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Hurricane Alex Sends Us Back To Jackson

Coincidence… I think not! The last entry was from Jackson, Mississippi and here I am back in Jackson again. We got to new Orleans about dinner time last night. The Ponchartrain Causeway was closed inbound due to high wind and rain so we took a shorter route in. A friend set us up with the Olivier House on Toulouse in the quarter and after a long day in the saddle.. it was heaven. A good seafood and steak dinner and to bed. This morning my old friend Spencer Bohren met us at the hotel and took us to a Creole breakfast joint. Again… delicious. Hurricane Alex was beginning to make his presence felt and it seemed prudent to scrub the trip to San Antonio which we did. We headed north… this time over the causeway… back to Jackson and tomorrow Memphis and could it be… Graceland? More will be revealed for sure. Onward…

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  1. mutt
    June 30th, 2010 at 05:12 | #1

    Too bad guys, but definitely the wiser choice, and something to tell the kiddies and grandkiddies about back home. Looks as if Alex is a monster system and best left alone. Onward indeed – Graceland …

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