Tough place for a gig…

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

San Diego bound… here’s what awaited us!

Ship ahoy!

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

Nice set for a concert…

Hot Tuna 40, 2022

The Trio

Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady & Justin Guip

Opening For Little Feat


San Diego, California

Sunday, August 14, 2022

  1. Big River Blues
  2. Hesitation Blues
  3. Great Divide Revisited
  4. That’ll Never Happen No More
  5. Trouble In Mind with Steve Bernstein
  6. Day To Day Out The Window Blues with Steve Bernstein
  7. Been So Long
  8. How Long Blues
  9. San Francisco Bay Blues
  10. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning

Then an overnight drive to Phoenix…

The scene of the crime

Photo by Phil Jacobs

A theater in the round… normally a tough sound task for a rock and roll band… but not this time.

Steve, Jack, Justin and I have a really good time!

Hot Tuna 41, 2022

The Trio

Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady & Justin Guip

Opening For Little Feat

Celebrity Theater

Phoenix, Arizona

Monday, August 15, 2022

  1. Been So Long
  2. Ice Age
  3. Another Man Done Gone
  4. Highway Song
  5. Death Don’t Have No Mercy with Steve Bernstein
  6. Hesitation Blues with Steve Bernstein
  7. Good Shepherd
  8. Barbeque King
  9. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning
Well said!

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

This was a spectacular run. Everyone in the Little Feat family is awesome and an honor to work with! Anytime we hear a call from them… we’ll answer in a heartbeat.

Justin, Jack, Myron, Michelle from the Little Feat gang, Phil and I!

Big thinks to all these folks who became family!

I’m writing from New Mexico tonight. It’s been an awesome drive today and I’ll weigh in tomorrow in more detail on the trip!


  1. Comment made on August 17, 2022 by Chappy

    Theatre in the round reminded me of the old Front Row Theatre in NE Ohio. I’m sure Hurl will remember it well as it was in our neck of the woods on the east side of Cleveland. It was a round and rotating stage with about 2,500 seats or so. Not a bad seat in the house…unless the band was facing the other way! Haha! Actually, it wasn’t bad at all and the sound was pretty good as I recall. It opened in the early 70’s and one of my sisters worked the concession stand and was in heaven when Andy Williams asked her for an orange soda on his way to the stage. Big bro worked there too and played some pick-up basketball with Germaine(?) Jackson when he was working “security” for the Jackson 5 show. Later, my younger bro worked there parking cars. I got to see some great musicians and epic shows there back in the 70’s and 80’s including: Crosby/Nash, John Prine/Arlo Guthrie, Third World/Jimmy Cliff, Warren Zevon, Bobby Blue Bland/B.B. King, Stephen Stills and The California Blues Band, Mark Farner/Hollies, and The Animals on their last reunion tour in about 1985 when they got into a fistfight with each other after that show and their reunion tour ended abruptly that night. Imagine that! Anyway, I am sure I failed to remember some other great shows there. It was a pretty cool place back then. Again, I’m sure Hurl will recall the venue and maybe have some memories of it as well. Safe travels and hope y’all get back out east for some more shows down the road.

  2. Comment made on August 17, 2022 by Mitch Spector

    Good morning Jorma ,
    Waking up to some acoustic H.T & Loving every minute of it .That album has been the gift that keeps giving & the soundtrack of my 61.7 year existence thanks to my bros .Hope your summer has been & continues to be off the hook .
    Peace and open highways always

  3. Comment made on August 17, 2022 by Joe K

    You post some really nice pictures of the interior of old theaters that the band performs in. When going to different shows in some of these venues I try to take the time to admire the architect & Mater Craftsmanship. Did you ever think to turn those pics into a nice book of some sort ?
    Safe travels

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