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Heading out…

After packing this morning, feeding the dog and cats and saying goodbye to Izze I headed over to the Fur Peace Ranch to meet the bus and Myron. After a while Vanessa met us there and provisioned us for the trip to Falls Church. Goodbyes were said and off we went… and here we are just in time for some dinner and bed. Ah, Falls Church, just like I remembered it. Well, tomorrow we will be met by G.E.Smith, Skoota Warner and Barry Mitterhoff. Jack Casady had already flown in by the time Myron and I arrived. The eagles are gathering and tomorrow night we will hopefully soar at the State Theater in Falls Church.

I think I’ll work on tomorrow’s set list a bit and hit the sack.

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  1. Mark Ennis ( The Ensign )
    June 19th, 2010 at 08:35 | #1

    Can not wait to get my Tuna fix on July 21 in York , PA. Was at the ranch last April ( I go every year ) and TUNA Cooked. Been a long time TUNA fan since those Papa John days. My fondest TUNA experiance : Banana Fish Garden 46 th Street Theatre in my Hometown BROOKLYN back in April 1973. All the Brooklyn Freaks were in attendance. I was transported to ah uh er ????????? GREAT NIGHT !!!!!!
    Too bad the hard living caught up to me , well maybe not. Been Clean pushing 14 years now. Thank You Jack & Jorma for being a part of my past & present.

  2. June 19th, 2010 at 11:12 | #2

    Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago. A great Fathers Day Treat! Jorma, What happened to Hot Tuna Tunes? Would love to get some of the shows with Bromberg from this year, including from the Old Town School. Best, Phil

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