Storms brew in New Mexico

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

We’re trying to get home, so this is not a leisurely drive… but we are surrounded by the relentless beauty of nature most powerful! You just never know when Ma Nature has a surprise in store for you!

You can see it coming for miles!

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

It could be fifty miles away… and it can be on you before you know it!

Yup… there it was!

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

We’re moving here… obviously, but it took forty five minutes

Well, we finally pulled into Santa Rosa, New Mexico and lo and behold…

More than awesome!

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

We got in just before closing time and had an awesome late dinner! A night’s sleep… and onward!

Amarillo bound… what would it be without a stop at the Cadillac Ranch?

Amarillo by morning at the Cadillac Ranch

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

This place just never gets old and it’s better than the world’s largest ball of twine… no disrespect intended.

Check out The Ant Farm!

The folks they come from miles around!

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

A marvelous aggregation of people!

Boy that spray paint sure builds up…

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

Good times…

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

Every changing indeed!

Myron and Jorma… Live at the Cadillac Ranch

Selfie by Myron Hart

Once you get through the Panhandle and into Oklahoma the scenery downplays itself and by the time we got to Tulsa to check in for the evening, it was indeed time for a rest. Tomorrow is another long one winding up in Terre Haute where… more will be revealed!


  1. Comment made on September 11, 2022 by Jodi Rolls

    I was living right next to Cadillac Ranch for four years @ Oasis RV Resort … Working in Amarillo, Tucumcari, Clovis and Hobbs. Just left in June. Missed ya’s but glad you had a great summer tour. I love the Silver Moon !!

    : )

  2. Comment made on August 19, 2022 by Brian Doyle

    They rely on those summer monsoons for a good percentage of their annual rain…Earthships store that rain in cisterns…

  3. Comment made on August 18, 2022 by Joe K

    In the mid 70’s a friend asked me at his wedding if I would drive his VW Bus from New Jersey to Albuquerque, NM.He & his wife were flying to Mexico for a week. This was my first time driving West & not South. I saw the Caddy ranch & the big billboard for the 72oz steak. I was tempted for sure. The long flat ride heading toward those NM mountains seemed to never get closer.
    What a great way to to see this great land.
    The starter took a shit as I crossed into Ohio.

  4. Comment made on August 18, 2022 by Dan Nigro

    Yikes ! Looks like you guys are going to cover over 6,000 miles by the time you get home, we did 2,000 in the RV in July and are just now recovering. As they say “the road goes ever on” Safe travels

  5. Comment made on August 18, 2022 by carey georgas

    Great shots of storm evolution on the high plains. You can see for miles, and watching them come together is a cool way to watch Ma at work. Looks like you’re having fun on the homeward run. Hey, ever stop at the Texan Steak Ranch when making that I-40 run through Amarillo? Eat the 72 oz. sirloin with all the trimmings and it’s free. Talk about a hunk of meat! I never tried it, but their NY strips are sure good.

  6. Comment made on August 18, 2022 by Brad

    Tangentially speaking, pilgrimage to Graceland for the anniversary week of Elvis’ passing is right there along the map you’re riding.
    America the Beautiful!
    Thanks for your great pics and observations

  7. Comment made on August 18, 2022 by John R.

    Spectacular! (I just got to take a 5-minute vacation of the mind.) Thank you, Jorma.

  8. Comment made on August 18, 2022 by Han Neggs

    Safe travels and welcome home! The ranch has a great show this Saturday but for those by The Town Crier in Beacon ,New York check out Rory Block and Cindy Cashdollar.
    (Shameless plug for small business)
    Peace✌🏻️❤️Love All Ways🔥🚲🌹🙏🏻🖖🏼

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