Jorma Kaukonen

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Jorma Kaukonen's Gear & Equipment

It seems like I have waited all my life for this guitar. I now play Martin acoustic guitars exclusively and the Jorma Kaukonen M-30 explicitly. This is definitely the next to the last part of the cat over the fence.

I use Martin Strings exclusively for all my acoustic work.

I have been using Fishman products since the early 90's and I love them. Fishman Transducers are my choice and I get my sound to the board via their spectacular Aura. It's hard for me to describe this product other than, it works! Go to their website and check it out. they will explain it better that I ever could. For my onstage monitoring, I use their small Loudbox amplifier. It's got a sound larger than it is, and I can still lift it without wincing.

If an old Fender Bassman piggy back were red it might look like this. This amp loves all my electric guitars and I love it.

Robben Ford turned my onto Alfonso Hermida's Zendrive in February of 2009 and I have been using it exclusively with Louis Electric Amp ever since. Zendrive is the one folks!

I love my Les Paul Gold Top. I was thinking while looking at a guitar that almost looked like a Les Paul, but wasn't. 'If you want a Les Paul, get one!' I have one and here it is.

'When I play songs with Electric Hot Tuna that I would normally play acoustic on (if I were sitting in my living room) My old Gibson SST's get the call.

The good folks at GHS Strings provide us with excellent products such as cleaners, polish, polishing cloths, and other guitar needs. Most importantly, Jorma will be playing GHS strings on all of his electrics.

The occasion often arises both onstage and in the studio when I need a great sounding direct box. We all know there is nothing like a tube direct and the one that I use is the Aguilar DB 900. We also use them extensively at our concerts at the Fur Peace Station.

I have been using Audix MIcs for well over a decade. We have used them in every possible configuration on stage although my personal favorite is for vocals. They also made one in camouflage for us. Their Cab Grabber (for miking amps) rocks too! Check out their website.