1946-Oct. 23, 2023

Fair winds & following seas sister!


I’m sitting here at the kitchen table. Our daughter, who is now out of the house and living in town has come over to visit mom and dad. She has moved from the table to the spinet piano we bought her some years ago. She is playing a song she is writing and singing softly to herself. As I listen to her beautiful voice chase the keys Vanessa gasps from across the table and tells me that Dusty Street, an old friend from San Francisco… a DJ from the dawn of time, has just died.

Dusty hailed from the 60’s but she was way more than a cultural artifact. I reconnected with her a couple of years ago up at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. We shared the zeitgeist of FM progress that really began thanks to her and her cohorts. Above and beyond all that, she was a genuine seeker and a soul sister in the true meaning of the word. I wish our daughter could have met her. They would have liked each other.

Having just watched the MGM + Documentary San Francisco Sounds, A Place In Time I got to see and listen to Dusty lead us down those almost forgotten streets. I was thinking about getting in touch with her to well, just say hello to an old friend. If you think you need to do something, do it and don’t waste time.

I guess we’ll have to wait to catch up…


  1. Comment made on November 5, 2023 by Phil Zisook

    Whoa, Hadn’t heard about Dusty. We had recently seen SF Sounds and that really drove home what a pivotal figure Dusty was in SF underground radio in its formative stages. We were only familiar with Dusty through her later-day broadcasts on Sirius XM and were unaware of her important history. Appreciate the beginning of your post with the picture of Izzie as a young adult sitting down at the piano and singing softly to herself. May the music continue to enrich our lives as we continue on our journeys.

  2. Comment made on October 30, 2023 by eaglesteve

    October 30, 2023
    Happy Birthday Grace Slick
    and many more

  3. Comment made on October 28, 2023 by Bill from Wisconsin

    San Francisco Sounds really captures that point in time, to the extent it is possible. It spotlights the music and vibe, but it also features the recently deceased Dusty Street, a legend in her own right. RIP Dusty.

  4. Comment made on October 27, 2023 by Ed

    Good morning, Jorma.
    I just wanted to say thank you for braving the wilds of Morris County, NJ, and coming to The Tabernacle on your April tour.
    I love that place, and the combination of you (or you and Jack) and that venue really is about as good as it gets. Four years on, I still laugh about that “White Rabbit” singalong! (Btw, the women in the audience totally carried the vocal on that. The men, like me, were lame.)

  5. Comment made on October 25, 2023 by Howard H.

    Years ago, I developed an interest in all things KSAN, the San Francisco FM free form pioneering radio station. I was able to find someone with an archive of nearly 100 KSAN live performance simulcast master analog recordings. Most the performances were broadcast from the Record Plant in Sausalito, CA. Of course Dusty Street was all over these recordings, so was Big Daddy Tom Donahue, Norman Davis, etc. It was a revelation to hear all the 1970s recordings come back to life. There’s some interesting KSAN archival photos at the following link, https://www.ksanjive95themovie.com/ksan-photo-gallery/ Long live Jive 95 KSAN FM.

  6. Comment made on October 24, 2023 by alexander pepiak

    My parents although would let us rehearse in the basement and drive us to gigs never really took much interest in my music… pop would say “ that’s ok for a hobby but you need a real job”

    One night our band was playing Grendel’s lair on south street… all original music in the new wave vein of the early 80’s

    I’m on the stage and I see my parents walk up the stairs… I wave the door guy off from collecting the cover and we continued our set.

    During the break I went to sit with mom and pop and of course they thought it was too loud but were curious about the songs … who writes them they asked when I replied me they were stunned… they had no clue.. because they never took an interest or encouraged me..

    I think it’s great that the creative process is comfortable around you .. of course having a guitar player as a father helps more than having a bricklayer father…

    I never played any of my stuff to my parents because I was never “good enough” and I wanted my music to be free from that critique….

    Sigh… a long journey… sorry for the rant

  7. Comment made on October 24, 2023 by DAVID

    I love it
    that your daughter is writing and playing and composing
    in front of her parents
    I’m a painter
    Loved to show my pictures to my parents
    but never painted in front of them – no matter how improving… I wish now that I had

  8. Comment made on October 24, 2023 by Dan Nigro

    Hopefully it will be quite awhile before you and Dusty get to catch up. I didn’t get to “meet” her until Sirius radio. As an NYC kid it was the Night Bird Alison Steele, I am sure they are trading tunes right now

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