We drove down from the Fur Peace Ranch to Clearwater, Florida where Jack and I have our first gig at the Capitol Theater. Needless to say, we are more than excited that we are blessed to be able to continue to play our music and hopefully have people listen.

It’s been a nasty Winter east of the Mississippi… all over I guess. We all know what the deal is so there’s no use heading to the whine cellar. Anyway, for whatever reason I just really had nothing to say after Woody passed. I’ve had a chance to reflect and looking back at some of the comments as much as I appreciate the spirit of those who knew and loved Woody I just found myself on an interesting hilltop looking at the landscape of some of those words. I find at my age my friends are leaving us at an alarming rate. That’s just the way it is. The sorrow of a friend’s passing tends to be self centered. I will miss my friend. I am sad they are gone… The word ‘I’ is prominent. That’s OK. We’re all human. My heart goes out to the family he left behind. The rest of us will survive with the vacuum he leaves behind.

‘Good times come and good times go, if it lifts you up it will lay you low, people leave and they don’t come back, life is a disappearing act.’

Gretchen Peters

Disappearing Act

Then the sidetrack comments about Neil Young and Spotify. I don’t like people who promulgate dangerous disinformation. If you’re guessing I wouldn’t listen to someone like Rogan you’re a Mensa candidate. That’s OK. I don’t have to. When Bob Dylan among others sold his publishing catalog, people asked me what I thought. I thought, ‘Good for him. If my catalog was worth that much it would be gone in a New York Minute!’ That’s his business just as Neil’s Spotify dealings are his. He has issues, he uses the weapons at hand and that’s his right. I doubt that authors of comments on my site have a dog in this fight. Unless you’re making money with streaming services I don’t see that it concerns you. It reminds me of people who complain about the Grammy’s. If you’re not a voting member of NARES it doesn’t concern you. You don’t get a vote. You’re entitled to your opinions… we all are but sometimes some of the comments I read give me a serious case of the ass.

I’m not looking for rubber stamp affirmations. If I was, there wouldn’t be a Comments Section. Sometimes I just can’t bite my tongue.

Nuff said. Time to write the set list for tonight’s show.


  1. Comment made on February 9, 2022 by Floyd Longwell

    I think Rob W. just answered my question. In Orlando, what was the last song?

  2. Comment made on February 7, 2022 by Bob S

    Three new classics!
    1) Whine cellar
    2) Mensa candidate
    3) Serious case of the ass

    I love it… it doesn’t get better than that folks!

    Peace to all!

  3. Comment made on February 7, 2022 by Rob Wiglesworth

    Thank you for the Water Song encore! It was icing on the cake of a special night. You and Jack are a national treasure.

  4. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Chappy

    I never heard of a Joe Rogan before last week and I know next to nothing about Spotify. And neither of them affect me in any way. I am a an NY fan…of his music. I have 50+ NY CDs, Vinyl, and cassettes and have been blessed to see him in concert several times (including Athens in ‘83) over the years…all of which I enjoyed. Some folks that attended some of those shows did not like them because it didn’t fit their personal expectation of what they wanted to experience. As Dickey Betts once said “If you don’t hear what you want, that’s tough!” And as much as I enjoy NY, he is by no means my moral compass or the oracle of all knowledge with regard to Covid science. He can do what he wants with his music and that’s his business…as it should be. Same with Zimmy! I’m just happy to enjoy their art. Sorry for the rant…I rarely way in on these types of banters but I am so sick and tired of all the BS either way nowadays.

    Now, I do have a question for Jorma if he is so inclined…I saw a YT doc on Ry Cooder recently. Only got to see Ry live in concert once a few short years ago when he toured with Ricky Skaggs and the the Whites. It was an incredible evening of music. My question is: did Jorma and Ry ever cross paths and play together? Also, I know Ry hates to tour but would love to see him at FPR…first set acoustic and 2nd set electric with band. I think he’d love FPR.

    • Comment made on February 7, 2022 by Jorma

      In 1964 my ex-wife and I went to LA to visit the great guitarist Steve Mann. (Listen to Steve Mann, Live At The Ash Grove) In the middle of the night Steve took us over to Ry’s place so I could meet him. I doubt if he remembers, but I do!

  5. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Art

    And two more thoughts from 80+ years ago:

    “Of course there has been an enormous increase in the amount of knowledge possessed by mankind, but it does not equal, probably, the increase in the amount of errors and half-truths which have got into circulation. In social and human matters, especially, the development of a critical sense and methods of discriminating judgment has not kept pace with the growth of careless reports and of motives for positive misrepresentation.”

    – John Dewey, The Public and Its Problems (1927)

    “The future of democracy is allied with spread of the scientific attitude. It is the sole guarantee against misleading by propaganda.”

    – John Dewey, Science and Free Culture (1939)

  6. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Art

    As David Crosby once said (and I have long taken this advice to heart), “Stand and be counted.” And, as Henry David Thoreau said, “Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence.”

  7. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Dale Radeleff

    All I can say is, Clearwater is a heavily Scientology Town, don’t let them get you interested in the BS, just sayin. You guys have a blast tonight, wish I could be there

  8. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Steve

    “Whine cellar” that’s a new one-Love it. Brother Bill-11 years my senior-will be in the 5th row tonight. He first saw you at Fillmore east 1969. Jorma you mention the National Folk Song Festival in your book. Have you ever considered playing the National Folk Festival? It is being held in my town of Salisbury MD the end of August this year. It is a lot more than just “folk’ music it is total world music from blues, country, gospel, hip hop to Sri Lankan dancers etc…..I believe you have to apply to do so the organizers don’t reach out to the artists….Anyway it would sure be (selfishly) great to see you there for 1 if not 3 days!

  9. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Ted Lee Scherff

    Jorma & Jack, My wife and I will be there tonight, the Capital Theater in Clearwater. We are very excited as this is our first Hot Tuna experience. The last time I saw you in concert was in 1972, I think, in Bowling Green, Ohio, with the Airplane. We are Ohioans wintering in Dunedin, FL. I am so excited by the prospect of visiting the Fur Peace Ranch, this summer. I sure hope I can get down to Pomeroy, from our home in Bowling Green. My major new experience in retirement is to learn to play acoustic guitar. I’ll be watching you closely tonight, hoping to pick up a tip or two. All our best to you & Jack. We are in awe by your humble talent. Thanks so much. PS: loved the autobiography!

  10. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Rob

    It sounds as though Joe Rogan–who i barely heard of before last week other than as a name–has even more PR problems now. It’s funny hearing him trying to shove his foot deeper and deeper into his mouth as he tries to save his little podcast from extinction. Anyone that likes him should send him a case of Jorma’s Radical Sprinkle to make that foot a bit more palatable. I’m sure it’ll be stuck in his mouth for months.

  11. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by peter

    A number of years ago while fumbling through my toolbox, I came across a five pack of small metal files with little wooden handles. I took a fancy to the flat doubble sided one that slowly tapered to a point for maintaing my fingernails for playing. I would imagine you use a file for maintenance. Sandpaper or metal?
    And don’t even try to claim that there is a golden tooth involved.

  12. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Rob Wiglesworth

    Looking forward to the show tonight! Water song encore?

  13. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Rob cohen

    Just a few words about my friend Woody Mann. Woody was a friend of mine for over 20 years . We shared many meals and musical experiences together. He was a giving musician and his fingers just glided along the neck of the guitar But as a person he was the kindest soul and that is what lives in all of us who knew him. We all mourn in our own ways but in time let’s celebrate our wonderful friend .

  14. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by Joey Hudoklin

    Love you Jorma, ’cause it’s all about the music. Anyway, so looking forward to hearing (and seeing) you and Jack tonight and Tuesday.
    Since you’re writing set list, maybe Great Divide Revisited? Second Chances? Amy & I are so grateful for you & Jack. 🔥🐟

  15. Comment made on February 6, 2022 by mikie

    I see your schedule allows for next Sunday night ‘off’. I figure you’ll pull for the Bengals; Jack?
    The News has reported that the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund has topped $1.3 million. Wow, what a boost to SE Ohio! If I may, for those interested:
    “To make a gift to the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund, visit http://www.JoeBurrowFund.org, or mail donations to: the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund, c/o FAO, 35 Public Square, Nelsonville, OH 45764.”
    Thanks for all you do, Jorma. Safe travels. m

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