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Sunday In The Country & A Memory Of Saturday Night

Last night was #42 for us and as usual we shared a lot of camaraderie along with the music. In addition to Vanessa and myself just being us, we made special note of Wavy Gravy’s 85 birthday. I have known Wavy for more than half my life now and he is, without doubt one of the most truly significant humans I have ever met. It is easy to get lost in his persona and of course that is what you see and that is a large part of who he is. But there is way more. His commitment to Seva… Service… and to humanity in general is more than noteworthy. I highly recommend adding Saint Misbehavin’ to your movie collection. In the long tradition of the Holy Fool… he is one of the Holiest.

Watch it often… with your friends. I dedicated There’s A Bright Side Somewhere to Wave, because with him… there’s always a Bright Side!

Jorma Kaukonen 13, 2021

Quarantine Concert Series #42

The Fur Peace Station

Darwin, Ohio

Saturday, March 20, 2021

  1. Candy Man
  2. There’s A Bright Side Somewhere for Wavy Gravy’s 85th birthday!
  3. Barbeque King
  4. Highway Song
  5. Izze’s Lullaby
  6. I See The Light
  7. Who Will Stop The Rain with John Hurlbut
  8. Working Class Hero with John Hurlbut
  9. Song From The Stainless Cymbal
  10. Day To Day Out The Window Blues
  11. Embryonic Journey for Brad Coyle

In the the course of our little livestream there’s always that person that just calls Vanessa out and says, ‘You talk too much.’ Without getting pissy if I felt called upon to actually comment in real time I would point out that our event is not a ‘concert’ per se. I wouldn’t deal this sort of badinage into a live concert. That’s not what a concert is all about. We have all been locked up to a greater or lesser degree for the last year and our stream has given Me, Nessa, John, Myron and occasional guests the opportunity to dance in the sunlight if only for a moment, and that’s what we do! Since the show is ‘free’ comments are duly noted and in this case set aside.

We had a great time last night as we do every the livestream cameras roll. Finally, I dedicated Embryonic Journey to our old friend, Brad Coyle. Brad came to the Ranch almost 20 years ago with a guitar and a motorcycle. It was a Pick ‘n’ Putt weekend. My Sister-in-law Ginger rode with Brad on that run. Nessa had her first Sportster that year. It was a good day! As I got to know Brad I discovered that as a nurse he was one of the good people attending to the final days of my old band mate, Spencer Dryden. I was able in those final moments to reconnect in some very small way with Spencer.

That was more than a mitzvah! Thanks Brad. Today Brad himself is facing a trip down that road from which there is no return and we have reconnected again. I was told that as a player himself he loved Embryonic Journey and so my friend… that last song was for you.

This chilly Sunday morning begins with chilly air and blue skies.

It will get warmer…

  1. carey georgas
    March 21st, 2021 at 12:05 | #1

    I think last night’s show was my favorite of the lot. The music had me grabbing’ and snatching’ for my guitar, the banter kept me amused, and the shared sense of camaraderie as always helps me feel connected in this time of great isolation.

    So, as soon as the show ended I switched to Prime and searched Pow Wow Highway. Imagine my surprise when the marquee poster showed up in the little search box, but then when I punched the button, “this movie currently unavailable”. So, next move, “see what other customers also watched”. Well, I landed on “Hidalgo”, an overproduced but thoroughly entertaining feel good movie. Frank .T Hall, the protagonist had an expression he related to Hidalgo, his horse, but also his brother and his partner, whenever it was time to cut loose and kick into overdrive.

    After the movie, I was thinking about whoever might complain about Vanessa’s verbiage. It is obvious Vanessa loves to talk. My wife loves to talk and that’s one of the reasons I love her. I like the way she talks. But part of that is also admittedly selfish, because I don’t talk much unless I feel like it, then I can chatter pretty good, but her outgoing self and my stoic self combine pretty well. That got me to thinking. What would I do if that was mine and Linda’s show, put on for free for all the world to see, and someone started bitching about her verbosity. I thought, “I’d look straight at her and tell her what Frank would tell Hidalgo, ‘let ‘er buck”. She could talk on for three hours straight and I wouldn’t give a shit. But that’s just me. I don’t rile easy, but when I do I can get ornery.

    You all have my gratitude for your sharing spirits. Peace.

  2. Todd Ellenberg
    March 21st, 2021 at 12:45 | #2

    Another beautiful show last night: Thank you, Jorma, Vanessa & co. Need to watch Saint Misbehavin’ again — Wavy Gravy is surely a bodhisattva. Look forward to seeing you and Jack down here in Fla. in a few months. Take care…

  3. LLOlmzog-EllenVT
    March 21st, 2021 at 13:11 | #3

    Yes last night’s show was indeed a good one. Jorma and John were both really on…Thanks again for all the great music for the past 50+years; maybe especially this last year. These Saturday evenings have been so special because we all get to sit around in our “living rooms” and share some great music AND conversations. No worries Vanessa…your comments and conversations are part of what makes these so special. I love being able to laugh out loud with you, and share in all the fun stories and “long strange trip” we’ve been apart of….
    Thank you everyone for all the effort and energy it has taken to make these amazing evenings this past year happen(unbelievable an entire year).
    Stay Safe and Take Care- Ellen in VT

  4. Robert Accorsini
    March 21st, 2021 at 13:33 | #4

    Part of what makes the Quarantine Series special is the fact that they aren’t concerts per se. We get to hear and see things we never would at a concert venue. Stories of your past are in large part stories about our past but with insights we never had. The badinage between Vanessa and you is great. It shows us your personal side we would never otherwise know. Besides, it reminds me of my wife and me.

    Thanks for letting us in.

  5. Richard K
    March 21st, 2021 at 14:50 | #5

    Oy..There is always one in the bunch.. And I quoted you to my brother today “Opinions are like aholes, everybody has one” Well I must say I disagree with the person who didnt like Vanessas talking cause I could listen to you and her talk the whole show.. Just sayin…Thanks for all you folks do in these uncertain times..

  6. Dan Nigro
    March 21st, 2021 at 15:39 | #6

    Sitting on the chat reminds me of being in the taper section at Dead shows trying to guess the next song, scribbling down the set list and coming back the next night comparing notes. Last night the guess between Masters of War and Working Class hero was well founded. Pretty sure Lennon lifted the melody from Dylan, they competed quite abit, but digging further (geek that I am) it turns out to be an old folk song (although Dylan was sued over it) “Nottamun Town” the classic modern version recorded by Jean Ritchie in 1957 on Mountain Hearth and Home https://youtu.be/UGU1yR3wPlw Recorded by many folks, this version by Fairport Convention is pretty cool https://youtu.be/om4KMCKBJuY

  7. mike
    March 21st, 2021 at 16:05 | #7

    Forty two! I really have enjoyed them THANK YOU. I look forward to every week but I really enjoy the John/Jorma segment. It’s always thoughtful and unique in song selection and interpretation. It’s your stream, if you want to chat it’s up to you. To the viewer who was upset-I don’t think there has been a show that Jorma said ” sorry we chatted to long I’ll have to cut this short” and NOT play a song or two. So if ya don’t like it ask for a refund.

  8. Brian Doyle
    March 21st, 2021 at 16:58 | #8

    A late cold front here on Sanibel…I knew we would have cold in March because we had above average warm in Feb…68-58 is what we call chilly…The sun is at the equator now so that will be it for the cold…’Working Class Hero’ by John Lennon was a treat…

  9. Brian Doyle
  10. Chappy
    March 21st, 2021 at 20:12 | #10

    Wow…where do I begin(?). I think Dylan started Desire liner notes that way! Anyway, full disclosure, sorry I did not tune in live last night…had to watch my OU Bobcats vs UVA. Huge win…and great story about Jason Preston. I caught the QC today on re-run..great show. I’ll way in and weigh in on Vanessa chat topic since it was brought up…it’s her show and she runs the joint so I say more power to her!!! That said, I feel strongly both ways..when the music gets going I get pumped up and in the zone and then when the questions start I get kinda bummed because the music stopped. And then when the rap starts getting good I am all in and want it to continue and then get bummed that it stops and the music starts again! Can’t keep satisfied 🙂 That’s a great title for a blues tune! Bottom line is it’s a variety show and it’s been working well for 42 weeks. And, huge shouts out to the FPR crew: Myron, JH, Myron and all. The Hurl choices were spot on again!!! And kudos to Wavy as well. Let’s all keep on keepin’ on!

  11. eaglesteve
    March 21st, 2021 at 23:41 | #11

    Dug 42. Thank you.

  12. BrendanC
    March 22nd, 2021 at 14:37 | #12

    I See The Light effects me in a hypnotic way. If I knew F sharp stuff I could craft a question such as – who was it, Carl? He asked what I wondered in my primitive way. I followed what he said and felt privileged to hear that and response. I think maybe flippant remark on feed might be more an excuse by Mr. Pink to not pony up.

    I guess I associated Gravey with his ejit copycats. I Read his wiki bio. Who knew?
    The Wavester et al rightly protested nuclear power generation back in day, but I’m wondering where same crowd stands now? Small modular reactors should be in use within 10 years. Zero carbon.

  13. jack blind
    March 22nd, 2021 at 16:11 | #13

    Thanx again, #42 in the can

  14. JohnB
    March 22nd, 2021 at 17:09 | #14

    Todd E how are you ? I haven’t seen you here in quite some time. Good that Tuna is coming your way ! My buddy and I are thinking about a trip down …….It is time for a Tuna road trip …….Saw Lennon at Madison Square in the 70s, It was a Geraldo benefit and Stevie Wonder opened for him. It was the afternoon matinee show…..”A working class hero is something to be . If you want to be hero well just follow me.” @Dan Nigro

  15. March 23rd, 2021 at 05:35 | #15

    The breadth and depth of the Celtic influence on modern musical genres is a universe.
    Working class hero -Nottuman town .
    What we did on our holidays ,The real gem is the portentous
    Meet on the Ledge .
    Sandy Denny the wisp ,RIP

  16. carey georgas
    March 23rd, 2021 at 07:39 | #16

    Watched first two episodes of a six part HBO doc called “Q: Into the Storm”. The end of the first episode had the eeriest arrangement of “White Rabbit” I’ve ever heard. Woodwinds, I think a little brass, with percussion and the eerie part was the computer voice singing. It had to be electronic because no vocal credits were given for the song’s performance. Trippy, man. In a far-out way. Peace today.

  17. John B
    March 23rd, 2021 at 12:50 | #17

    It looks like Montana and Wyoming are both going to be open for live music both indoor and outdoor shows . Hopefully Tuna can get some dates booked up there for mid to late summer……..Good luck !

  18. Brad Coyle
    March 24th, 2021 at 23:22 | #18

    Jorma and Vanessa, I can’t begin to thank you both for the shout-out on the quarantine concert this past weekend! To have you take the time to speak about Spencer, the wonderful rides and fabulous experiences at FPR and my current challenges was somewhat overwhelming at best! Jorma, to say that you and Jack have been the most important musical influences in my life would an understandment! I realize that I first heard Embryonic at the ripe old age at 14. My older brother brought the album home. From that day forward I aspired to play guitar. Of I course I was a huge Airplane fan but Tuna always the band. I can’t begin to describe how much joy you’ve given me trough your life and musicianship for what has been about 54 years. it has been the one constant in my life- from ups, down times and now certainly at the end of my life. I am a blessed man indeed . I have a wonderful wife Torhalla who as been my rock ttru this journey, an amazing family and community of friends surrounding me with support love. You and Vanessa have certainly added a smile a mile wide to this old mans face! I can’t begin to thank you both enough! Brad

  19. Eric C
    March 26th, 2021 at 19:17 | #19

    I love the banter, but wish Vanessa would just spill the beans on Billy Idol. It must be a doozy of a story! At least give us some hints. She brought him up a couple of times.

  20. BrendanC
    March 27th, 2021 at 01:00 | #20

    @Eric C

    I caught show but missed mention of Bill Idol. I don’t know if you’re from New York, but he was basically the Keith Moon of his time. Around the clubs and in papers regularly. I saw him out a couple of times – looked like someone who’d get you to laugh and have a good time. Probably still, but without booze and drugs.