The Good Old Town School Of Folk Music

Indeed, it was a veritable guitar fest this past weekend at the OTSFM. Great exhibitors and I got to play a show Friday Night!

Jorma Kaukonen 25, 2023

Old Town School Of Folk Music

Chicago, Illinois

Friday, August 25, 2023


  1. True Religion
  2. Where Have My Old Friends Gone?
  3. Been So Long
  4. Blue Railroad Train
  5. Barbecue King
  6. Ice Age
  7. Too Many Years
  8. Letter To The North Star
  9. Death Don’t Have No Mercy
  10. Sleep Song
  11. Trial By Fire
  12. How Long Blues
  13. Take Your Time
  14. Whining Boy Blues
  15. Sea Child
  16. Good Shepherd
  17. Come Back Baby
  18. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning
  19. Encore: Genesis

There was more than a plethora of great builders there this weekend but of course it was a treat to run into David Flammang and Jen at the Flammang booth!

Unknown Photographer

No I haven’t divested myself of my Martin Jorma Kaukonen M-30’s but for the last couple of years my Flammang J-35’s have getting the call. In any case… good times all around.


  1. Comment made on August 31, 2023 by Tom in St. Louis

    I hear the ghost of Steve Goodman likes to hang around the Old Town. He was somethin’ else.

  2. Comment made on August 29, 2023 by Ed

    Hi Jorma,
    I was listening to Elvis’s original Sun sessions today, which raised a question: Are there any songs other than “Just Because” that both you and Elvis recorded?

  3. Which pickup system do you use on the Flammangs?

  4. Comment made on August 27, 2023 by Dale Radeleff

    While you’re on the subject of “Great Builders”, I have found that being in Electrical Construction for 35 years does not carry over to Guitar building. I bought a Stew Max “Dread Kit” because I thought it would be easy and a total blast to build my own guitar using a partial build Dreadnaught guitar kit, but with my new circumstances and knowledge that I didn’t have near enough tools to do the job. If you happen to know someone that would like to build it and donate it to a worthy person let me know and I’ll send it off to them, all I’d like is the shipping fees reimbursed to me.

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