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Another County Heard From… Ad Nauseum


The world, being wired the way it is makes sure that one gets a lot of new ‘friends’ like it or not. I try not to dabble in on line discussions… who’s got time for poop like that? That said, I’m no better than anyone else. Every now and then, someone makes me aware of threads that exist on sites I never frequent and yes, I weaken and check it out. Now I realize that’s it’s not my ...
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Lawyerpalooza In San Diego


So yesterday morning while walking on Ocean Beach I saw this Ural rig and the owner kindly let me sit on it and have my picture taken… I may have to get one of these.

Anyway, my pal Marc Shechter’s law firm, Butterfield and Schechter just celebrated their fifteenth anniversary and Marc asked me to pick a few tunes ate the fete which I was more than happy to do.

Here is a list of those tunes, not necessarily in that ...
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Another County Heard From


I’m obviously home since I’m finding time to have on line fun with the blog. As I mentioned the other day, life is indeed a funny old dog and you never know how folks are going to react to anything you say or do. What has prompted this entry is this comment that popped up on Facebook. No… I’m not on Facebook… someone sent it to me… thank you very much!

Last Saturday night Jack Casady, Barry Mitterhoff and myself ...
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