Father & Daughter on her birthday!

Photo by Vanessa Kaukonen

In the spirit of ‘Where does the time go?’ another milestone passes for our daughter Izze! Indeed, she is now seventeen. It seems like only yesterday I was waiting breathlessly for her to come down the slide at the playground.

This is time as it should be.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!


  1. Comment made on July 12, 2023 by DennisK

    Happy Birthday Izze!

    I still have my official hand-crafted Paracord Survival Bracelet. I always keep it handy, just in case.

  2. Comment made on July 7, 2023 by hogan :-)

    The happiest of birthdays to you Izze, Hope you had a wonderful day!

    Great picture,


  3. Comment made on July 4, 2023 by Paul Wasserman

    Beautiful photo!! Happy Birthday Izze🌹

  4. Comment made on July 1, 2023 by eaglesteve

    Happy Birthday Izze, and best wishes for many more

  5. Comment made on June 30, 2023 by john o

    Great picture of good ole dad and daughter!!!

  6. Comment made on June 29, 2023 by Kevin

    Happy 17th B-Day Miss Izze! That means you graduated High School at 16, quite an accomplishment. My Grandaughter just graduated HS this year as well. She was watching the Quarantine concert with me when Izze sang, and she became quite the fan of Izze. Hope you are stil singing, and good luck in all your future endeavors.

  7. Comment made on June 29, 2023 by Bob S

    Happy birthday Izze!

    BTW – really nice singing during the quarantine concerts!

  8. Comment made on June 29, 2023 by Joey Hudoklin

    Many happy birthday Izze!

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