A night or so ago

Photo by Vanessa Kaukonen

Nessa took that great picture a day or so ago and I just wanted to share it. The ladies are up in Triadelphia, West Virginia for a Volleyball Tournament but thanks to the occasional magic of the internet we were both able to be present for the chat and I could watch and critique myself during the show. Many thanks to all who tuned in and participated!

Jorma Kaukonen 14, 2021

Quarantine Concert Series #43

The Fur Peace Station

Darwin, Ohio

Saturday, March 27, 2021

  1. Too Many Years
  2. Broken Highway
  3. New Song For The Morning
  4. I Belong To The Band
  5. Watch The North Wind Rise
  6. Search My Heart
  7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door with John Hurlbut
  8. A Little Faster with John Hurlbut
  9. Corners Without Exits
  10. River Of Time
  11. Water Song

A good time playing and hanging with my team here at the Fur Peace Ranch as it always is. John and I picked two songs from The River Flows Vol 2 and we are pretty excited about its release presuming that the Covid situation in Europe allows it to ship. On this as on all things, more will be revealed.

Got to get ready for my Sunday City Winery Zoom class.


  1. Comment made on April 21, 2022 by JohnB

    How is your sons recovery coming along?@carey georgas

  2. Comment made on April 3, 2021 by Brian Doyle

    After a sand storm brought cold weather Paul Atreides awoke and sensed a strong calling from the Kaukonen tribe on planet Arrakis…

  3. Comment made on April 2, 2021 by Chappy

    Old news but great Jorma interview in “Blues Matters” magazine (Dec/Jan 2021 Issue)! Blues Matters is a cool British blues magazine…about the size of a Readers Digest. Nice features: interviews, CD reviews, and artist support ads! I pick it up at Barnes & Noble each month. Good stuff!

  4. Comment made on April 2, 2021 by carey georgas

    @Dan Nigro
    Yes, it’s obvious Mr. Herbert had an understanding. Thank you, Dan.

  5. Comment made on April 2, 2021 by Dan Nigro

    @carey georgas All the best to you and your family. Hope you enjoy the holiday
    “I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
    – Frank Herbert – DUNE

  6. Comment made on April 2, 2021 by John B

    Prayers for you and your family Carey….. @carey georgas

  7. Comment made on April 2, 2021 by Robert Burke

    I remember a few years ago, the site announced a concert in Chicago where HT was going to play the complete America’s Choice and Yellow Fever. Hook, Line & Sinker. Beware of the 4/1 post.

  8. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by carey georgas

    @BrendanC </a
    I work hard at refusing fear a place in my consciousness (doesn’t always eliminate it, but reduces its effects). The apprehension and inability to even see him was stressful to say the least. He’s got a good mate in his wife, so her attentiveness and communication with us helped a lot. My grandson is on the mend, and is okay now he know his dad’s gonna get well. Thank you for caring.

  9. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by BrendanC

    @carey georgas ,

    That’s gotta magnify the fear. Seems as if he was near a good trauma unit, though.
    The grandson coping? Rest of family?

  10. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by carey georgas

    Lemme tell ya, Brendan. I have accepted this last year as a lesson in patience and forbearance, but Laws, I don’t need a fuckin’ PhD. Having my boy all broke up and hurting in a hospital where seeing him is not even an option has been an exercise in faith and patience I hope I don’t have to do again!

  11. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by BrendanC

    @carey georgas

    Almost asked about your son last time I was here, Cary, but thought you might need a break for the stress of it. Those freaking semies.

  12. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by Susan

    @carey georgas
    That is great news….one step at a time and one day at a time!

  13. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by carey georgas

    I wanted to report to all of you who answered my request a while back that my son , William, was released from the surgical hospital to a rehab hospital yesterday. Nineteen days and six surgeries it took to get him patched up enough to move. He’s gonna be okay, but it ain’t gonna be easy. I send heartfelt thanks to all who sent a good vibe. William does, too. Onward.

  14. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by Rob

    Yes, I heard that Grace is going to be singing harmony on a 30+-minute “Invitation”.

  15. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by carey georgas

    @Ham Neggs
    Sounds suspiciously like April Fools to me…

  16. Comment made on April 1, 2021 by Ham Neggs

    Does it get any better than hearing Grace is going to sing with Hot Tuna at the ranch and Sid Finch is pitching opening day for the Mets?
    Stay well
    Peace✌🏻️❤️Love All Ways🔥🚲🌹🙏🏻🖖🏼
    Happy Birthday Mrs. President 🎂🎉🎊🙈🙉🙊✌🏻❤️👏🏻🤡

  17. Comment made on March 31, 2021 by JohnB

    It is only about a thirty mile drive straight up the Parkway so as long as I can secure a table for two I will be there. Basically it is down to just my buddy and I that go anymore….more then a handful are no longer with us and have assumed room temperature and some are just not interested in making the effort . Can’t put out the money for a table of four or more with the hope of unloading the other tickets. @Joe K

  18. Comment made on March 31, 2021 by JohnB


    Yeah that is where it will be held Joe K which is about a 35 minute drive from home so I plan on attending. Hopefully I will be able to secure a table for two for me and my buddy but the odds are long as they go first. Can’t lay out the money for a table for four and then hope I can round up two more people to go. @Joe K

  19. Comment made on March 30, 2021 by carey georgas

    @Brian Doyle
    That’s the exact same metaphor I used when talking to my son today. It’s no longer a light at the end. We’re out in the open again!!!

  20. Comment made on March 30, 2021 by Brian Doyle

    Me and my 89 year old mother just got Pfizer 1/2…

    Hardly felt the shot and I might have a sight burning sensation near the injection site but it is hardly noticeable…

    I haven’t dropped over dead yet like some are warning…

    (Knock Wood)

    Clorox wipes were very rare during the epidemic but they are now widely available…It might be after the horse has already left the barn but grabbing a container of those disinfectant wipes gets you past most exposures…They are good for wiping credit cards, shopping cart handles, door handles, etc…

    Good to be out the other end of the dark tunnel…

  21. Comment made on March 30, 2021 by Joe K

    John B
    I believe the NJ show will be at a Golf course close to the race track.
    there is a restaurant called Hot Tuna in Virginia Beach on Shore Rd, Have you ever stopped in?

  22. Comment made on March 30, 2021 by JohnB

    Great to see that you have added a couple of Jorma dates for late July here in the Garden State. Same place I think that you played last fall where every 3rd song or so a train went by. Remember that one ? See you then if not before.

  23. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by Chappy

    Another great show on Saturday night. JK continues to amaze and Hurl continues to bring the goods…KOHD was incredible! Coincidentally, I listened to Clapton’s version earlier in the week..also pretty darn good! So, when I heard JK and JH rolling through it I started to think about Jorma’s comment that he’d like to play with EC someday. I think that needs to happen for them and us 🙂 Not sure if EC has been holed up in Columbus or England since pandemic began but I think he’d love FPR so please invite him down (or over) for a visit. Speaking of EC, I just finished Bobby Whitlock’s auto-biography (2011) and it was entertaining and interesting to say the least. I’d seen Derek & The Dominos “Live at the Fillmore” album/CD at record stores over the years but never bought it because I figured Layla & OALS (with Duane Allman) was quintessential. And it is, however, Whitlock’s book prompted me to get the Fillmore CD and WOW it is awesome all the way through! Clapton’s playing is great, Whitlock’s keys/vocals are great, Carl Radle’s bass is great, and Jim Gordon (despite the demons that later got to him) plays some awesome drums.

  24. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by Mitch Spector

    Thanks as always Jorma & The Hot Tuna Family ♥

  25. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by JOHN RUBINO


  26. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by Dan Nigro

    Check out that finely dressed man standing behind Felix the Cat


  27. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by eaglesteve

    I stand corrected
    Eric will be 76 on 3/30/2021.

  28. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by eaglesteve

    Indeed it is Carey.

    Happy Birthday V.

    I believe Clapton’s birthday is April 3rd, when I think he’ll be 76.

  29. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by carey georgas

    Is it not Vanessa’s birthday today? I was thinking it fell the day before mine and Slow Hand’s. Happy Birthday, Vanessa, whether I got it right or not! And many happy returns.

  30. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by Dan Nigro

    Must be a real trip for you watching parallel universes, space and time all converge with us. Hope you weren’t too hard on yourself, we all dug 43. Great tunes, excellent performances, good banter on stage and in chat. BTW is there anything that Maverick doesnt eat ?

  31. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by DennisK

    I immediately recognized “A Little Faster” from Steady as She Goes. There is a great video of the electric HT version with GE. Vol. 2 has some real gems. See ya soon.

  32. Comment made on March 29, 2021 by carey georgas

    Come for the music, stay for the insights: personal, cultural, instructional – there’s a hunnerd of ‘em. I got a schooling on some music theory from a chap on the chat that opened my eyes to some shit I been wondering about. Set me to thinking and led me to new understanding. Plus, it made a sale for The Ranch as I was prompted to buy that circle of 5ths chart or whatever it’s called from another friendly chatter. Is symbiotic the word I’m looking for here? Maybe. Cool? For sure! Peace.

  33. Comment made on March 28, 2021 by Peter

    I can’t help but think of how perfect “Dirty Business” would sound as a duet.

  34. Comment made on March 28, 2021 by wayne

    Thanks for these QC shows, they are a blessing and the nicest gifts we might hope for on Saturday nights. Pleasant to watch you hunt around for the perfect instrument for the next tune. The mention of the dope lawyer was no BS, it was in SF Gate today:


  35. Comment made on March 28, 2021 by eaglesteve

    Dug 43. Thank you.

  36. Comment made on March 28, 2021 by Ed

    Rainy morning here in Jersey, too, Jorma, but Sunday mornings are always good with the warm memories of the night before. Thank you.
    Last night’s QC, as always, touched on most of the crucial aspects of existence: music, life, death, family, getting one’s guitar in tune….
    BUT: We need to know how Izze’s team did! Keep us posted!
    (Btw, “Too Hot to Handle” is a great album, in my opinion. I’m jealous of your vinyl, but the CD does sound terrific.)

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