Red skies in the morning… Take warning…

Photo by Jorma Kaukonen

My maternal grandfather was from Ukraine. He emigrated in the very early moments of the 20th Century and I have no connection with family he left behind, but I know I have family there. That being said, we do not need family in this apocalyptic war zone to recognize the horror that is being perpetrated there and wonder what we could possibly do to help.

Here is a solution that my friend Jerry S. up in Buchtel made the Kaukonen Family aware of here at the Fur Peace Ranch.

Hot Tuna will be streaming two performances from the Fur Peace Ranch this weekend. April 9th at 8 pm and April 10th and 4 pm. Proceeds from both shows will go directly to the people of Ukraine. The organization we chose for this particular event is Aerial Recovery Group.

Even Brite links for the shows:

April 9, 2022

April 10, 2022

And of course… 

You can also find them on Facebook at:

Aerial Recovery Group:

Aerial Global Community has partnered with Aerial Recovery Group and Global Empowerment Mission to support the estimated 3-7 million people who could become refugees due to the conflict in Ukraine. The Aerial Recovery Group team is on the ground at the Poland-Ukraine border to set up refugee camps and assist those fleeing from the crisis in Ukraine.

Our donations will go to supporting Aerial’s primary mission which is transporting orphans and those in dangerous areas to the west and safeguarding them. Safe houses, food, clothing, medical needs, and more are provided. Aside from all of the other work the Aerial Recovery group is doing on the ground in Ukraine and Poland for refugees, these additional systems and procedures provide extra comfort and stability to these refugees amid this tragedy.

Aerial Global Community is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that has partnered with Aerial Recovery Group to respond to emergency needs in Ukraine.

Hopefully more will be revealed vis a vis opportunities to help!


  1. Comment made on April 22, 2022 by Sully aka Jer The Younger

    The more I interact with Global Rescue the more I believe that mankind will make the grade !! Pray for peace and the children… AH, THE CHILDREN !

  2. Comment made on April 11, 2022 by Joey Hudoklin

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help Ukraine.
    I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show!

  3. Comment made on April 11, 2022 by Paul Karp

    Great cause and great shows. Was so proud to contribute. My paternal Grandmother was from Kharkov and my Maternal Grandmother was from Berezhany. Alas we have no relatives that we know of as all perished in the horror that was WWII and the Holocaust. These poor people are trapped in a nightmare scenario. My heart bleeds for them all…. Thanks for putting this together and raising so much money.

  4. Comment made on April 10, 2022 by eaglesteve

    A Zissen Pesach to the Kaukonens and Tuna Nation

  5. Comment made on April 10, 2022 by Dan Nigro

    I believe Vanessa said it best, but I wont repeat it here. Indeed that was a great performance and Happy Birthday Jack

  6. Comment made on April 10, 2022 by Ed

    What a night. Helping people in dire need, and the music…That was some performance, to put it mildly.
    Thanks to everyone.

  7. Comment made on April 10, 2022 by PS

    Our daughter in-law & granddaughter made it safely to Bulgaria. Still trying to get my mother in-law and two sons in-law out of Odessa – not an easy task. Lord have mercy.

  8. Comment made on April 10, 2022 by Brad

    Beautiful Hot Tuna for a Beautiful cause.
    Thank you for last night.

    This Palm Sunday morning, start of Holy Week-Passover, weighs heavily, globally and privately

    The classic Jerry Band Palm Sunday late show ‘78 at the old Warner Theatre with Maria Muldaur helps:

  9. Comment made on April 9, 2022 by Kevin

    I posted this yesterday also, but it was gone. If removed on purpose, I apologize for re-posting. But thinking it was just an accident or mistake on my part.

  10. Comment made on April 8, 2022 by Kevin

    @gregg Very cool video.

  11. Comment made on April 8, 2022 by gregg


  12. Comment made on April 8, 2022 by Jim Tulgan

    My roots are from that part of the world, so it does hit close to home! Ukraine and Belarus.
    You know I’ll be tuning in not only to watch Hot Tuna, but as an act of support for the people of Ukraine!!
    After meeting you and John at Caroline’s and a couple of emails later,John had invited me down for these shows… couldn’t make it happen!
    Streaming is the next best thing!!
    See you 4-22, I’m looking forward to it!!!!

  13. Comment made on April 8, 2022 by Peter

    Oddly enough it is also what the Incredible spirit of the Ukranian people can do for “this” thought ravaged country of ours, in the form of sponsoring their citizens to do a tour of our land and talk us down before the final nail in the coffin of Democracy is hammered in.

  14. Comment made on April 7, 2022 by Art

    What’s that smell like fish o baby … OK. But did you know that this also applies to the word tuna:

    “In hispanic countries, a tuna is a group of university students in traditional university dress who play traditional instruments and sing serenades. The tradition originated in Spain and Portugal in the 13th century as a means of students to earn money or food.”

    “As far as the music is concerned, there are two basic instruments. One is the guitar which comes with the tuno and his melody. The melody is created by voices and singing. Musical instruments like laúd and bandurria are also used. (Portuguese tunas usually play instruments like mandolin instead of bandurria and laúd). The other important instrument which characterized the student music was the tambourine.”

  15. Comment made on April 6, 2022 by Brian Bernal

    We’ll be watching Saturday night! Like old times and for a great cause. God bless you and the people of Ukraine.

  16. Comment made on April 5, 2022 by Art

    Thank you, Jorma and Jack.

    “Having looked boldly right into the terrible destructiveness of so-called world history as well as the cruelty of nature … Art saves him, and through art – life.”

    – Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy Out of the Spirit of Music, §7 (1872)

  17. Comment made on April 5, 2022 by Richard

    @Dan Nigro
    I also thought we are Russian. Found my Grandfathers passport recently from 1904 and he was Ukrainan..

  18. Comment made on April 4, 2022 by Carey Georgas

    You’re a good man, Jorma Kaukonen. I have been conflicted about how and to whom to donate to help those being butchered and displaced by this brutal aggression. If it’s got your stamp on it, I rest assured that maximum dollars will reach those most in need. I’ll be there a-watchin. Kudos to Jack as well, and all the production staff.

  19. Comment made on April 4, 2022 by Dan Nigro

    Awesome, count me in. What a great way to help out heroic people in what now looks like genocide. I am surprised at how many people have Ukrainian roots, myself included. We only recently discovered my Moms family is from what is now Ukraine (she had always said she was Russian) when we were contacted by a holocaust memorial. Thanks, “see” you at the show

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