martelli

    Great show from Natalies ,John sure pick the tunes.
    Maybe you guys could sneak in a “Fat Angel “, behind an extended intro like the Easy rider intro

  2. Comment made on January 9, 2021 by LLOlmzog

    Made me laugh……Old Jerry…who now is Young Jerry…..
    Jorma guess most everyone is young when you are 80…HaHA
    Great Show tonight…Very Sweet….Don’t do facebook either …but Natalies YouTube is streaming well

    Thanks again for an amazing show!

  3. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by Bob S

    I’m not sure if it’s going to stream here. But here is Natalie’s YouTube channel:

    Good luck and peace to all!

  4. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by Ham Neggs

    also apologies for spellcheck assassinations in my previous post.
    Peace✌🏻️❤️Love All Ways🔥🚲🌹🙏🏻🖖🏼

  5. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by Ed

    For what it’s worth…tha Facebook link says 7 pm (could be wrong of course) and it also says the concert is viewable on YouTube:

    This concert can be viewed for free from Natalie’s Facebook pages or YouTube channel starting at 7 pm. Donations are appreciated and payments can be made via and Venmo: @NataliesColumbus. All contributions help support the musicians, production crew, and Natalie’s.

  6. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by Ham Neggs

    Me neither either but
    Damn I intrigued by a Paul Song that you may do. Any one will be great. I’ll be sure to be there tomorrow night with Ms Neggs and Lightning Rose. You’ve definitely been carry the fire. Peace✌🏻️❤️Love All Ways🔥🚲🌹🙏🏻🖖🏼

  7. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by Brian Doyle

    Be careful Jorma…

  8. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by Ollie

    Jorma and Vanessa- Thanks for all the great music.
    Hurl- So nice speaking with you earlier. Glad I’m not the only one with reggae in my head.

    I’ve never been on facebook.

    Is it possible to stream the show this evening without facebook?

    Thanks again. Like MD said: stay healthy and keep your lamps………..

    • Comment made on January 8, 2021 by Jorma

      Yeah Ollie… I don’t do Facebook either so I have no idea. Perhaps there’s some way o contact the folks at Natalie’s… No clue here… A for Reggae…. fundamental… crucial.

  9. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by MarkD

    A Double Dose of Jorma and Hurl?!? Something good to look forward to…BTW, has anyone seen that missing Police Dog yet? I sure do miss that wonderful puppy.

    Could this be the missing link for tonight’s show?

    Thanks to all at FPR for keeping those lamps trimmed and burning.

    Stay healthy,

  10. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by JohnB

    Thanks for the heads up Jorma. I no longer do Facebook so I will have to sit this one out. Be well and hopefully our elected representatives will soon “allow” Americans to get back to living and earning a living.

  11. Comment made on January 8, 2021 by mikie

    Hoping for sweet tunes and virtual pizza. m

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