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Finally… a hotel with a business center

On Tuesday the 22nd, my friend Jerry and I were both furloughed by our wives to go on a motorcycle trip to San Antonio. Well, we’re not to San Antonio yet, but we are in Jackson, Missippi. Let me start at the beginning. We left Pomeroy, Ohio and headed down US 33 East until we got to I-77 in Ravenswood, West Virginia. We did the West Virginia Turnpike to Wytheville, Virginia and shortly thereafter we got on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Fancy Gap. By the time we had ridden 335 miles it was time to call it a day so we pulled off the Parkway and turned in for the evening at Boone, North Carolina. We continued to ride the Blue Ridge Pkwy and let me tell you, it is some kind of beautiful. I We rode up Mt. Mitchell in NC. 6700 feet at the summit. What a ride, what a view! It was also cool… almost Canadian weather.

We got off the Pkwy some 227 miles later and stopped for the night in Waynesville, North Carolina. Leaving Waynesville in the morning we went to Maggie Valley where we visited Wheels Through Time… an American Marque Motorcycle Museum where every single machine that was there was in running condition no matter how old. Totally one of the best museums I have ever had to pleasure to visit and I grew up in DC with the Smithsonian!

When we left Maggie Valley we rode to Robbinsville there we had booked two nights at the Two Wheel Inn…This was a motel that catered to motorcycles only and each room had its own garage with a roll up door for safe bike storage. We checked in a little early so we got a chance to ride the Hellbender road on the way to US 129, the fabled Dragon’s Tail. On the way we saw the Fontana Dam… the second highest dam in the US after the Hoover. They filmed part of The Fugitive with Harrison Ford there. Anyway, we finally got to the Dragon and rode it up and back. 314 corves in 11 miles as I recall. Good… good stuff! The next day, June 25th, we rode allover the Smokies…Nantahala State Park, the Cherohala Skyway out and back and a good night’s rest getting ready for the Natchez Trace Parkway.

June 26th I got up at 0530 and sat outside my room watching the sun come up over a cup of coffee while I got ready for our ride back over the Cherohala Skyway to Tennessee. When we were leaving Murfreesboro which is just south of Nashville, we got caught in a huge thunderstorm. We waited until the lightning had passed, suited up and continued to ride. We got on the Natchez Trace Parkway and continued to ride to Waynesboro were we pulled in for the night. This morning, the 27th of June started out in the seventies but before long the souther heat was on us with a vengeance. We peaked at about 112 degrees today. The last couple of hours getting to where we are here in Jackson, Mississippi, was tough on this old picker. When I finish this entry, I’m hitting my air conditioned room and not coming out untill tomorrow. We had a delicious Japanese dinner here in Jackson and it was certainly our best meal of this run. Mississippi for good Japanese food… what a great time we live in.

I have no way to load my pictures yet. I’ve noticed something else too. I need to do something with incoming comments. I don’t know what that is yet so it will probably have to wait until I get home. I will say this, the face of America is stunningly beautiful! What a grand land… and what a grand night’s sleep I’m going to get. Who knows when I’ll get another civilized hotel. I’ll be back on line with a report when I do. Onward!

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  1. June 28th, 2010 at 08:59 | #1

    Sounds like a great ride! The Cherohala is one of my favorites. I am fortunate that its in my ‘backyard’

  2. Jose
    June 28th, 2010 at 18:58 | #2

    Hey Jorma, sounds great. Somehow I knew the Iridium show and our own trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway were related – I can picture you taking those same lovely bends from Fancy Gap on south, Mt. Mitchell, and the Smokies. Turned north after that – no 112 degree weather for us! See you next month in Asbury Park….

    Bayonne NJ

  3. Carlo Pagliano
    June 29th, 2010 at 17:37 | #3

    My Lord! In my heart and in my imaginary are beating three to four/five Americas, one every decade, the Ghershwin’s of the late forties and the sound of the big orchestras spread out in the air through the huge radios of the times thus opening the speech, entering in the fifties such angelic voices like Ella’s and Billie’s took our hearts in their hands. On deep into the decade with Louis Amstrong’ and Norman Rockwell hitting the myth with Chubby and Elvis and the fab songs of thousands of new born American Musicians, G-d bless them. Pop Art and William Carlos Williams and Henry Miller and Jack Kerouack and the Frisco Crazies plus “Easy Ryder” broke through the sixties, the scenery described is introspective and social items are taking over whereas the landscapes and a certain kind of America were already history. I’m an Italian citizen who never was in the States, don’t personally play music but have an innate bent for American Life and People and Territory, in the old Europe and in the rest of the world the beacons and the milestones that helped nourish such a vocation of billions of souls the globe over were those eternal names like Glenn Miller, Bob Fosse, the American movies the musicals. A new Ameircan adventure is appearing at the horizon nowadays, it’s always been there actually, the embers kept lit and hot since the far sixties by Jorma are now a galaxy of its own, the light is shining all over, Jorma’s diary and blog are the best vehicle for loving America more and more. This America is literary described by Jorma and daily exalted in its beauty with its proud inhabitants through billions of miles covered by the ‘Old Picker’, his reports, his photographs, the thoughts and the American traditions, the music at the roots, the sacred consideration for each human being (passed or present), we are well off with Jorma’s chronicles from all across the Nation, narration of an America alive and pulling now more than ever. You can see it in Jorma’s ultra bright eyes over the new home page. The myth continues under people’s eyes, there’s always a bright tomorrow in Jorma’s legend. We are lucky and rich to live in these epic years, the worst and best ever, we are lucky and rich to be in company with Jorma!
    Forever thanks Old Picker!

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